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Cops are every criminal and 'punks nightmare. It's pretty obvious why criminals hate them, but 'punks are always getting the shaft by a cop who stereotypes anybody who carries a deck loaded with anti-ICE software or illegal bodywear as a criminal also. Most cops are stand-up guys who only live to "Serve and Protect," while there are those who are worse than even the nastiest 'punk or crook. Keep in mind that a cop will most likely not be trusted in a group of 'punks, and sometimes not even with other cops or legitimate officials.

Attribute Requirements

IQ and PS of 10 or higher.

OCC Skills:

Basic Math +10%
Lang: Sprawl English and Technical English +20%
Computer Operation +5%
Basic Radio +5%
Surveillance +10%
Pilot: Automobile +10%
Streetwise +10%
Interrogation +10%
Find Contraband, Weapons, and Cybernetics +5%
Forensics (Criminal Science) +3% (+10% if taken twice)
WP: Automatic Pistol
WP: Blunt (Night Stick and Stun Clubs)
HTH Aikido

Other Skills:

Select six other skills. Plus select one additional skill at levels three, six, nine, and twelve.
Communication: Any +10%
Domestic: Any
Computer: Programming only
Electrical: Basic only
Rogue: Any +5%
Mechanical: Basic, Auto, and Locksmith only
Medical: First Aid or Paramedic only (counts as two skills) +10%
Physical: Any (+5% where applicable)
Pilot: Any +5%
Science: none
Technical: Any
WP: Any

Secondary Skills:

Select four secondary skills from the list above at levels 1,4, and 10.


Cops earn a salary depending on whether they are employed by a government or a corporation. Government police officers typically get paid 2500 credits a month, with medical coverage included. Corporate cops can be paid less or more, depending on rank and the actual company. Start with 2D6x1000.


Start with camera eye and guidelink for government police forces, or any two for corporate cops. Genetic enhancements are frowned upon by government cops, but there are no restrictions. Any cop can get them, but city cops have to pay out of their own pockets.
Click herefor cybernetics and weapons.


The PC starts with one automatic pistol or shotgun of choice, and 20 rounds of ammunition. All other equipment is provided by the employer. Any personal property must come from the player's salary. Assume the PC has a place to live.

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