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The Empire of Antiquity was founded during the great human expansion into space, lost in the dim recesses of time. Originally founded as a human colony on the far eastern edge of the milky way galaxy, it expanded over the long millennia into a powerful empire. The Empire's approach to expansion is fairly simple; once her armies crush the given planet, the population is enslaved, and the finest of her military units are adopted into the Imperial armies. As time passes the population eventually becomes citizens in the Empire. Through this method of expansion, the armies of the Empire contain a wide variety of different units from many different planets and societies.

First contact with the Imperium occured during the Great Crusade, in which the Imperium united most of the worlds settled by man under their might. At that time the Empire of Antiquity had existed, quietly on the Eastern Fringe, for some twenty seven thousand years. The armies of the Empire fought against the Space Marines sent to reclaim it, but in the end it was a loosing battle. It was only the Horus Heresy which forced the Imperial armies to turn from the Empire of Antiquity.

In the years since, the Empire has continued to grow, despite the best efforts of the Imperium. The armies of the Imperium cannot afford the strength required to destroy the Empire of Antiquity; to do so would mean removing units needed to quell Orks, pirates, rebellions and incursions from the Eye of Terror. Occasionally the Adeptus Terra dispatch a small force of Space Marines and Imperial Guard to attempt to destroy the Empire, but those forces are invariably destroyed. The Empire of Antiquity is one more threat facing the embattled Imperium.

The Empire of Antiquity, now thirty seven thousand years old, far predates the Imperium of Earth. However, it is only recently that the Empire has acquired Navigators and begun widescale use of warp space travel, so up to this time their expansion has been limited to the eastern fringe. The Empire is ruled by the Empress, a hereditary position carried by the same family line for twenty millennia. The governance of the planets of the Empire are carried out by the Angelis, the only members of the founding planet of the Empire who fight in her armies. Their word is law.

All costs include all mandatory equipment and wargear cards. In the interests of simplicity, use the wargear lists in either Codex Ultramarines or Codex Angels of Death.


1 ANGELIS....................................................275 pts
The elite Angelis are the warleaders of the armies of the Empire, the only members of the Founding Planet to fight. Garbed in dark robes, the Angelis are figures of fear and power, drifting through the battle's chaos, leaving death in their wake.
M4 WS9 BS6 S6 T5 W4 I9 A4 L10
Angelis are immune to psychology and cannot fail break tests. Angelis are assumed to successfully pass any Ld-based check they may be called upon to take. Angelis always have 1 parry over their opponent and any fumbles (1's) rolled by their opponents in close combat add not +1 but +1d3 to the Angelis' combat score. Angelis may have four wargear items; these must be Phase Wings, D-Sword, Phase Field and Death Nova. The Angelis is the army commander with a strategy rating of 5.
PHASE WINGS: Instead of his normal movement, the Angelis may teleport up to 24" in any direction. Nominate the final position and roll scatter dice; a hit means to leave the Angelis where it is, an arrow indicates the direction of deviation. Deviation is d6".
D-SWORD: S7, d3 wounds, -4 save.
PHASE FIELD: 2+ save, which cannot be modified past 4+.
DEATH NOVA: If the Angelis is slain, the Death Nova explodes. All models within 4" suffer a S9 hit causing d6 wounds with a -6 save modifier.

0-1 SHARD.....................................................126 pts
The Shards are victims of the Empire, beings who have been condemned to a fate worse than death, a brief existence as a living weapon. Connected to a drug harness which maintains their systems at peak output, the Shard quickly looses his sanity to a howling frenzy. Few shards live more than a year.
M6 WS6 BS6 S4 T4 W2 I6 A4 L2
Immune to psychology and cannot fail break tests. Infiltrate. 4+ unmodifiable dodge. Shards may charge any enemy model in their charge radius, not necessarily the closest one. Shard may have three wargear cards, which must be Drug Harness, Frag Field and Chemclaws.
DRUG HARNESS: Frenzy. The Shard cannot attempt to resist the effects of Frenzy. When charging, the Shard triples his Move instead of doubling it, provided that this can get him into close combat. At the end of each turn, the Shard suffers one wound with no save possible on a 5+ on 1d6.
FRAG FIELD: To save against damaging attacks the Shard must roll over the Strength of the attack on the artillery dice (marked 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, misfire). A misfire automatically fails to save.
CHEMCLAWS: Chemclaws always wound on a 5+, causing d6 wounds with a -4 save modifier.

LORD OF THE BONES.......................................
Level 1: 51 pts
Level 2: 97 pts
Level 3: 152 pts
Level 4: 201 pts
The Lords of the Bones are powerful psykers, fighting alongside their bodyguard of Bonesingers. Drawing on the psychic eminations produced by their battle frenzies, the Bonelord is sheltered from the turbulent capriciousness of the energies of the Warp. The Lords of the Bones were the first psykers brought into the armies of the Empire of Antiquity, and many serve Angelis in a hereditary relationship dating back over twenty five thousand years.
A Lord of the Bones may be accompanied by a unit of Bonesingers. In this case he must maintain unit coherency with them.
M4 WS7 BS7 S5 T5 W4 I7 A3 L9
Causes Fear. Lord of the Bones wears armour of living human bone, offering an unmodifiable 4+ save and a 4+ dispell against any psychic powers targetting him or including him in their area of effect. The Bonelord may purchase additional assault weapons and may take up to 4 Wargear Cards. The Lord of the Bones is a psyker with a psychic rating mentioned above; Lords of the Bones draw their powers from the Lord of the Bones Psychic Deck, detailed below. In the psychic phase, Lords of the Bones ignore the number of Force Cards which would otherwise be drawn. Rather, they draw 2 cards, plus 1 for every Bonesinger within 6".
BONESTAFF (Wargear, Lord of the Bones Only, 20 pts): Counts as a force staff. Bonestaves start the game with 3 Force Cards stored in them.
HOOD OF DARKNESS (Wargear, Lord of the Bones Only, 25 pts): Similar to a Psychic Hood, the Hood of Darkness draws on the frenetic energies generated by the Bonesingers. When attempting to dispell a psychic power with an appropriate Dispell card, the dispell attempt always works on a 3+. Note that the Hood of Darkness does not allow re-rolls as normal psychic hoods do. Once per psychic phase a Lord of the Bones equipped with a Hood of Darkness may attempt to dispell without a dispell card. This special dispell works on a 6 on 1d6.

PSYCH BATTLEMISTRESS.............................................240 pts
Elite female psykers of the Empire, the Battlemistresses homeworld was conquered in the face of considerable resistance, but has subsequently served with distinction for many thousands of years, bringing their formidable powers to bear to crush the foes of the Empire.
M6 WS7 BS5 S4 T4 W4 I8 A3 L9
The Psych Battlemistress is a 4th level psyker, drawing her powers from the Adeptus Astra Telepathica and Inquisitorial decks. Note that the Battlemistress has no primary discipline. If the Battlemistress is within 8" of an enemy model, she is immune to psychology and cannot fail break tests. While she is immune to psychology and immune to break tests, this bonus extends to any unit of Psych Acolytes within 8" of her. Psych Battlemistresses may carry three wargear cards, two of which must be Phase Suit and Psyblades.
PHASE SUIT: The Battlemistress gains an unmodifiable saving throw of 3+. Any ranged attacks targetting her fail automatically on a 5+.
PSYBLADES: The Battlemistress carries two of these weapons. Psyblades count as Force Swords.

LOREWARDEN.......................................................80 pts
The Lorewardens are the Captains of the Angel Guard, the elite praetorians of the Angelis. Tasked with recording the ongoing history of the Empire, Lorewardens are loyal servants of the Empire.
M5 WS7 BS4 S5 T5 W2 I6 A3 L10
The Lorewarden is immune to psychology and cannot fail break tests if she is in Line of Sight to the Angelis. 2+ armour save, paired Power Swords. The Lorewarden may have two wargear cards, one of which must be Phase Wings (see Angelis). The cost of the Phase Wings has been accounted for in the listed points cost of the Lorewarden.
Lorewardens may not be included unless Angel Guard are present in the army. Lorewardens must be assigned to a specific Angel Guard squad and may not leave it during the battle.

SQUADS 25% +

VENATORS................................................5 models, 205 pts
The Venators, also known as Hunters, are vicious warriors who are often tasked to pursue and slay rogue criminals of the Empire. Armed with deadly Slingshards, they are often among the armies gathered around Angelis.
M4 WS5 BS4 S4 T3 W2 I5 A1 L8
Carapace Armour (4+), Power Sword. Venators carry Slingshard Rifles and one Grav Grenade per model.
SLINGSHARD RIFLES: Short Range 0-12", Long range 12-24", +1 to hit at short range. Strength is equal to artillery dice (misfire to 10), 1 sustained fire dice. Save modifier is as per roll (-1 at 4, -3 at 6, -5 at 8, -6 at 10).
GRAV GRENADES: These devices function identically to the Graviton Gun wargear card, save that procedure for throwing and scatter are as per the grenade rules in the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook.

CHARII..................................................5 models, 150 pts
In the past, the Imperium has sent armies to invade the Empire of Antiquity. Of these defeated foes, the Empire has judged the elite Space Marines worthy of fighting in their armies, and many Angelis employ enslaved Marines, or their geneseed-implanted descendants, in their armies. Their armour totally repainted white, these enslaved Marines are a cause for great concern among the Adeptus of Earth.
M4 WS4 BS4 S4 T4 W1 I4 A1 L8
Power Armour (3+), Frag Grenades, Bolt Pistol, Bolter. Any models may purchase additional Assault Weapons, and up to 1 model may be equipped with a Special or Heavy Weapon. The Space Marine Rapid Fire rules apply, but the Shaken rules do not (see any Space Marine Codex).

BONESINGERS...................................3-7 models, 28 points each
The Bonesingers, the handmaidens of the Lords of the Bones, are frenzied warriors, often diving into the heart of combat, their weapons crackling with the psychic energies of their masters. Bonesingers may not be included unless a Lord of the Bones is, in which case they must maintain unit coherency with him.
M4 WS5 BS3 S3 T3 W1 I7 A2 L9 Bonesingers wear armour of living bone, which offers an unmodifiable 4+ saving throw and a 4+ dispell against any psychic effect targetting them or including them in its area of effect. Bonesingers carry paired Handblades.
HANDBLADES: S4, -1 save. Handblades count as Force Weapons for the purposes of wounding Daemons.

PSYCH ACOLYTES..........................................5 models, 245 pts
The young apprentice Psych Battlemistresses fight in war in units, winnowing out the weak and the foolish. Combining their growing talents, Acolytes represent a dangerous force on the battlefield. Psych Acolytes may not be included in an army unless at least one Psych Battlemistress is also present.
M6 WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I5 A1 L7
Psych Acolytes wear Phase Suits and carry Psyblades. As a unit, the Acolytes count as a second level psyker, drawing their powers from the Inquisitorial and Adeptus Astra Telepathica decks. Force Cards may be stored in any of the Psyblades of the various members of the units, up to 1 per surviving Acolyte.

ANGEL GUARD...........................................3-7 models, 36 pts per
The elite praetorians of the Angelis, the bionic Angel Guard are a feared force. They have been known to go into death frenzies if their Angelis falls, seeming to deliberately strive for oblivion in increasingly dangerous and vicious assaults.
M5 WS6 BS3 S4 T4 W1 I5 A1 L9
Dispersed Formation. Angel Guard are immune to psychology and cannot break if they are in line of sight of their Angelis. 2+ (modifiable) armour save, paired power swords. Phase Wings (see Angelis).
If the Angelis dies, all Angel Guard gain immunity to psychology and can no longer fail any kind of Leadership test. All Angel Guard additionally begin to suffer from Hatred against all enemy models and gain Frenzy. These rules in the event of the death of an Angelis also apply to any Lorewarden accompanying Angel Guard units.

SWORDMASTERS..................................3-9 models, 21 points per model
Among the numerous worlds captured by the armies of the Empire is Hyrdron, home of the Swordmasters. Descendants of an ancient feudal warrior caste, the Swordmasters are extraordinarily proficient hand to hand fighters who train exclusively with the sword. They are fearless and relentless foes.
M4 WS6 BS4 S4 T4 W1 I5 A3 L9
Swordmasters do not wear armour and are armed with Vapourblades. Due to their extraordinary skill with the sword, when equipped with Vapourblades or other swords Swordmasters double the number of parries they otherwise would have, and any critical hits (6's) they roll in close combat add not +1 but +1d3 to their combat score. Any multiple combatants engaged in close combat with Swordmasters do not gain bonuses to their combat score or additional attack dice as usual; rather, they gain one additional attack dice and one to their combat score for every TWO models after the first. (For example, the fifth combatant against a Swordmaster gets +2 to his combat score and +2 attack dice, not +4).
VAPOURBLADES: Vapourblades, when not activated, look like the hilt and handle of a sword. When engaged a blade is projected, formed of energized matter constricted within a magnetic field. They are very effective weapons and unique to the Swordmasters. S6, d3 wounds, -4 save, AP: 6+d3+2d6. User may parry.

DHAREN MARINES.........................................6 models, 136 pts
The Dharen Marines, garbed in imposing blue-grey power armour, are formidable foes famous for their stalwart refusal to retreat. Highly maneuverable, they are well suited to their vicious close range weapons.
M4 WS4 BS4 S3 T4 W1 I4 A1 L8
Power Armour (3+), Jump Packs. Dharen Marines are armed with Fletchers, a particularly nasty form of Flechette weapon, Krak grenades and Power Blades. One Marine per squad may upgrade their Fletcher to a Force Columnation Cannon at an additional cost of 24 points.
SPECIAL: Due to their extreme devotion, experience and stalwartness, Dharen Marines do not have to take break tests due to casualties unless they suffer 75% casualties.
POWER BLADES: S4, -1 save. Any opponent of a model armed with Power Blades looses any parries they may have had.
FLETCHERS: Short range 0-12", Long range 12-24", +1 to hit at short range. S5, -2 save, d3 wounds. Fletchers wound automatically if their target has an armour save of 5+ worse on 1d6. Fletchers count as template weapons for the purposes of firing into cover.
FORCE COLUMNATION CANNON: To fire, nominate a point within 36". Any models near that point must roll to avoid being pulled into the field of gravitational energy focused by the cannon, based on their distance from the nominated point:
Within 1"...................................... 6+
Within 2"...................................... 4+
Within 3"...................................... 2+
Models who cannot avoid the blast suffer a S5 hit causing d3 wounds with a -6 armour save modifier. Note that models possessing dodges may not attempt to dodge this attack, but they gain a +1 bonus to their roll detailed above. Against vehicles this weapon is devastating, represented by an armour penetration value of 9+3d6.

EXTRA: Dharen Marines can be accompanied by Dharen Floaters, small robotic weapons platforms designed to supplement the marines with inorganic heavy firepower. Each Floater is disc-shaped, roughly the size of a round slottabase in scale (that is to say perhaps 3.5 feet across), with numerous proturbances, small underhanging manipulator arms, a round sensor lens in the front and a heavy cannon mounted on its back.
DHAREN FLOATERS................................................ 45 points
Up to 1 Floater may be included for every six-man Marine squad.
M9 WS2 BS6 S3 I6 A2
Floaters have an Armour Value of 10 as if they were vehicles. Shots which penetrate their armour must roll a 4+ on 1d6 to destroy the Floater. As preprogrammed machines, Floaters are immune to all psychology and cannot be broken. Floaters may fight in hand to hand with their small arms, using the strength and weapon skill listed, or use their Pulse Cannon.
PULSE CANNON: Short Range 0-24", Long Range 24-60", +2 to hit at short range. S8, 1d6 wounds, -5 save, AP 8+2d6. The pulse cannon fires a barrage of energy rounds. To fire, place a 1.5" template and roll scatter. When the final resting place of the template has been determined, place three additional 1" templates which deviate d6" in a random direction from the larger template. Any models covered or touched by these templates are hit in the usual manner by the Pulse Cannon.
Floaters count as skimmers for the purposes of movement. Note that Floaters cannot run and do not double their movement when charging. However, in lieu of its normal movement, the Floaters can jump as if it were equipped with a Jump Pack. In action, floaters fill a niche similar to K9 squads, zipping around and attracting fire which would otherwise be directed at less replacable Marines, with the added benefit of heavy fire support.


ADRADOS.......................................................210 pts
Giant lumbering dreadnoughts, the Adrados are dangerous in the extreme. At their heart is the body of an Adrados Order Monk, who has been permanently built into the heart of his great machine. Following a doctrine of self sacrifice in the name of service, the Adrados are dedicated holy warriors. Adrados count as vehicles, have a datafax and may be given vehicle cards.
M6 WS7 BS6 S6 I7 A3 L10
Adrados are Walkers, similar to Imperial Dreadnoughts, and have a crew of 1 Adrados Order Monk (T4, 2 wounds). Armed with a Starlance atop their carapace, a Nova Cannon in their left arm, and a Chainfist incorporating a Slingshard Rifle as their right arm.
STARLANCE: 90 degree arc to fore. 0-24" short range (+1 to hit), 24-60" long range. S9, 2d10 wounds, -6 save. Armour Penetration d6+2d10+9.
NOVA CANNON: 180 degree arc to fore. Fires 5 times, and all such targets must be within 6" of one another. S6, -3 save, AP 2d6+6. The Adrados uses the Imperial Dreadnought datafax for damage locations, as found in the Dark Millennium supplement, save that the armour value of the Main Body is 2 points higher and each arm is 1 point higher.

VINDICATOR HEAVY ASSAULT GRAVTANK................................. 245 points
The Vindicator fulfills the needs of the Empire of Antiquity for a heavy assault vehicle. It is widely feared, bearing as it does the armoured might of an Imperial Guard heavy tank with the speed and maneuverability of a vehicle much smaller. The only problems with the vehicle are the bow-mounted Nova Cannon, which has been known to offer a point of entry into the hull for heavy munitions, and its unusual size.
Modelling Note: Vindicators look suspiciously like the British Challenger main battle tank. Several companies produce 1/35th scale plastic models of this exceptional vehicle, which are the exact size and appearance for an Empire of Antiquity Vindicator (it is an exceptionally large vehicle, making a Leman Russ look puny and stunted). The five-barrelled gatling-like Nova Cannon and the replacing of wheels and treads with smooth grav panels are the only minor modifications required. The Vindicators thus produced are imposing and evil-looking vehicles which perfectly suits their devastating capabilities. For intimidation value, the Vindicator is hard to beat.
Vindicators are vehicles and this entry should be read as a datafax.
Strength 9
D12 Damage
-6 Save

Slow Speed: 12"
Combat Speed: 18"
Fast Speed: 26"
Type: Skimmer
CREW: 1 Driver, 1 Gunner. The crew are Venators and have the same equipment as Venator squad members.
WEAPONS: The Turret mounts a Thunder Cannon with a 360 degree arc of fire. The Thunder Cannon carries a Targeter. In addition a Nova Cannon is mounted in the front of the hull, fired by the driver, with a 90 arc of fire to the front, also carrying a targeter. The vehicles carries autolaunchers loaded with blind grenades at no additional points cost.
THUNDER CANNON: Short range 0-20", Long Range 20-72", S10, 2d12 wounds, -6 save modifier, AP10+2d6+2d12. If the Thunder Cannon penetrates the armour of a target with an Armour value, roll on its damage tables with a bonus of +1d3 to your roll (this cannot increase a score beyond 6). The Thunder Cannon is computer stabilized, and so any modifiers for firing from a rapidly moving mount are ignored.
NOVA CANNON: Fires 5 times, and all such targets must be within 6" of one another. S6, -3 save, AP 2d6+6.

1.......Grav Panels..........17................17
6.......Nova Cannon..........16................16

Note: Damage Tables are listed below. One single damage table is used both for the Avenger and for the Vindicator.

AVENGER INFANTRY FIGHTING VEHICLE.................................165 points
A somewhat smaller and lighter counterpart to the Vindicator Gravtank, Avengers are dedicated troop transports supplementing this capacity with heavy firepower to support the troops once they are in position. The incredible mobility and flexibility of these vehicles makes them greatly feared by their foes.
Modelling Note: Avengers are big. Huge, even. As a Challenger in 1/35th scale makes a good Vindicator, a Bradley or Warrior IFV in 1/35th scale makes a good Avenger. The treads must be removed and replaced with smoothed panels, and the cannon in the turret should be replaced by a large lens, as if the turret mounted a searchlight.
Avengers are vehicles and this entry should be read as a datafax.
Strength 8
D12 Damage
-5 Save

Slow Speed: 12"
Combat Speed: 12"
Fast Speed: 26"
Type: Skimmer
CREW: 1 Driver, 1 Gunner. The crew are Venators and have the same equipment as Venator squad members.
PASSENGERS: The Avenger can carry up to 6 human-sized models. During the shooting phase, models mounted in the Avenger may fire out of it with whatever ranged weapons they may be carrying, with a 360 degree arc of fire.
WEAPONS: The Turret mounts a Lightning Blossom with a 360 degree arc of fire. In addition a Nova Cannon is mounted in the front of the hull, fired by the driver, with a 90 arc of fire to the front, carrying a targeter. The vehicle carries autolaunchers loaded with blind grenades at no additional points cost.
LIGHTNING BLOSSOM: The small turret of the Avenger mounts a large lens. When fired, this lens produces a violent electrical burst which savages a wide area. This weapon uses the template for the Eldar psychic power Destructor, as included in Dark Millennium. To fire, place the template with its narrowed point touching the Avenger. Roll the artillery dice (marked misfire, 2, 4, and so on) and slide the template that many inches forward. Any models touched by the template when first laid, while moving or when in its final position are hit by the Lightning Burst, wounding on a 2+, causing d3 wounds with a -5 save modifier. This attack has an armour penetration value of 3d6+9. If a target with an armour value is penetrated, determine the location penetrated and then roll 2 dice on the appropriate damage tables, applying the higher of the two dice rolls.
NOVA CANNON: Fires 5 times, and all such targets must be within 6" of one another. S6, -3 save, AP 2d6+6.

1.......Grav Panels..........17................17
6.......Nova Cannon..........16................16

Note: Damage Tables are listed below. One single damage table is used both for the Avenger and for the Vindicator.

NOTE: These damage tables are used both for Vindicator Gravtanks and for Avenger IFV's.

1-2-- The Panel suffers light damage. The vehicle may no longer move at Fast speed.
3-4-- The Panel is fractured. On a 4+ on 1d6 at the start of each movement phase, the vehicle will move out of control.
5 -- The Panel is destroyed. The vehicle will move out of control in the next movement phase and then grinds to a halt, and may not move further.
6-- The Panel is destroyed. The vehicle crashes to the ground, 2d6" away in a random direction, killing each crew member on a 4+ on 1d6. Any models under the vehicle's crash site suffer d6 S9 hits with a -6 save modifier. The vehicle is lost; any surviving crew may dismount using the normal rules. Note that the Venator crew carry the usual armament of members of Venator squads.

Note: If the vehicle has landed, it is not moving and cannot move out of control. A result of 6 will not destroy a landed and immobile vehicle but it will restrict it from moving again.

1-- The Nova Cannon is destroyed and may not be fired for the rest of the battle.
2-3-- Explosions tear through the hull. Each crewmember is killed on a 4+ on 1d6.
4-- Explosions destabilize the power supplying the Grav Panels. The vehicle will move out of control on a 3+ on 1d6, rolled at the start of each movement phase.
5-- The vehicle's power system explodes, killing the crew. The tank crashes to the ground 2d6" in a random direction. Any models under the vehicle's crash site suffer d6 S9 hits with a -6 save modifier.
6-- The vehicle's power system explodes, destroying the vehicle in midair. Any models within 3" of its current position suffer as if hit with a heavy flamer. The tank crashes to the ground 2d6" in a random direction. Any models under the vehicle's crash site suffer d6 S9 hits with a -6 save modifier.

1-- The turret weapon is damaged and may only be fired on a 4+ on 1d6.
2-- The turret becomes jammed and may no longer rotate. The turret weapon may only fire directly forward for the rest of the battle.
3-- The Gunner is killed, and the weapon may not be fired unless the pilot takes over his position. Note that at any time, so long as the pilot lives, he may land the vehicle and take up the Gunner's position. This occupies the vehicle's movement and firing phases that turn.
4-- The turret weapon's ammunition explodes. The weapon is destroyed; immediately roll on the Hull damage table.
5-6-- The turret weapon's ammunition explodes. The tank is destroyed, exploding quite spectacularily in midair. Any models within 3" of its current position suffer as if hit with a heavy flamer. The tank crashes to the ground 2d6" in a random direction. Any models under the vehicle's crash site suffer d6 S9 hits with a -6 save modifier.

1-- The Nova Cannon is jammed and may only fire on a 4+ on 1d6.
2-5-- The Nova Cannon is destroyed, and may no longer be used.
6-- The Nova Cannon is destroyed, causing secondary explosions in the hull. Roll immediately on the Hull damage table.

VEHICLE CARDS: The Vindicator is a vehicle with a datafax, and therefore may be given Vehicle Cards. However, as this would otherwise limit these tanks to the generic, any-race-can-use-'em vehicle cards in Dark Millennium, here are a few new ones. These can be given to any models purchased from the Empire of Antiquity support section.

DIFFRACTION GENERATORS (15 points): Producing a field of molecular distortion about the vehicle, foes attempting to target them suffer great difficulty and rather severe eyestrain. Any ranged attacks attempting to target a vehicle equipped with Diffraction Generators suffers a -1 modifier if they are moving at Slow speed, and -2 if the vehicle is moving at Combat or Fast Speed. For Adrados and other vehicles with a M characteristic, this translates to a -1 modifier if the Generator-equipped vehicle is moving a number of inches up to their M and a -2 if they are moving more than their M (for example, charging or running).
QUARIUM ARMOUR (25 points): This laminate applied thinly over existing armour offers substantial protection from a wide variety of kinetic attacks. Any weapon which relies upon a kinetic round, for example bolters, autocannon, battle cannon, and so forth (anything which is not energy, laser, plasma, heat or melta based, basically) looses their Strength bonus to their armour penetration rolls. For example, a Battle Cannon (AP3d6+8) attempting to penetrate Quarium Armour has its armour penetration reduced to 3d6. In addition, any vehicle treated with Quarium Armour increases the Armour Value of all locations by +1, regardless of the nature of the attack. However, vehicles treated with Quarium Armour suffer when exposed to heat, and therefore any Melta or Flame (but not Plasma) attack gains an additional +1d6 to its armour penetration rolls when targeting a Quarium Armour- equipped vehicle.
SCATTER FIELDS (20 points): Scatter Fields are waves of gravitational energy. As evidenced in the Grav propulsion systems of Vindicators and the Grav Grenades of Venators, the Empire is skilled in the use of gravitational fields. In the shooting phase, in addition to any other firing the vehicle may wish to engage in, any vehicle equipped with Scatter Fields may generate a Scatter Field. Scatter Fields may not be generated if the vehicle in question is moved faster than 20" this turn. Any models within 5" must roll under their I on 2d6 or they are knocked over and must spend their next movement phase standing back up. Any ranged attacks conducted by models in the process of standing suffers a -1 penalty and if forced to engage in hand to hand while prone or while standing the affected model suffers a -1 penalty to their WS.
RAZORSPRAY (15 points): The vehicle, in several concealed spherical pods a few inches across each scattered across its surface, is equipped with short-term gravitational field generators and shards of synthetic materials. Once per game the vehicle may expend its Razorsprays, inflicting d6 S5 hits with a -2 save modifier on all models within 4". Any models in base to base contact with the firing vehicle are pushed back d3 inches. Although of limited use in hovertanks, these have been found to be quite useful in situations in which Vindicators set down to operate largely as a pillbox.

As these are not in card form, it is suggested that you roll 1d6 to randomly determine one of the six powers listed below.

Force: 2
Range: 18"

Target Psyker vanishes from the tabletop. Mark the psyker's location with a counter. At the start of the next psychic phase, that psyker comes back into play at that location. While removed, the Psyker may not attempt to dispell powers although any powers which are dispelled if their caster is killed are unaffected. If this power is used on the same psyker multiple times, they gain a 6+ save on the second use, a 5+ on the third, and so forth.

Force: 1
Range: 24"

This power may be used on a squad or character. That squad or character may immediately make an immediate move equal to triple their Movement characteristic. This movement does not affect any movement or firing they may wish to make in subsequent turns.

Force: 2
Range: 36"

Place a 2" template anywhere within 36" of the psyker. Any models under that template must make an immediate -2 Leadership check or they suffer 1 wound. For every model killed in this way, the Lord of the Bones may regain 1 lost wound. This may not take him above the number of wounds he started the game with. If used against a vehicle, all crew within the vehicle must make the save or be killed as usual.

Force: 1
Range: Contact

The Lord of the Bones may cast this power on a model in base to base contact or on himself. That model causes Fear until the end of the turn.

Force: 2
Range: 18"

Draw a line between the Lord of the Bones and any point up to 18" away. Any models touched by this line must roll under their Strength on 1d6 or they suffer d6 S7 hits with a -4 save modifier.

Force: variable
Range: 24"

Place a 2" template anywhere within 24". Any models wholly or partially under the template suffer a hit with a profile based on the number of Force Cards expended:
# OF CARDS....... STRENGTH ............. WOUNDS ........... SAVE
1............. 4............. 1............. -3
2............. 4............. 1............. -5
3............. 5............. d3.......... no save allowed
4............. 6............. d3.......... no save allowed

For every model killed in this fashion place an Animate Undead model in play, anywhere within 6" of the centre of the template. These raised dead (the models of the slain, marked with suitable counters, do quite nicely) have the following profile, based on the type of model which it was to start with:
SMALLER THAN HUMAN (ie Nurgling): M3 WS4 BS2 S4 T1 W3 I1 A1 L6

As can be seen by these profiles, these monsters are difficult to destroy, requiring exensive physical damage, but these hits are not hard to inflict. These undead are immune to all psychology and break tests and will move their maximum distance towards the nearest enemy models, charging into hand to hand when they can. The undead cannot use any weapons they may have had in life, rather they fight unarmed using the strength and weapon skills listed. These undead cause Fear.

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