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Mines are an important part of modern warfare. They are cheap, disposable, and highly effective both against infantry and vehicles. One can only conclude that mine warfare will continue to be important in the future. Bearing that in mind, here are rules for various races in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, detailing their own versions of the venerable Sapper.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mines are nasty, brutal weapons which are totally impartial. Mines will detonate if any model, friend or foe, moves within the distances specified, even if that model itself laid the mine.


Some Orks have engineering in their blood. Literally. And, as some Orks inevitably grow up to find vague and disorienting pieces of technical information entering their minds, some Orks grow up dreaming of blowing things up. Well, to tell the truth, all orks grow up dreaming of blowing things up, but some dream of ways to do it. These Orks grow up to be Boomboyz, and they inevitably lead a prosperous, if brief, existence.

Boomboyz are masters of the explosive charge, and in the creation and occasionally even in the setting of mines. Orkish mines are fairly obvious, usually consisting of a large iron sphere with a fuse jutting from one end, but they are very nasty. The only down side to being a Boomboy is the unfortunate tendency to find out what the blast looks like from the inside . . . .

ORK MEKBOY BOOMBOY............................................18 Points
This entry may be added to the army list in Codex Orks, in the Characters section of the army list.
M4 WS4 BS4 S4 T4 W1 I3 A2 L7
Weapons: Bolt Pistol
Armour: Flak Armour (6+ save)
Wargear: The Boomboy may have two wargear cards.
The Boomboy may be given additional equipment chosen from the Armour, Assault Weapons, Transport and Stikkbombz section of the wargear list. He may be given Boombombs at an additional cost of +25 points.
Special: The Boomboy may be accompanied by up to four Gretchin Assistants at additional points cost (see the Codex Orks army list).

BOOMBOMBS (25 pts, Wargear Card, Ork Mekboy Boomboyz only).
The Boomboyz are often equipped with Boombombs, which look like melon-sized black spheres with a fuse sticking out of one end. The bomb contains a large quantity of explosives, but the effectiveness of this weapon is occasionally compromised by the fact that the actual length of the fuse is set by the Ork before the bomb is thrown, and it is hardly a precise science. The Ork may throw one Boombomb a turn, during the shooting phase; use the rules for Grenades for throwing procedure and range. At the start of each turn, roll 1d6 for every bomb on the table; on a 4+ the bomb explodes. When thrown or placed, the Ork player may if they wish declare that the bomb has a Delay Fuse, in which case the Ork player does not roll to see if the bomb explodes until d3-1 turns have elapsed. Note that a roll of 1 means that the bomb must be rolled for the turn it is thrown as usual. At the start of the game, any army including a Boomboy may choose to place up to 1d6 Boombombz anywhere on the table which is not in a deployment zone, and which is not within 6" of an enemy model (place after all models are deployed). These bombs must be rolled for starting with the first turn.

When a Boombomb explodes, place a 3" template over that point. Any models in this area are automatically hit with a S5 attack which causes d3 wounds with a -2 save modifier. Any boombombs which are within this 3" blast area but which did not explode this turn will explode on a 4+.

If a Boomboy is hit by ranged weapons fire, on a 5+ on 1d6 he is caught in the center of a blast, identical to the detonation of a boombomb described above, with the 3" template centred on the Boomboy. If he survives, he may continue to throw boombombs as per usual. (No self respecting Mekboy was ever deterred by an accident he could walk away from.)


In the days following the Fall, Asurmen founded the Shrines of the Aspect Warriors, teaching the warrior arts to the Phoenix Lords who taught them to the first Warriors of the Aspects of Kaela Mensha Khaine. The arts of deception and sabotage are a part of the consciousness of war, and so there are those who pursue that art aboard the Eldar Craftworlds. The Aspect of the Void Serpent is common across the Craftworld but due to their extremely specialized nature few Eldar pursue this aspect of the Warrior Path. The Void Serpents take their name from a creature of Eldar mythology, a being who waited in the warp for unwary Eldar to walk through their warp gates, only to strike at them while they were unprepared. This image of a supernatural beast striking from the darkness suits the grim Void Serpents well.
VOID SERPENT ASPECT WARRIORS ............................ 33 points per model
This army list entry can be added to the one in Codex Eldar, under Squads.
M5 WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I5 A1 L9
Squad: a squad consists of between 2 and 5 models.
Weapons: Lasgun and Chainsword.
Wargear: All Void Serpents have Void Serpent Minethrowers.
Armour: Void Serpent Aspect armour (4+ save).

VOID SERPENT MINETHROWER: This device appears as an ornate backpack, featuring a disklike magazine and a thin projector reaching over the right shoulder. These weapons are designed to fire one of three types of mines. The exact type of mine to be fired should be designated before firing takes place; all models in the squad must fire the same type of mine. Firing a mine does not prevent a Void Serpent from firing his Lasgun or Laspistol, although it cannot be used in close combat.

To fire the mine, nominate a point within 8" of the firing model. Roll scatter dice and d3; if a hit is rolled, the mine lies where it is. An arrow indicates deviation d3" in that direction.

Each mine type will detonate if a model moves within 3" of it. Once the mine has detonated, remove the mine counter from the board.
Halluc Mine: These mines release hallucinogenic gas, identical to halluc grenades (see the Warhammer 40,000 basic game for more details).
Shard Mine: This mine type is specialized towards anti-infantry. Once it is tripped all models within 3" suffer an automatic S3 hit with a -1 saving throw.
Tempest Mine: This rather nasty invention erupts a distortion between real and warp space. Any models within d3" (roll at the start of any turn in which a model is within 3" of the mine; the mine does not detonate, and is not removed, until a distance is rolled in which is a model) of the mine must roll under their I on 1d6 or they are killed outright with no armour save possible. Any vehicles within 3" of the mine go out of control on their next turn, and on a 4+ on 1d6 must roll on the main body or hull section of their datafax.

Exarchs may purchase Void Dragon Minethrowers as their one item from the Exarch Wargear table for a cost of +35 points. If an Exarch purchases a Void Dragon Minethrower that Exarch may not purchase any other item from the Exarch Wargear list.


From the ranks of the Space Marines, the Adeptus Mechanicus draw those Marines who would seek knowledge of the Machine God. It is these Techmarines who service the Imperial engines of war, who tend to the Machine God's mechanical Avatars, and among their number are the Engineers, those who turn their spiritual insight to the laying of mines and explosive charges, that the wrath of the Machine God may find instruments of conveyance to visit destruction upon the unworthy.
TECHMARINE ENGINEER.......................................33 points per model
This army list entry may be added to any Space Marine Codex, under Characters.
M4 WS5 BS5 S4 T4 W1 I5 A1 L9
Weapons: Bolt Pistol, Frag Grenades.
Armour: Power Armour (3+ save).
Wargear: the Techmarine Engineer may be given 2 wargear cards. One of these must be the Imperial Mine Harnass. The Techmarine Engineer may select additional equipment from the Assault Weapons, Special Weapons and Grenades sections of the wargear list of their Space Marine army list.

The Marine carrying a Mine Harnass may choose to fire a spread of mines instead of his normal fire action. Nominate a point within 12" of the Marine and roll the scatter dice. A Hit means the point remains where it is; an arrow indicates d6" scatter in the direction shown. Up to 4 mines may be placed within 3" of the final point.

Further, at the start of the game any army including a Techmarine Engineer may choose to place up to 3 mines plus three for every Engineer in the army (6 for 1, 9 for 2, etc.) anywhere on the table which is not within a deployment zone. Mines must be placed in groups of at least 3, each mine in the group being no more than 2" away from at least one other mine in the group. Groups of mines larger than 3 may be placed if desired. IMPERIAL MINES: Before the game starts, make up equal numbers of mine counters. Half should be marked with the word LIVE on one side, the other half FAKE. Whenever mines are placed, the side marked should be placed face down, with neither player knowing if it is live or not. If a model moves within 3" of a Mine counter flip it over. FAKE mines do not explode, and are removed. LIVE mines inflict a S5 hit to everything within 3", dealing 1 wound with a -3 save modifier. Against vehicles, this inflicts a hit with an armour penetration value of 3d6+5 against the treads or legs, as appropriate.


In the millennia since the Horus Heresy, the Traitor Legions have sought their vengeance against the mortal universe from their domains within the Eye of Terror. Among their number are Engineers from days long past, who have grown expert over the long years in the sinister lethality of their trade.
CHAOS ENGINEER..........................................45 points per model
This army list entry may be added to any Chaos Codex, under Characters.
M4 WS5 BS5 S4 T4 W1 I5 A1 L9
Weapons: Bolt Pistol, Frag Grenades, Chainfist.
Armour: Power Armour (3+ save).
Wargear: the Chaos Engineer may be given 2 wargear cards. One of these must be the Imperial Mine Harnass. Any Chaos Gifts taken reduce the number of wargear cards by 1. The Chaos Engineer may select additional equipment from the Special Weapons and Grenades sections of the wargear list in Codex Chaos.

Special: Chaos Engineers may be given one Mark of Chaos, at the points costs indicated.

KHORNE..............+30 pts

NURGLE..............+20 pts

SLAANESH............+10 pts Chaos Engineers may not bear the Mark of Tzeentch. Chaos Engineers may place mines at the beginning of the game in a manner identical to that of Techmarine Engineers equipped with Imperial Mine Harnasses.


The Imperial Guard is notoriously reliant upon vehicles, and in the field of minelaying there is no exception. Therefore, rather than have a squad or character, the following Vehicle Card may be added to those available in Dark Millennium:
Points Cost: +25 pts
The vehicle is fitted with sleeves to fire mines over the battlefield. The vehicle operates exactly as if it were equipped with an Imperial Mine Harnass, and fires the same types of mines, save that such vehicles may not place mines at the start of the game as man-mounted Harnasses may. Dreadnoughts and Skimmers may not be equipped with Mine Dispensers.

A BRIEF NOTE ABOUT SQUATS: The only major race as yet unsupported by a Codex book, the Squats have not been mentioned in these articles. Without a doubt, the mechanically minded rotund ones will have mines and sappers, but until the Codex book is released there is little that one can presume to detail. Rest assured that once the book is released, and as soon as I can find a copy of it, all manner of interesting additions will appear regarding Homo Sapiens Rotundus.

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