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Note: copies of the Warhammer 40,000 game, Codex Chaos and
Codex Eldar are required to use the contents of this article.
Having Dark Millennium is also a good idea.


The Fall destroyed Eldar civilization as it had been, countless billions on millions of worlds slain in one instant, the columnation of millennia of collapse, the birth of the Doom of the Eldar Incarnate, the Chaos God Slaanesh.

Since that fell day, the temptations of darkness have lurked in the shadowed recesses of the Eldar mind, the temptations which destroyed their kind preying still upon the survivors. As the long years have passed, aboard the Craftworlds hanging in the cold void, on the savage Exodite worlds, anywhere which the survivors of the Eldar dwell, that temptation has called to them.

The Dark Eldar are never spoken of by their kin. Aboard the Craftworlds, it is as if they had never existed. In the ancient records of the Adeptus of Earth, the Dark Eldar are mentioned rarely and without great detail. Few among humankind know of their existence. To the Traitor Legions, in the depths of the Eye of Terror, the Dark Eldar are an enigma; sometimes friend, sometimes foe, sometimes slave.

The Dark Eldar are those who have fallen from the Path to the arms of Chaos. The logic, the ordered consistency of the Eldar mind is lost and the chaotic inner self emerges. No minion of Chaos is as totally enslaved as a Chaos Eldar, no being so completely beyond redemption. Under the mastery of the Dark Gods, the Fallen Eldar are slaves without resistance or hesitation. The bloody records of their deeds are spread across the galaxy, in hundreds of planets decimated, countless millions slain or sacrificed. Their existence is a testimony to bloodshed and chaos. Of all the Gods of Chaos, Slaanesh holds the greatest lure on the Eldar psyche, for he was born of them, the incarnation of the darkness of their thoughts, the worst of them made manifest. Khorne and Tzeentch, masters of bloodshed and mystery, have their place and their worshippers in the Eldar, but Slaanesh is the master of their souls, the Lord of the prison to which they have damned themselves.

Most Fallen Eldar wander the galaxy, sometimes aboard giant space hulks, other times passing through the warpgates of the Eldar Craftworlds. Some few have taken planets for their own kind, building their resources, using them as bases of operation for bloody crusades. Most infamous of the Dark Eldar, however, are the denizens of the Nehathroth Craftworld. In the dark days following the Fall, when the surviving Craftworlds fled and none knew if any other Eldar had survived anywhere across their space, the darkest records of the Black Library record one which turned to the forces of their destruction and sought solace. The Eldar of Nehathroth Craftworld gave themselves over completely to the Dark Gods. Their Craftworld is a dark and terrible realm, where tunnels of carved black rock weep blood and the screams of the dying and the damned echo. Where once the great gardens stood, tortured souls hang from dying trees and cauldrons of blood boil. At its heart, where once the Throne of the Avatar of Kaela Mensha Khaine stood, stands an altar of bone, radiant with the dark power of Chaos, a gate through which the dread minions of the Dark Gods may be brought forth.

The Dark Eldar may, as described, be given Chaos Gifts from the Codex Chaos book. These are all at the points costs listed in that book and the usual requirements apply (for example, one must bear the Mark of Khorne to be gifted with the Collar of Khorne). These lists may be used to represent a force from Nehathroth Craftworld, or a Reaver Legion of Dark Eldar.

Siren Blades: S5, 1 wound, -2 save modifier, parry. If models equipped with Siren Blades win the combat the foe must take an immediate Break Test.
Hunter Camocloak: All ranged attacks against the wearer suffer a -2 modifier.
Photocannon: Short 0-40", Long 40-72", +1 hit Short, +0 Long. Strength 6+d3, Wounds d3, Save -3, AP (S)+d3+d6.
Photogenerator: Short 0-24", Long 24-48", +1 hit Short, +0 Long. Always wounds living targets on 3+, 2d6 wounds, Save -6, 2" blast marker, AP 3d6+8.
Mindwalker Sword: S6, 1 Wound, -3 save, Parry. Mindwalker swords count as force swords for wounding daemons and such. A unit equipped with Mindwalker Swords may store up to 1 force card per 5 models or fraction thereof in the unit. Characters equipped with Mindwalker Swords may store 1 card for every 2 levels of psychic ability he possesses. These cards may not be expended to increase strenth and save modifiers as they can in true Force Swords.

WARGEAR LIST: identical to Eldar Wargear list, with the following modifications: EXARCH WARGEAR is different. Dark Eldar may not purchase equipment from the Exarch Wargear section of the Eldar Wargear list. Substitute the following table for the Exarch Wargear section of the list when using Dark Eldar.
SIREN BLADES ......................... 15 pts
HUNTER CAMOCLOAK...................... 10 pts
LASCANNON............................. 35 pts
PHOTOCANNON........................... 25 pts
PHOTOGENERATOR........................ 45 pts
MINDWALKER SWORD...................... 10 pts (aspiring Champions leading Tzeentch Mindwalkers only)

CHARACTERS (up to 50%)

0-1 CHAOS FARSEER.......................................180 points
The army is either commanded by a Farseer, a Posessed Eldar Lord or a Chaos Lord.
M5 WS7 BS7 S4 T5 W4 I9 A3 L10
Weapons: Laspistol
Armour: Rune Armour (4+ unmodified)
Wargear: the Farseer may select wargear from the Armour, Assault Weapons, Special Weapons and Grenades sections of the wargear list. The Farseer may have up to 4 items of Wargear. Every Chaos Gift reduces the number of Wargear items by 1.
Marks of Chaos: The Farseer must purchase one of the following Marks of Chaos.
TZEENTCH (+20 pts)
SLAANESH (+10 pts)
NURGLE (+20 pts)
Farseers may not have the Mark of Khorne.
STRATEGY: The farseer has a strategy rating of 4.
SPECIAL: The Farseer is a Sorceror with a mastery level of 4. The Farseer may select Primary powers from the deck of their Patron Chaos power and Tertiary powers from the Eldar deck. If the Farseer is the army commander than any Dark Eldar within 12" may use his leadership when taking any leadership-based tests.

0-1 POSSESSED ELDAR LORD....................................146 points
The army must either be commanded by a Farseer, a Chaos Lord or a Possessed Eldar Lord.
M5 WS8 BS8 S7 T5 W3 I9 A3 L10
Weapons: Laspistol
Armour: Exarch Armour (3+)
Wargear: the Lord may select wargear from the Armour, Assault Weapons, Special Weapons and Grenades sections of the wargear list. The Chaos Lord may have up to 3 items of wargear. Every Chaos Gift taken reduces the number of Wargear cards by 1.
Marks of Chaos: Chaos Lords must purchase one of the following Marks of Chaos. KHORNE (+40 pts)
TZEENTCH (+30 pts)
NURGLE (+30 pts)
SLAANESH (+20 pts)
As the Lord is an Eldar given over to possession by a Greater Daemon or Daemon Prince, these marks do not give the usual bonuses, instead they give bonuses as following:
KHORNE: The Eldar gains Frenzy. Any psychic powers targetting him are dispelled on a 3+.
TZEENTCH: The psykers of the Dark Eldar army are always dealt force cards first, and use the first power, regardless of whose turn it may be.
NURGLE: The Eldar gains a one time bonus of +2 to T. Any enemy models within 8" of the Lord suffer a penalty of -1 to all armour saves and -1 to WS.
SLAANESH: Any hand to hand opponents of the Lord must pass a Ld check before each round of combat. If this check is failed their WS is reduced by one-half. Any opponent attempting to fire on the Lord with a ranged weapon suffer a -1 penalty to the shot.
STRATEGY: Eldar Chaos Lords have a stragegy rating of 4.
SPECIAL: If the Chaos Lord is the army commander than any Dark Eldar within 12" may use his leadership when taking any leadership-based tests. The Lord counts as a Daemon for the purposes of Force Weapons, but may take his exarch armour or any force field saves against these attacks.
Psychic powers or other abilities which specifically target Daemons will only work against the Lord if the caster successfully passes a Ld check before each attack.

0-1 CHAOS LORD........................................... see Codex Chaos
The Army may be led by a Chaos Lord, a member of the Traitor Legions. This lord may be purchased from the army list in Codex Chaos. Any Dark Eldar models in line of sight of the Chaos Lord may use the Lord's leadership when attempting to pass any Leadership-based checks.

CHAOS EXARCH............................................. 50 points
M5 WS6 BS6 S4 T4 W2 I8 A2 L10
Weapons: Laspistol
Armour: Exarch Armour (3+)
Wargear: An exarch may have up to 2 Wargear cards. Every Chaos Gift taken reduces the number of Wargear cards by 1.
The Exarch may be given additional equipment from the Exarch Wargear, Assault Weapons, Special Weapons and Grenades section of the Wargear lists.
Marks of Chaos: the Exarch may be given one of the following Marks of Chaos.
KHORNE (+15)
NURGLE (+10)
Special: Exarchs may purchase up to 2 of the Exarch special powers described in Codex Eldar, at twice the points costs listed. You may select one Exarch for every Fallen Aspect Warrior squad the army contains.

ASPIRING CHAMPION........................................ 30 points
M5 WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I5 A1 L9
Weapons: Laspistol
Armour: Exarch Armour (3+)
Wargear: an Aspiring Champion may have up to 1 Wargear Card, or 1 Chaos Gift. Aspiring Champions may be given additional items from the Armour, Assault Weapons, Special Weapons and Grenades sections of the wargear list.
Marks of Chaos: the Aspiring Champion may be given one of the following Marks of Chaos.
KHORNE (+15)
NURGLE (+10)
Special: Aspiring Champions must lead a Squad and must stay with that Squad for the entire battle.
If the Champion is leading a Fallen Aspect Warrior squad he may purchase one item from the Exarch Wargear list, corresponding to the squad he is leading.

0-1 DAEMONOLOGIST........................................ 76 points
Daemonologists are specialized Eldar psykers who practice the arts of Summoning and Possession. Scorning the protection of armour, painting their faces and bodies with arcane signs, the Dark Eldar Daemonologists are fearful foes.
M5 WS5 BS5 S4 T4 W2 I7 A2 L10
Weapons: Laspistol, Force Staff (takes the form of a wooden staff carved with eldritch symbols, bearing skulls, feathers and the like).
Armour: none
Wargear: Daemonologists may have up to 2 Wargear Cards. Every Chaos Gift taken reduces the number of Wargear Cards by 1. Daemonologists may be given additional items from the Assault Weapons, Special Weapons and Grenades sections of the wargear list.
Marks of Chaos: Daemonologists may not be given Marks of Chaos.
Special: Daemonologists are 2nd level Eldar Psykers and must choose their powers from the Eldar deck.
Daemonologists are immune to psychology and cannot be broken. Once per turn in the psychic phase Daemonologists may be used to generate d3 summoning points of any Power by expending 1 force card. This power may be dispelled. Daemonologists count as models with all the Marks of Chaos for the purpose of summoning and banishing Daemons.
Daemonologists bear the favour of the Gods of Chaos and enjoy their protection. Daemonologists may attempt special armour saves based on this favour by rolling a 5+ on 1d6. This save is not modified by the power of the weapons they are attacked with in a manner similar to force fields. This save may be increased by +1 per Force Card the Daemonologist expends, if the Daemonologist has stored cards available. Due to this protection, Daemonologists scorn other types of protection and thus may not be equipped with armour, force fields, etc.

GREATER DAEMONS: Dark Eldar armies may purchase Greater Daemons. Full rules for Daemons, Summoning, and other aspects of Daemon Lore may be found in Codex Chaos. However, due to the special affinity between Slaanesh and the Fallen Eldar, all Slaanesh summoning points are automatically doubled regardless of whether or not the model earning them has the Mark of Slaanesh. All summoning points of Khorne, Tzeentch or Nurgle earned may not be doubled, even if the model earning them bears the appropriate mark.

SQUADS (25%+)

DARK ELDAR WARBANDS.............................. 11 pts per model
M5 WS3 BS3 S3 T3 W1 I4 A1 L8
The squad consists of between 5 and 10 models.
Weapons: Lasgun.
Armour: Mesh Armour (5+).
Wargear: Any models may exchange their Lasguns for double Laspistols at no points cost. The entire squad may substitue its Lasguns for Shuriken Catapults at +3 points per model. Any models may be given weapons from the Assault Weapons wargear list.
The entire squad may be given Frag Grenades for 2 points per model or Krak Grenades at 3 points per model.
In addition, the Squad Leader and/or up to 1 other model may purchase a single Special Weapon.

Sirens are all female worshippers of Slaanesh, foregoing armour, fighting with their lethal paired Siren Blades.
M6 WS4 BS5 S3 T3 W1 I6 A2 L9
Squad: a squad consists of between 3 and 7 models. The squad may be led by a female Aspiring Champion. Aspiring Champions leading Siren squads must be given the mark of Slaanesh, and may purchase Siren Blades.
Weapons: two Siren Blades.
Armour: none.
Special: Sirens have the Mark of Slaanesh. Sirens may charge any model or unit in their charge range, and instead of doubling their move when charging their charge range is tripled to 18. This may only be used if it will get them into close combat this turn.

Hunters scout ahead of the Eldar army, bringing terror to their foes as they work acts of sabotage and assassination.
M5 WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I6 A1 L9
Squad: a squad consists of between 3 and 7 models. The squad may be led by an Aspiring Champion. Aspiring Champions leading Hunter squads must be given the mark of Slaanesh, and may purchase Camocloaks.
Weapons: Needle Rifle and two Power Swords.
Armour: Hunter Asepct Armour (4+ save)
Special: Hunters are equipped with Camocloaks and have the Mark of Slaanesh. Hunters use the rules for Infiltration and Dispersed Formation.

Stalkers are heavy weapons troops, bearing deadly photo weaponry, a terrifying counterpart to their Traitor Legion Noise Marine bretheren, dazzling arcs of light burning the flesh from their victims' bones.
M4 WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I4 A1 L9
Squad: a squad consists of between 3 and 7 models. The squad may be led by an Aspiring Champion. Aspiring Champions leading Stalker squads must be given the mark of Slaanesh, and may purchase Photoweapons.
Weapons: Laspistol. Any model may purchase a Lascannon (+35 pts), a Photocannon (+25 pts), or a Photogenerator (+45 pts).
Armour: Stalker Aspect Armour (3+ save)
Special: Stalkers have the Mark of Slaanesh. Stalker weapons carry Targeters.

KHORNE REAVERS FALLEN ASPECT WARRIORS.......... 30 points per model
Reavers are the chosen of the Blood God, deadly warriors who seek the brutal savagery of close combat.
M5 WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I4 A1 L9
Squad: a squad consists of betwen 5 and 15 models. The squad may be led by an Aspiring Champion. Aspiring Champions leading Reaver squads must be given the mark of Khorne.
Weapons: none. Reavers may purchase weapons from the Assault Weapons section of the Wargear List.
Armour: Reaver Aspect Armour (5+, Mark of Khorne raises it to 4+)
Special: Reavers have the mark of Khorne.

Tzeentch Mindwalkers are deadly psychic warriors who use their powers en masse, combining their strength on the battlefield.
M5 WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I6 A1 L9
Squad: a squad consists of betwen 3 and 20 models. Tzeentch Mindwalkers may not be led by Aspiring Champions. However, any Farseer who has the Mark of Tzeentch may purchase a Bodyguard squad of Mindwalkers, who must maintain unit coherency with him during the battle.
Weapons: Laspistol and a Mindwalker Sword.
Armour: Mindwalker Aspect Armour (5+)
Special: Mindwalker units have a Psyker Mastery Level in the same manner as Tzeentch Horrors, and gain powers in the same manner. Mindwalkers have the Mark of Tzeentch.

CORRUPTED WRAITHGUARD.......................... 40 points per model
Corrupted Wraithguard are the same mechanical contrivances as fielded by Eldar Craftworld armies, save that the Chaos Wraithguard are possessed by Daemons, and not operated by spirits drawn from the Infinty Circuit.
M4 WS5 BS5 S5 T(Special) W2 I4 A1 L9
Squad: a Squad consists of 3 to 9 models.
Weapons: Wraith Cannon
Armour: Wraithguard have the same immunities and vulnerabilities as Daemons. Wraithguard have no Toughness value, instead they have an Armour Value of 10 in the same manner as Craftworld Wraithguard (see Codex Eldar). Corrupted Wraithguard cause Fear. Aspiring Champions may not lead squads of Wraithguard. The special rules regarding Wraithguard and their requirements to have living Eldar do not apply to Corrupted Wraithguard; however, they count as Daemons of Slaanesh for the purposes of Banishing (see Codex Chaos).

MINDSCREAMER JETBIKE PACK..............................35 points per model
M5 WS3 BS3 S3 T3 W1 I5 A1 L8
Squad: a Pack consists of 3 to 10 models.
Weapons: Laspistols. Mindscreamer crew may purchase additional assault weapons.
Armour: Mesh (5+).
Special: Mindscreamers are mounted on Eldar Jetbikes, identical to those found in Codex Eldar.
Any Dark Eldar character with the exceptions of Chaos Lords and Greater Daemons may be mounted on Jetbikes at a cost of +20 pts. Any jetbike may upgrade its paired Shuriken Cannon to one Shrieker Shuriken Catapult at an additional cost of +5 points.

SUPPORT (up to 25%)

A Dark Eldar army may be accompanied allied troops from the following Codex Lists: Chaos Marines, Chaos Cultists, and Orks. Unlike Chaos Marines, Dark Eldar cannot take Imperial Guard allies. Chaos Marine armies may also take Dark Eldar allies.

Dark Eldar armies may take Anti Grav Platforms identical to those in Codex Eldar, one for every Dark Eldar Warband in the army.
SCATTER LASER............ 59 points
HEAVY PLASMA GUN......... 55 points
DISTORT CANNON........... 55 points
VIBRO-CANNON............. 59 points
LASCANNON................ 59 points

Gunnery Crew: M5 WS3 BS3 S3 T3 W1 I4 A1 L8
The crew consists of 2 models.
Weapons: Lasgun.
Armour: Mesh Armour (5+).
Wargear: Any models may exchange their Lasguns for double Laspistols at no points cost, or Shuriken Catapults at +3 points per model. Any models may be given weapons from the Assault Weapons wargear list.

Use Eldar Datafax (see Codex Eldar). Close Combat Weapons include Power Fists as listed, or may be upgraded to Power Claws for +25 points (S8, d3 wounds, -6 save, Parry). Corrupted Dreadnoughts must be given the Daemonic Possession wargear card, and may be given other Eldar vehicle cards at +50% cost or Chaos vehicle cards. (See Codex Chaos for Daemonic Possession and the other Chaos vehicle cards).

DAEMONS (up to 25%)

Dark Eldar armies may purchase units of Daemons. See the notes under Greater Daemons for special Dark Eldar daemonic rules.


Arhra was the first of the Striking Scorpion Aspect Warriors. In the dark days after the Fall, the Eldar suffered attacks from humans, Orks, pirates and countless other dangers. It was in these times that Asurmen founded the Aspect Warriors, and it was in these days that Asurmen heard stories of a warrior aboard the Tlaioc Craftworld, a warrior who had fought raiding parties of Orks, dancing among them like a supernatural force. Asurmen travelled to Tlaioc Craftworld and found the storied warrior. Arhra learned the arts of war from Asurmen, and used them in unison with his inhuman speed and agility, and daring. When Asurmen left Arhra to continue his work, Arhra founded the first Shrines of the Striking Scorpion Aspect Warrior.
The Tlaioc Craftworld, many years later, passed through a small kingdom of human settlement, and came under attack again and again. Arhra led his Scorpions against the human worlds. The campaign was long and bloody, but in the end the humans were crushed and Arhra returned to his home. In his absence the Eldar of Tlaioc had fallen to the worship of Chaos. Ravening hordes of worshippers were driving back those Eldar who had not succombed, driving them into the heart of the Craftworld. Desperate to save his people, Arhra sought the aid of Asurmen, but when Asurmen saw the extent of the corruption he ordered his followers to destroy the Craftworld itself, sacrificing the few survivors to exterminate the plague of Chaos Worship. It is said that the rages of Arhra rivalled those of the ancient Gods. Denouncing Asurmen, Arhra called upon the forces of Chaos to give him strength and attacked his teacher. The battle waged long and hard, and in the end Arhra wounded Asurmen and, thinking him dead, fled.
In the days since, Arhra has pursued his vengeance against Asurmen and his descendants, delving further and further into the dark light of Chaos for the strength and longevity to fulfill his vengeance.
Arhra is among the most feared of the Dark Eldar, a Fallen Phoenix Lord who has stalked the Eldar race for ten thousand years. The crimes he has since committed against the Eldar people are beyond count, and yet still he rages, crying out for vengeance against the followers of Asurmen's legacy.
Arhra may be included in any Dark Eldar army. He may be the army's Commander, with a Strategy Rating of 6.
M6 WS9 BS8 S6 T6 W4 I10 A4(6) L10
Weapons: Arhra carries a Chainsword and a Power Fist, and the ancient Scorpion's Wrath.
Armour: Arhra wears Exarch Armour (3+), and a Conversion Field (4+).
Wargear: Arhra may select up to three Wargear Cards. These must be the Scorpion's Wrath and the Chaos Gifts Fury of Slaanesh and Entrancing Aura.
Special: Arhra bears the Mark of Slaanesh.
As a Phoenix Lord, Arhra may select three Exarch Powers. These must be Turn Aside Blow (Parry without suitable weapon, double parries), Fighting Fury (+1 attack, in profile), and Distract (double fumbles). Arhra is a famous figure among the Eldar, renowned for his evil. As such Arhra causes Terror in Eldar opponents. Arhra is immune to all psychology, save that he suffers from Hatred against Dire Avenger Aspect Warriors, Dire Avenger Exarchs and Asurmen, Hand of Asuryan himself. In addition, Arhra can never be broken and can never fail a Leadership-based test for any reason.
FURY OF SLAANESH (10 points): Arhra gains a further +1 attack, making his final Attacks 6.
ENTRANCING AURA (25 points): Any opponent in close combat with Arhra must pass a Ld check on 3d6 or they roll no dice in close combat and may not parry. Attackers who fail this test do not count towards multiple combatants. Once an attacker has passed they do not need to check again.
SCORPION'S WRATH (15 points): Before combat starts, the player controlling Arhra may select one opponent in base to base contact. That player must roll under his model's T on 2d6 or that model suffers an automatic hit causing d3 wounds at -3 armour save.

TELIANIS THOUGHTSINGER, FARSEER OF TZEENTCH ........ 235 points plus wargear
Telianis was once the Master Farseer guiding the Eldar of Nehathroth Craftworld. Long ago, he led his people into the slavery of Slaanesh, but his own soul was claimed by Tzeentch long before that dark day, entrapped as he sought ever more forbidden and dangerous knowledge to aid his people. No one among the Eldar know of the Damnation of Telianis, or of the true cost this had on the destiny of his people.
Telianis may be included in any Dark Eldar army in place of a normal Farseer. If Telianis is included he must be the army commander with a Strategy Rating of 5.
M4 WS7 BS7 S4(9) T4 W4 I10 A3 L10
Weapons: Telianis carries a Laspistol and a Power sword.
Armour: Telianis wears Rune Armour (4+ unmodifiable).
Marks of Chaos: Telianis bears the Mark of Tzeentch.
Special: Telianis is a fourth level Sorceror of Tzeentch. Telianis may have up to 4 items of Wargear. These must be the Staff of All Things, a Psychic Hood, Destiny of Tzeentch and Lore of Tzeentch.
STAFF OF ALL THINGS (22 pts): This staff is a powerful Force Weapon. In battle it increases his strength by 5 to a total of 9, as seen in his profile. Telianis may store up to 4 Force Cards in the Staff.
PSYCHIC HOOD (25 pts): Telianis may re-roll failed Dispell attempts.
DESTINY OF TZEENTCH (25 pts): The side Telianis is on is always dealt force cards first and may always use powers first, regardless of whose Psychic Phase it is.
LORE OF TZEENTCH (30 pts): Telianis is said to have been taught the occult arts by Tzeentch himself. Telianis is a 4th level psyker. His primary power must be drawn from the Tzeentch deck, but his tertiary powers may be drawn from any of the following decks: Tzeentch, Eldar, Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Space Marine Librarian, Ork Waaagh, or Squat Ancestor Lords. Telianis may not draw powers from the Tyranid deck, nor from the Inquisitor deck.

SELIV BLOODFIST, EXALTED CHAMPION OF KHORNE ....... 97 points plus wargear
Seliv Bloodfist is the most notorious champion of Khorne among the ranks of the Dark Eldar. Many times in the past, Seliv has hunted the Space Marine Chapters of the Imperium, seeking the blood of the finest for his Lord Khorne. He often travels among the ranks of the Worldeaters Legion of Traitor Marines, and many times has led armies of human and Eldar warriors of Khorne. The blood-soaked deeds Seliv has carried out in the name of Khorne are beyond count.
Seliv Bloodfist may be included in any Dark Eldar army as an Exalted Champion. He may not be the army commander.
M5 WS7 BS7 S5 T4 W3 I7 A3 L10
Weapons: Seliv carries Heartseeker, a massive double-handed power axe. Armour: Seliv wears Exarch Chaos Armour (2+).
Marks of Chaos: Seliv bears the Mark of Khorne.
Special: Seliv may take up to 2 wargear cards. These must be Heartseeker and Praise of Khorne.
PRAISE OF KHORNE (20 pts): Seliv may re-roll his armour save if he fails it. He may only re-roll once and this re-roll only applies to his Exarch Chaos Armour.
HEARTSEEKER (10 pts): S9, d3 wounds, -6 save modifier.

SHALISSA, HUNTRESS OF SLAANESH ................... 112 points plus wargear
The Harlequins of the Laughing God have dedicated themselves to destroying the taint of Chaos on the Eldar soul. In the pursuit of this goal, they have learned much of the Dark Eldar, and hunted down and destroyed many of their fell number. Names like Arhra the Father of Scorpions and Telianis Thoughtsinger burn in their minds, horrific Eldar Champions of the Dark Gods who have eluded death for millennia. However, among all the ranks of the dark Champions of Chaos, no one name burns as brightly as Shalissa, Huntress of Slaanesh.
Once, long ago, a troupe of Harlequins learned of the movements of Arhra the Fallen Phoenix and plotted an ambush. Secreting many of their number in the web of warpgates, they awaited his approach. When he arrived, they attacked.
Howling with fury, Arhra fought with the skill of ten thousand years, slaying the Avatar of the troupe with his first blow. The Harlequins fought, attempting through sheer weight of numbers and ferocity to bring down the ancient being. Many Harlequins were slain that day, torn asunder by whirring chainsword blade and crackling power fist.
One warrior, leading a troupe of warriors against the Fallen Phoenix, found a chink in Arhra's armour and struck him. Crying out in agony, Arhra faltered and the warrior raised her sword for a killing blow.
In that moment, if that warrior had struck, the history of the Eldar people might have been quite different. The Chaos God Slaanesh spoke to her in that moment. The Prince of Chaos offered her much, for Arhra was among the greatest of His servants, and was not meant to die in an ambush on some forgotten world. He offered her power, immortality, everything which came of Chaos.
She accepted.
The Harlequins curse that day in their memory, the day in which Arhra could have been slain at last, but was not, the day one sworn to the Laughing God was embraced by the Dark Prince. In the days since that dread event, that warrior has led her own path of rampage and slaughter, her soul irredeemably lost to Darkness. She wears still the mask of her Harlequin self, and taunts her bretheren with their failure. Above all others, the Harlequins would see her slain, for as long as she lives she is a reminder of the weakness within even the strongest of them.
She is Shalissa, the Huntress of Slaanesh.

Shalissa may be included in any Dark Eldar army as an Exalted Champion. She may not be the army commander.
M7 WS9 BS7 S5 T5 W3 I9 A4 L10
Weapons: Shalissa is armed with the Daemon Sword Kanut-Mahar, a Power Sword and the Moon Bow.
Armour: Shalissa does not wear armour.
Marks of Chaos: Shalissa bears the Mark of Slaanesh.
Special: Shalissa may Infiltrate, and has a 4+ unmodifiable Dodge. Shalissa bears the Chaos Gift Seduction of Slaanesh. Harlequin models suffer from Hatred against Shalissa.
THE DAEMON SWORD KANUT-MAHAR (25 pts): S7, d3 wounds, -4 save. Shalissa may parry twice with Kanut-Mahar, plus once with her Power Sword for a total of three Parries. Kanut-Mahar wounds Psykers automatically.
MOON BOW (15 points): Short 0-40", Long 40-72", +2 Short, +1 Long. The Moon Bow may fire 3 types of arrows and the player controlling Shalissa must specify which is to be fired before firing takes place.
SILVER ARROWS: Wounds automatically, as a Needler. -2 save modifier.
GOLDEN ARROWS: Detonates like a Plasma Grenade.
CRYSTAL ARROWS: Automatically penetrates any armour and fields. S5, 1 wound.
SEDUCTION OF SLAANESH (20 pts): Shalissa causes Terror in Eldar and Fear in any other foes.

ELIVAN, EXARCH LORD ............................... 137 points plus wargear
Elivan may be included in any Dark Eldar army as an Exarch. He may only be the army commander if the force is 1,000 points or less in which case he serves instead of a Chaos Lord or Farseer. He has a strategy rating of 3.
M5 WS6 BS6 S4 T4 W2 I8 A2 L10
Weapons: Laspistol, Power Fist and Chainsword. As well, Elivan is equipped with a Double Death Spinner.
Armour: Exarch Armour (3+)
Wargear: Elivan is equipped with an Eldar Warp Spider Jump Pack. As an Exarch he may have up to 2 Wargear cards; these must be Bioterminator Grenades and the Chaos Gift of Regeneration.
Special: Elivan may have two Exarch Warrior Powers. These are Fast Shot (fires twice) and War Shout (causes Fear when Charging). He has the Mark of Slaanesh.
BIOTERMINATOR GRENADES (15 points): Elivan carries enough of these Grenades to last an entire battle. Bioterminators have a 1" blast template; any model under that template must take an immediate unmodified armour save. If this save fails then they sustain an automatic S7 hit, with a -4 save modifier that deals d6 wounds.
REGENERATION (10 points): If Elivan suffers wounds, do not remove him from play. At the end of any turn roll a d6 for each wound he has suffered; on a 1, 2 or 3 the wound stays, on a 4, 5 or 6 it is negated. This means that even if he suffers lethal damage he will not actually die until the end of that turn.

SAZELSIOCHAN, DREADNOUGHT LORD ........... 300 points including Vehicle Cards
Sazelsiochan may be included in any Dark Eldar army. Points paid for him come from the army's Support allowance. He may not be the army commander.
Sazelsiochan uses the standard Eldar Dreadnought datafax. He is equipped with powerfists with two built-in Shurkien Catapults, and a pintle-mounted Missile launcher. He has the following three Vehicle Cards:
DAEMONIC POSSESSION (+25% cost): see Codex Chaos. If all models with the Mark of Slaanesh are slain, Sazelsiochan is Banished from play.
AURA OF RADIANCE (25 points): Sazelsiochan is a Keeper of Secrets, Greater Daemon of Slaanesh. He can envelop the Dreadnought in his Daemonic Aura. All attacks against him must pass through a 5+ unmodified save before attempting to penetrate his armour.
CHAOS ARMOUR PLATE (10 points): Sazelsiochan's armoured shell is coated in Chaos Armour blessed by Slaanesh. All locations gain a bonus of +1 to their Armour Values.

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