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This is a miscellaneous article, including rules for a variety of new stuff for various armies, including new units, characters, and so forth. As detailed these unique squads and characters can be added to existing army lists as an optional addition.

(AND OTHER DIVERSE BODY PARTS)........................... 18 points

Doc Mek Blag (as alluded to in pg.24 of Codex Orks) is in truth one of the more adventurous and inventive of the Painboyz. However, as "adventurous" is hardly a word one wishes to hear when describing one's doctor, Doc Mek Blag usually finds himself employed by Warbosses to experiment with Orks who have been volunteered. One of Doc Mek Blag's more innovative toys are the Mk I Exploding Legs (and Other Diverse Body Parts). These cunning devices appear to be crude bionic accessories, at least until Doc Mek Blag hits the large red button . . .
Doc Mek Blag is, in every way, identical to the Painboy detailed in Codex Orks. The exception is that any army including Doc Mek Blag can upgrade any one Bad Moon Boyz, Blood Axe Boyz, Deathskulls, or Evil Sunz Boyz Mob with Mk I Exploding Body Partz. These models cannot be mounted on bikes, boars etc. but must make their way on foot. No model in the squad may have more than 4 body parts (two legs and two arms, eh?). Exploding body parts cost 5 points each, and function as well as normal arms and legs (ie, the Ork in question looks and acts just normal). This fairly pleasant state of affairs ends when Doc Mek Blag hits the button, which he can do at any time (unless he's dead). When he does, each of the Boyz equipped with explosive body partz, well, explodes. The exact profile of each Orky explosion depends on the actual number of Partz installed:
1 part ............... 1" blast, S4, -1 save
2 partz .............. 2" blast, S5, -2 save
3 partz .............. 2" blast, S6, -3 save
4 partz .............. 3" blast, S7, -4 save


Darkad was one of the first to join the Luna Wolves at the start of its embarking on the Great Crusade. Over the years, he rose through the ranks before being inducted into the Librarius as a Lieutenant. In that capacity he served alongside Abaddon and the Warmaster on countless worlds, coming to love the Warmaster as a father, as all of his Legion did. When Horus declared his rebellion and began to move against the distant Emperor, Darkad had earned the name the Relentless, and had taken the position of Master Librarian. Under his guidance, the Librarians of the Black Legion followed the Warmaster, and fought their bretheren on the long and bloody path back to Earth.

The loss of the Warmaster affected Darkad as deeply as any, as did the degeneration of the Traitor Legions within the heart of the Eye. When Abaddon secretly gathered the loyal remnants of Horus' Legion, Darkad stood with him, and took part in the raid against the Emperor's Children which proved the inception of the Black Legion.

In the years since, Darkad has proved himself to be a constant threat to the Imperium. When the Order of Tranquility Chapter of Space Marines was declared excommunicate and driven from the scene of their disgrace at Syldraen, Darkad intervened, slaughtering the Inquisitorial detachment and taking the Order survivors into his service. In a later engagement, he fought and killed the Grand Master of the Grey Knights, a battle of psychic and physical prowess which strained both to the limits. The Grand Master took Darkad's eye, but lost his life. For these and other crimes the Inquisition in general and the Grey Knights in particular pursue Darkad the Relentless with feverish zeal.

Gifted as he is with both the mystical disciplines of Tzeentch and the battle fury of Khorne, Darkad is a devastating force of darkness which continues to plague the Imperium.

Darkad the Relentless may be included in any Chaos army as a Chaos Lord.

M4 WS9 BS7 S7 T5 W3 I7 A3 L10
Weapons: Double Bolter built into his gauntlet. Darkad fights with one Lightning Claw and a Daemon Weapon.
Armour: Chaos Terminator Armour (2+ on 2d6), Displacer Field (3+).
Wargear: Darkad carries a Daemon Weapon (the bonuses for which are already worked into his profile) and a Displacer Field. Khorne has gifted him with a Collar of Khorne. (Due to the presence of the Collar, Darkad cannot be targetted by psychic effects. However, he can cast his own psychic abilities freely. Note that Darkad cannot target himself with his own psychic powers nor can he include himself in their areas of effect; thus, he can Smite the enemy, but the Collar will nullify any attempts to Quicken himself.)
Marks of Chaos: Darkad bears the marks of Khorne, Slaanesh and Tzeentch.
Strategy: Darkad has a strategy rating of 5.
Special: Darkad is a 4th level psyker of Tzeentch.

CHAOS WULFEN COMPANY SQUADS........................................145 points

The Space Wolves are among the most virtuous of all the Space Marine Chapters. Their history dates to the birth of the Imperium itself; their Primarch, Leman Russ, fought with the Emperor and was brother to Lion El'Johnson, Rouboute Guilleman, and Sanguinius. However, over the millennia, a flaw has been found in the Fourth Legion. As Space Wolves age, their canines grow to sharp fangs; their senses are preternaturally sharp, and many are possessed by a battle fury in war.
Darker, more insidious, is the Curse of the Wulfen. Buried in the spiraling helices of each Wolf's D.N.A. is a howling beast, an inhuman monster waiting to emerge. This dark legacy is not spoken of openly by the Space Wolves, but they know of it, and they know of the price it can claim. They remember the price paid by the Thirteenth Great Company.
The Marines of that Great Company were lost to their bretheren forever, claimed by the mutating D.N.A. implanted into them. This flaw had dogged them for centuries before the Company fell to its grim touch. Today, the Wulfen Company's few scattered survivors live in the service of the Dark Gods. The Space Wolves destroy them whenever they are found, but it is not a work of hatred, for the Wulfen Marines are beasts, claimed by insanity and rage, living only to destroy. Chaos Lords who employ these Marines keep them caged and chained, releasing them only to slay at their masters' behest. For a Space Wolf Marine, the Wulfen Company is a warning of what lurks within them all, and of the price of failing in their hold on sanity for even a moment.

M6 WS5 BS3 S5 T4 W2 I3 A2 L5
Any Chaos Army may include Wulfen Squads.
Squad: a Wulfen squad consists of 5 Wulfen Marines.
Equipment: Wulfen Company Marines do not use conventional weapons. They wear Power Armour (3+).
Special: Space Wolves enhanced senses rules apply to Wulfen Squads. Wulfen Marines are immune to psychology, save that they Frenzy, and can not be broken. Wulfen will always run as fast as possible towards the closest enemy squad and engage in close combat whenever possible. In close quarters, Wulfen Marines fight with tooth and claw, using their profile above. Space Wolves suffer from Hatred against Wulfen Marines.

Wulfen Squads must be accompanied by an Aspiring Champion, a packmaster guiding the Wulfen. If the Packmaster is slain each Wulfen will move their full movement in a random direction, fighting to the death any models they encounter, friend or foe (they will not fight other Wulfen). Packmasters are purchased as Aspiring Champions and follow all the rules and options for Aspiring Champions as detailed in Codex Chaos.

Wulfen Marines look like werewolves in Space Marine armour. The armour should retain the general Space Wolves colour scheme and Chapter heraldry, although battered and scarred. See Codex Space Wolves for details on the Wulfen Company and their unique Heraldry.


The Imperial Guard is a massive and unwieldy force, spread across the galaxy. The mind-boggling mass of its fighting troops is only matched by the mass of the bureaucracy assigned to make it "function". This unwieldy force means that the commanders in the field often have to improvise or experiment when requests for repairs, materials, or additional equipment become lost amid the machinery of leadership. Thus, it is no surprise that mechanics like Amaris Van Tarral are considered to be worth their weight in gold.
Amaris Van Tarral is not simply a good mechanic, or even a great mechanic. He is in fact a superb mechanic, added to a supernatural ability to uncover, scrounge, improvise and modify required parts, and a fairly liberal attitude towards what is acceptable in regards to Imperial regulations. This attitude has been quite apparent in the past, as seen, for example, the time that Van Tarral got a Leman Russ Demolisher rolling again by reconstructing a totally new drive shaft and engine assembly from a crashed Eldar Jetbike, a piece of a wing of an Imperial Navy fighter, the left pinkie finger of a Warlord Titan, and twelve Imperial tons of empty spam cans. The finished Demolisher featured several rather large and unsightly lumps around its engine compartment, and when viewed from the rear resembled nothing so much as a grocery store display, but it worked. And in the final equation, that is what defines Van Tarral's attitude to field repairs: Will It Work?
Any Imperial Guard force may include Amaris Van Tarral as a Character.
M4 WS3 BS3 S3 T3 W1 I3 A1 L9
Van Tarral may be attached to the army's command squad, but may move as an independent character if the Imperial Guard player desires.
WEAPONS: Van Tarral carries a Laspistol, but is not a combat-oriented individual.
ARMOUR: Flak (5+/6+ save)
WARGEAR: Van Tarral does not have Wargear, as anything he picks up inevitably finds its way into the mechanical innards of a tank.
SPECIAL: If Van Tarral is on foot and adjacent to a damaged vehicle, he can atempt to repair it. He may not fire or fight in hand to hand that turn. Roll a d6: on a 1 or 6 the location cannot be repaired, while on a 2-5 it is fixed. As an alternative, Van Tarral may ride in a vehicle, in which case, at the end of each turn, one random damaged location is repaired on a 4+.

IMPERIAL GUARD BEASTMAN SQUADS.......................... 55 points

The Imperial Guard is an army designed to fight a war of attrition. This intensity of purpose is reflected on every level, from command to squad organization, from tactics to equipment. In practice, this approach works well, and has guaranteed long-term stability for the Imperium for ten thousand years.
Sometimes, however, standard Imperial Guard squads are insufficient, and Space Marines are not available. When a breach must be assaulted, or heavily fortified positions taken, or vicious close quarters fighting pursued, regular Guard regiments are supplemented by the most vicious of the abhuman strains: beastmen.
Beastmen in the Guard form specialized squads, purchased as Auxilia, led into battle by their own Packmasters. They are extremely focused, relentless and brutal, and have an excellent reputation as stormtroopers. Further, Guard commanders are more inclined to use them as heavy losses among their ranks can be easily and quickly replaced, and the fact that they are abhumans reduces any feelings of guilt on the part of the commanders sending them to their deaths.

M4 WS4 BS3 S3 T4 W2 I3 A1 L7
Beastmen squads include 9 beastmen and 1 Beastman Packmaster.
Equipment: Beastmen carry axes or maces. Beastmen may be equipped with primitive shields at +1 point per model, or second hand weapons at +1 points, or shotguns at +2 points. There is no need to equip all members of the squad identically. The entire squad may be upgraded to carry frag grenades at a cost of +10 points.
Packmasters wear flak armour (5+/6+ save) and are equipped with a chainsword and a plasma pistol.
Up to 1 model in the squad may be upgraded to carry a special weapon.
Special: a Guard army including Beastmen may not include Stormtroopers or Space Marine allies. Space Marine armies may not take Beastmen as allies.

ICE DANCER ASPECT WARRIORS (Eldar) ..................... 34 points per model

The Aspect Warriors are the elite warriors of the Eldar Craftworlds, Eldar who have found the Path of their lives carrying them to war. Assuming an aspect of Kaela Mensha Khaine, God of War, each Warrior Aspect fights a specific style of war with unique and often eclectic wargear. The Ice Dancers are a rare Aspect, with rarely more than one shrine in a Craftworld, and indeed many Craftworlds have no Ice Dancers at all.
The Ice Dancer relies on mobility in war, being among the fastest of the Warrior Aspects, and employs a unique Eldar weapon first used in the dark days following the Fall, when the Craftworlds fled the destruction of their worlds and their race, a weapon known as the Coldthrower. Bearing their smooth, mirrored masks and pale fighting armour, dancing among the enemy and smothering them in binding claws of cold, the Ice Dancers are often employed as much for their psychological warfare value as anything else. In many ways the Ice Dancers epitomize the distinct, specialized, and above all flamboyant Eldar armies.
M6 WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I5 A1 L9
Squad: A squad consists of between 3 and 7 models.
Weapons: Hand to Hand Combat Blade, Coldthrower.
Wargear: All Ice Dancers have Icefields.
Armour: Ice Dancer Aspect armour (4+ save).
COLDTHROWER: The Coldthrower operates by venting chemicals onto its targets which rapidly freeze whatever they touch, turning atmospheric moisture into ice and killing mortal opponents by thermal shock. Coldthrowers use the Flamer template included in the Warhammer 40,000 game. Any models covered must roll under their I on 1d6 or they are automatically wounded, causing d3 wounds with a -5 save modifier. Field saves may not be used against Coldthrowers. Against vehicles, any location covered becomes clogged with ice. The crew and vehicle are not actually harmed, but any weapon ports will become blocked, wheels or treads clogged, and so forth. Weapons mounted on the location may fire, but must roll a d6 each time they do so; on a 3+, roll once on the vehicle's damage table for the location the weapon is mounted in. If the treads, wheels or legs are hit the vehicle is restricted to Slow speed (or to 2" movement per turn, if a Walker). Any friendly models in base to base contact with the afflicted vehicle may decline their shooting phase to attempt to chip away at the ice; roll a number of dice equal to the number of models chipping, and if any roll a 5 or 6 then the ice is cleared.
ICEFIELDS: The Icefield projects an aura of cold around the Ice Dancer as they move, chilling the air and casting frost across exposed surfaces. If Ice Dancers move between 5 and 6 inches in their Movement phase, any models within 2" suffer a S3 hit with no save modifier. If they move over 6 inches, any models within 2" suffer a S5 hit with no save modifier. In addition, if they move over 5", any vegetation within 2" is destroyed (withering or shattering).

SPACE MARINE SNIPERS .............................................. 85 points

The armies of the Imperium are the largest and most dangerous forces in the galaxy, and among all of their number the Space Marines are the most mobile, the most resolute, and individually the most powerful. Trained and equipped to respond quickly and with devastating force the Marines defend the Imperium where the Titans cannot walk, where the Imperial Guard has no time to mobilize, where the fighters of the Navy cannot reach. Using such mainstays as Thunderhawk Gunships and their notorious Drop Pods, the Space Marines are an army to themselves.
Among their number the Space Marines rank many specialists, from Apothecaries to Techmarines, the finest warriors chosen out for virtue and intelligence to train for specific tasks. One of the less common but still important warriors among their number are the Snipers.
The Snipers of the Space Marines are elite warriors trained in the arts of ranged combat and stealth. They are feared and respected for their legendary abilities to bring down the wrath of the Emperor from concealed positions, their fire totally unexpected and totally unstoppable. To their foes the Snipers are the incarnation of Imperial might -- cold, resolute, merciless.
Any Space Marine army may include Snipers as a part of their Characters allotment.
M4 WS5 BS5 S4 T4 W1 I5 A1 L9
SPECIAL RULES: Space Marine Snipers are trained to set up in positions of commanding battlefield view, using their long ranged attacks to disrupt enemy advances and slay enemy characters. Snipers may choose to target the nearest enemy Character, or the nearest squad, vehicle or monstrous target as usual. Snipers use the rules for Infiltration and may begin the game in hiding and in Overwatch. Snipers do not suffer a -1 modifier for firing on Overwatch. Any shots directed at Snipers suffers an additional -1 modifier (therefore light cover counts as -2, hard as -3, etc). Space Marine Snipers are Space Marines and so benefit from Space Marine Rapid Fire and Shaken rules.
ARMOUR: Snipers wear Power Armour (3+ save).
WEAPONS: Bolt Pistol, Frag Grenades.
WARGEAR: Snipers may purchase additional equipment from the Grenades and Assault Weapons sections of the wargear list. Snipers may have 1 Wargear Card, which must be the Vindicator Rifle.
VINDICATOR RIFLE (Wargear Card, Space Marine Snipers only, 18 points). The Vindicator is a deadly ranged weapon, perfectly suited to the remote role of the Sniper. Short Range 0-48", Long Range 48-72", +2 to hit at Short range, +1 to hit at Long range.
The Vindicator can fire four types of ammunition. Specify which type of ammunition is being fired before resolving. After each shot, roll 1d6: on a 4+, that ammunition type is exhausted and can no longer be used. If all four specialty types are exhausted, the Vindicator can always fire S4 bolter shells.
ARMOUR-PIERCING: S8, d3 wounds, -5 save, AP 9+3d6.
ACID: S6, d6 wounds, -2 save. 2" template.
PHASEFLIER: S7, -2 save. If the target has an armour save which is rolled on 2d6, any saves attempted against Phaseflier ammunition must be rolled on 1d6. This does not affect a Bloodthirster's armour.
FIELDBREAKER: Deals no damage, but any force field armour the target may have is destroyed. The Marine only carries one Fieldbreaker round, and so may only attack with it once. Declare if he is using it before the shot is taken.

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