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"Man, I thought I had seen it all. I've seen blue lines of energy roll across the land, I've seen wars that'd make your stomach churn. I've even created seven foot tall borgs crackling with psychic energy. But nothin prepared me for when the bugs came."

"I was down in A-2 bay with Jake, one of the Psybertechs-in-training. We were working on interfacing one of our hypervelocity pulse rifles with a newly-off-the-line Crusher borg.... Lance, yeah, that was his name, at least as I recall. He was taking his role as a guinea pig pretty well, I guess. Everyone had gone up to the rec. level for the night to have a little fun and relax. We were on the verge of some big discoveries, thanks to Hette, that scientist from Mindwerks. We were nearly able to allow psionics to interface with bionics, creating a new breed of soldier, the Psyborg. Lance was one of the prototypes. Prior to his...improvement, he was a psychic of renown amongst the crew here at Defiance. He wanted to become one of the first to make history. And he has."

"Anyway, everyone was up a few decks having a blast (Hette had gotten together with this drop-dead blonde that I had my eye on, don't ask me how that reclusive bookworm did it), and we were the only ones left in the bay. This bay redefined enormous. It was a humungous workshop that any self-deserving tinker could die and go to heaven in. Crates piled all around, some opened, spilling their contents on the floor, and your typical fluorescent lights flickering on and off. We were hunkered down by a workbench working on Lance's targeting interface when it happened. There was a screeching noise, like the tearing of metal, over in the corner, so Jake got up to go have a look-see. I was starting to advise him to get the hell back here when they started pouring through the new hole in the wall like a tide of evil. Bugs. Friggin seven feet tall, nothin like I ever seen before, with claws, teeth and a tail, and they looked like they could carve ya up like Thanksgiving dinner. The look of surprise was still on Jake's face when his head rolled to my, I could swear those malicious bastards were grinning at me. I picked up the pulse rifle and started to lock and load a clip when a flash flew by me. It was Lance. Even borgs weren't supposed to move that fast, but he did. The look of sheer rage and hatred on his face was indescribable. God bless Dr. Hette, he was right about psybernetics, cause as I watched, Lance was swathed by a glow of crackling green energy, and a red sword of eldricht power grew from his right hand. As I ran for the door, Lance stood there, smiting those bastards with fist and sword and shouting obscenities the whole time. I figure that he got fifteen of em before they overran him. Maybe if I had stuck around instead of locking the damn blast door...what are ya lookin at? I got somethin in my eye, OK? Now, where's that beer ya promised me?"

Mike Jedrey, Former Master Tech, Defiance Ind.


If you don't know by now, this is going to be a bit of a conglomerate from a couple of sources. I'm going to be drawing pretty heavily on the Alien films, specifically Aliens, for the atmosphere, and combine that with some stuff from Space Hulk, another fav of mine. If you don't know about Hulk, just drop me a line, and I'll be glad to share. I'm also chucking in lots of stuff about cyborgs, which are the focus of all this, and finally a pinch of Robotech. I've loved the Alien films, but always wanted to do my own thing with em, so please, no one take offense to my use of these films and the liberties I took with em.


Defiance Borgworks began life as Defiance Unlimited; a small firm based on one of the middle levels of Phase World. It was conceived as a sort of medical firm, making advanced medical prosthetics that would act and feel like real limbs, but could also be endowed with superior strength and speed, enhancing the recipient. There were five doctors and two cyber-surgeons that founded Defiance, and before its demise, Defiance employed thousands of workers. The problem that appeared after a few year of business was a limited market. The seven founders were geniuses, to the last one, and were able to pool their intellects like no others before to create spectacular miracles of science, but there was not enough demand in the market for medical prosthetics. This being the case, Defiance decided to broaden their horizons and invest some time in researching bionics to pay off their debts (oddly enough, they borrowed from a subsidiary of Naruni Industries, who would later kill for Defiance's technology). After a year or so of research, they were able to improve the efficiency of a shipment of bionics they "acquired" from contraband runners to the point that they impressed several visitors interested in their bionics technology, and managed to secure a contract with the CCW to augment some of their special agents with their improved bionics. This provided Defiance with the capitol that they needed to pay off their debts and begin to grow.

Defiance went through a period of about twenty years of growth, during which they moved up a few levels in the Center, expanded their facilities and production staff greatly, and began to research related areas of science, such as computer technology and energy sources. Eventually, the period of growth leveled off, things stagnated, and their scientists became stumped as to what to do next. Luckily, fate intervened on Defiance's behalf.

Into Defiance's shop walked Dr. Frantz Hette of Mindwerks on Rifts Earth. Dr. Hette claimed to be a scientist of unimaginable skill and ingenuity, capable of astounding claims and demanding to work for Defiance's renowned think-tank as one of the head scientists. The store manager that day called upon corporate management, for he was at a loss of what to do with this quack. One of the founding cyber-docs came just an hour later to interview Dr. Hette, and from that moment on, things at Defiance changed forever.

Not So Subtle Changes

Dr. Hette's influence was immediate and felt throughout the company. To everyone working at Defiance, it appeared that Hette had fled Earth to escape persecution, and was treated as such. In reality, he had fled because he had creative differences with the Angel of Death, and he felt that he didn't have enough freedom of experimentation. When he fled the Mindwerks complex and the Angel of Death, he took with him some prototype devices of his own design. These were to allow Mindwerks borg's bionics to interface with their brains at an almost telepathic level, allowing a reaction time and speed unheard of previously. This was due to integration of psynetics into his bionic designs. This vein of experimentation had never been tried by Defiance before, and led to some frighteningly quick advances in the bionics field. Furthermore, he also brought some captured prototype Triax weaponry, blueprints for power armor, and a new fusion powerplant, which allowed Defiance to breach the operating life of nuclear power and build borgs capable of astounding feats. Defiance Unlimited became Defiance Borgworks, because of the shift in interest from prosthetics to bionics, and a new era was formed.


This was not the end of Hette's contribution to Defiance. More aptly, it was the beginning. Hette was a bit of a recluse, and a tad bit crazy, so he seemed to be able to transcend logic to find the heart of the problem and solve it. Most of his life was spent in the lab, and that was how he enjoyed it. Often, he spent 20 hours out of a day in a lab, tinkering with this or that, and most of his co-workers believed that he himself was augmented somehow. At any rate, Hette became obsessed with psynetics and incorporating them into bionics and the soldiers that used them. However, aside from some slight breakthroughs, victory evaded him. That is, until he discovered psylite, the noro crystal that conducts and stores psychic energy. Hette was ecstatic. Here was his ticket to scientific, if not physical immortality. A material that could actually conduct and store psychic energy. But it was crystalline in form! This would make it nearly impossible, and totally impractical, to utilize in bionics. But if only he could somehow weave it into an alloy! Then nothing would be beyond his reach. He saw his grand designs reaching into every area of life, becoming indispensable. This was his dream, and he would see to it that it came into being. Hette tried almost infinite combinations of psylite and every imaginable ore in existence, to no avail. Hette was about to give up his grand scheme when he stumbled upon Chobium, a mineral that existed in minute quantities on several planets throughout the Three Galaxies. Dissolved psylite mingled into superheated Chobium gave the same properties of psychic energy conductivity and storage as psylite, with the same physical properties as an M.D.C. alloy. Hette gathered as much of this material as he could on Phase World, but it was not enough to build a whole borg, much less the army he would need. Somehow, he would need a source from which to obtain more Chobium. Throughout this period of expansion, Naruni Industries had been trying to acquire Defiance by whatever means necessary. Corporate buyouts, subtle threats, even hit operations were not beyond Naruni, but all attempts were foiled. The Naruni hated to be second place at anything, and the fact that they couldn't do anything about it ate at their souls, much to the pleasure of Defiance. Hette asked the management to send out a request to planetary surveyors to report any findings of large quantities of Chobium to Defiance, for a significant bonus. Defiance, secure in their faith in Hette, did this without a second thought, and this might have been the cause for their undoing.

Just when you thought it was going to be a good day...

A report came in from the periphery of the Thundercloud Galaxy of a planet practically oozing with deposits of Chobium. A Surveyor named Bennedict St. Arnold reported that the planet was uninhabited, just waiting for the taking. Defiance deposited ten million credits to Arnold's account on Phase World and promptly began packing up its operation. The plan: to move their manufacturing facilities to this planet, named Vega's End, in the hopes of finding great quantities of Chobium and vast spaces to expand their facilities. They would keep a store and corporate H.Q. on Phase World, but all of their other facilities to Vega's End. Morale was at an all-time high. Everyone was excited by the move to new territory, the thrill of exploration, and the prospect of increased revenues. A fleet of shuttles was used to transport all the necessary personnel and materials to the transport, Thunder of the Gods, which was a revamped CCW cruiser made suitable to civilian needs, but still maintaining a sizable armament. Modular pods were stored onboard to be assembled upon planetfall so the operation could be set up with as little downtime as possible. Had the executives been able to overcome their joy and maintain cool heads, possibly checking up on this Arnold character, they might have found that a sum of twenty million credits had also been deposited in Arnold's account, courtesy of Three Tentacles Bank, a subsidiary of Naruni Inc. Good-byes were said, and the ship departed right on schedule. A few months later, the ship sailed into orbit around Vega's End, and started shuttling materials and modules down to create the complex. A landing pad was created first to facilitate easy unloading of materials, then over the next month a housing complex, a mine, an ore processing plant, and a gigantic production facility, along with a storage facility and a rather large research building. All of these structures were designed to go many levels below ground to allow additional space while not requiring the additional transportation needed for outlying aboveground structures. It was intended to keep all the buildings, with the exception of the starport, close together for security also, but this would become a problem later. Things were looking good, and by the time the last shuttle was to depart for the Thunder, Hette had processed ore and completed a few of the new Psyborgs. They were a bit glitchy, but showed immense promise. Everyone was celebrating in the recreation centers when the incident described by Master Tech Jedrey occurred.

Company for dinner

Jedrey was in one of the lower production facility levels when the bugs, formally known as Exo's, hacked their way into the complex. No one knows how long they'd been on the planet, nor do most care. Most are of the belief that the space surveyor Arnold planted them on behalf of some business competitor, and hope that he was made to pay for his sins. From that level in the production facility, they used air shafts to penetrate the complex and permeate the base. Jedrey sounded an alarm as soon as he left the bay, and almost immediately borgs on security detail responded and fought back the onslaught, but not before the Exo's claimed several levels of the facility. Unfortunately, this was not the worst of matters. Moments before, the Exo's had broken through the landing facility and boarded the last shuttle waiting to depart. Unseen in the vast cargo compartment of the shuttle, the bugs waited until the shuttle had docked with the Thunder to break through once again, this time into the Thunder itself. Defiance employees, gathered on the roof of the housing complex for safety, had a wonderful view of first the Thunder's engine compartment, then the whole ship, explode in low orbit. It was reported that the Thunder of the Gods was lost, with all hands, to the executives on Phase World. A ship nearby had heard a garbled distress signal before the Thunder's engines went nova, and reported it to Defiance. Sadly, the founding fathers, now almost ancient, packed up their offices, sold all the goods left in their now almost empty showroom, and before settling down for retirement, hired an assassin of much skill, known only as the Hell Raiser, to make Bennedict St. Arnold pay for his transgression in a very long, slow drawn out fashion...a fitting end for such a backstabber. So, this brings us to the present. It was two hundred years ago that the Thunder of the Gods was destroyed with all hands. With no hope of escape, at lease in the near future, Defiance struggles to continue its existence against an alien foe. The survivors have continued to develop psybernetics, the new science of integrating bionics with psionics, and this new science has given them the edge that they need to fight back, and maybe to win, agaist their alien foe.

Life on the edge

Life on Vega's End is an arduous one. Everyone has a job crucial to the community's survival. From the lowest Chobium miner to the highest echelon general, everyone is valued. Thus it is a sad thing for all when a lone Exo breaks through an oxygen vent and carries off a computer specialist, or when one of the DST members is killed in action. DST is an acronym for Defiance Security Team, the organization that is in charge of the protection of the Defiance complex. The DST evolved from the initial security team brought with the colonists as protection from space pirates. Now, they face a more insidious foe, capable of atrocities some thought unbelievable, and the DST has successfully shifted its focus and goals to adapt to its environment.

Through decades of experience, the DST has been hardened into a crack unit fully the equal of any company-sized force in the Three Galaxies.

The biggest boon to Defiance has been the environment. While the Exos provide a constant threat, the planet itself has become their best ally. There is a tremendous flow of raw psychic energy throughout Vega's End, for unknown reasons. Some say it has to do with the masses of Chobium, others say there is an unknown force at work, but whatever the case, it has influenced all who reside on Vega's End. The energy flows in a manner similar to Ley Lines on Rifts Earth, only underground instead of above ground. Coincidentally, the Defiance complex is built above a nexus of these lines, and its close proximity has influenced the population. Now, every resident has some manner of psionics, while there is a 25% population of master psionics, a great deal of which are Mind Melter-caliber, who become prime candidates for the DST

The Training

The DST is made up by DSS, or Defiance Security Squads. Every DSS is made up of several members. There is the team coordinator, who has slightly different training from the other DSS personnel, the team leader, usually a heavy weapons squad member or two, a specially modified "Comm. Borg," and several "Grunts." A Comm. Borg is a borg modified to carry special communications equipment that has an extremely long range and is also able to pierce several layers of steel, concrete, and titanium, which is what composes the lower levels of the Defiance complex. "Grunt" is a name which is bestowed upon a DSS member with no special function. Note that this is not a derogatory name, just one that symbolizes that the member has no special function. Also, this is not a rule in composition, just the basic formation. There are specialized squads composed entirely of heavy weapons operators for intense combat missions, or squads utilizing all stealth borgs for hit and run or rescue missions. Make no bones about it, the DST borgs undergo some of the most difficult training in the Three Galaxies. A special training facility was created miles away from the Defiance facilities which accurately simulates the conditions to be found in the lower reaches of the Exo's domain. Here, the DST trains it's new indoctrinees in small squad tactics and strategies, use of weaponry, and hand to hand skills for several years. Approximately half way through their training, they are operated on and turned into some of the most advanced cyborgs in creation. A good amount, approx. 5% wash out within the first month of training, and another 15% are lost throughout the next two years. Those who wash out of training, which is not considered dishonorable, as it is a very difficult training regimen, usually are trained in the role of team coordinator. This team coordinator watches from a remote location, via cameras implanted in every DST and acts as the eyes and ears of the team. Of great benefit to this position are the powers clairvoyance, sixth sense, and telemechanics, which are of great aid when it comes to making decisions based completely on remote sensor readings. He, or she, collates the information gathered by all the respective sensors and cameras of all the team members and coordinates strategies with the team leader. This position is highly respected by all in the DST: the team coordinator is responsible for each and every one of their lives, and a good coordinator has more than once saved a team in distress. After a mission, it is not uncommon for the whole team to get together in one of the many rec. rooms (a euphemism for a bar) and toast together. It is tradition to first toast to the team coordinator and his health.

The team leader's position is the most respected in the DST's. It signifies that not only is s/he a supremely skilled warrior, but also skilled at the leading of troops. More than likely, this warrior is a master psionic, as their powers are of tremendous value at this level, and has also been augmented by psybernetic implants. Together with the team coordinator, the team leader composes most of the brains of the operation, and carries the burden of leadership squarely on his shoulders. After the two year cutoff point and conversion to cyborg status, squads are formed based on training scores. From this point on, the squad becomes equivalent to a second family. They train together, as a team, with the all the different MBPA (modular borg power armor; to be described later) packages, although they usually specialize in the use of one package in particular. There are a few squads out there, nick named "Special Forces" who train so rigorously that they are proficient in the use of all packages. They recharge together, get repaired together, sleep in the same barracks together, and mourn together. While this training builds very strong ties between members, it is a severe tragedy when it comes to the loss of a squad member. An empty position is never filled by a new trainee; trainees are all put in new squads. It was a conscious decision by the upper brass not to fill gaps in squads, although it was doubtful that squad members would allow it anyway out of respect for their fallen companion. This doesn't decrease the effectiveness of the squad, but instead changes the role in which they're used. For example, a search and destroy squad normally suited with the Sabertooth MBPA loses two members in an intense fire-fight with a group of Exos. Instead of filling the missing slots, the squad is re-armed and re-armored using MBPA technology, and specially trained in the use of Valkyrie Jump Armor for strategic insertion hit and run missions. Sometimes, squads are whittled down to one or two solitary borgs, who are then used as honor guards for VIPs out of respect for their battle experiences.

There are also a few specialized occupations. Computer operators are trained at a very early age to basically become a hacker. As such, they are usually augmented with cybernetics to allow them to interface with DefianceNet, the complex's mainframe. Note that through the computer system, the most talented hackers are able to get data from sensors and cameras in the Exos' domain. Thus, they are sometimes brought on missions with DSS's to jack into an isolated computer systems and wreak havoc from within. (Note: This is when I could really use someone's net running rules. Somebody, help!). Another job is that of DST staff. This follows an almost military chain of command, and is usually composed of retired DSS members and outstanding DST team coordinators. The staff draw on their experience and knowledge to make command decisions about deployment of troops, missions and sorties.

New Tech

New Bionic Implants/Weapons
New Personal Arms
New Cyborg Body Types
MBPA & Packages

New Bionic Implants/Weapons

Antimatter Power Supplies
Prior to the coming of the rifts, the standard power supply was nuclear. However, the scientists at Defiance have unraveled the secrets of antimatter! This is a more clean form of energy, with no risk of nuclear contamination. In addition, the power supply lasts a whole lot longer than a comparably sized nuclear reactor, so its a natural for the DST. Optic Link
An optic link is a camera and transmitter that clamps on to the shoulder or can be built into a helmet, and plugs into the headjack of the wearer. It is used to relay data gathered by the eyes and sensors of an individual to the rest of the squad. For example, it allows a heavy weapons operator concealed behind a bulkhead to see what a forward observer sees, by way of his link. In this fashion, all members of the DSS know what is happening to all the members of the squad. This Optic Link also relays pertinent data, such as targeting data and environmental statistics. It works akin to a modern day computer network.
Range of communication: 5 miles, or .5 miles through heavy interference(concrete or steel)

This is basically a gauntlet, augmented by mechanical servos and wired with extremely thick power cables. The Grippers are used to fend off and parry attacks in hand to hand combat, to punch, and to grab. Exo's don't use weapons, instead relying on their natural claws and teeth, and so are very vulnerable to the grippers, as they take damage from every strike that is parried. The DSS's take great joy in parrying their every attack, inflicting damage the whole time, then grabbing the Exo by the throat and crushing the misbegotten life from them. A whole fighting style has evolved around this weapon. (see following)
P.S. of glove(equivalent to robotic): 50
Damage inflicted by crush: 6d6 per attack held
Punch Damage: Borgs normal punch + 2d6 for extra servos and weight

DSS troops were in some big trouble when they attempted to storm an Exo-held level of the complex and found that there were no lights functioning. There was no light for their passive night vision to amplify, and the Exos radiate no heat, so thermal scopes were useless. The two DSS squads that attempted the strike weren't heard from again. To prevent this from happening again, Defiance scientists invented some high intensity, damage resistant searchlights. These attach simple using a strong electromagnet, and either have their own battery or are hooked into the borg's power supply (The latter is preferred). These searchlights can easily illuminate the longest halls in the interior of the complex. Also, as an emergency precaution, the reflectors on the inside of the searchlights are coated with magnesium. If the bulb gets destroyed in combat, or the batteries die, the borg can trigger the magnesium and use its light to fall back by. The magnesium only lasts for five minutes (the scientists at Defiance have figured out how to slow the chemical reaction, thus making it last longer but less intense), so the DSS trooper knows to fall back in short order when the magnesium is activated.

Optic Data Display
This is a thin film of plastic that is applied over a human eye or an eye of the bionic variety. It functions exactly like A HUD, or Heads Up Display, by projecting all relevant or requested data on this film. Data can include bionic weapons charges left, targeting data, or data obtained by other sensors, such as a sensor hand or ultra ear. Usually, this doesn't interfere with vision unless a borg calls up too many types of data, which clutters field of vision. This can be linked to all sensors, and a processor implanted in the back of the skull collates the data. Also, this implant can be linked with a headjack, allowing the user to interface computers without a monitor or keyboard, with the assistance of psybernetics. Together with the Optic Link, a DSS trooper can have all the squad's sensor information available at his mind's request.

As previously mentioned, the Defiance wizards have managed to unravel the mystery of why psychics lose their powers when they gain bionic systems. More importantly, they have solved this problem and even improved abilities by implanting bionics, which is what makes their borgs so deadly. Here are the rules that govern the abilities available to a character. Notice that each successive class' new abilities increase exponentially.

Former Minor Psi's: In addition to the powers already possessed by the character, select one psy ability from below.

Former Major Psi's: In addition to the powers already possessed by the character, choose three psy abilities from below.

Former Master Psi's: In addition to the powers already possessed by the character, choose five(!) psy abilities from below.

New Psy Abilities
*Important* -these abilities take NO ISP...that's why they are so vaunted and feared.

Strength Enhancement
The character subconsciously manipulates telekinetic forces with great strength to augment his movements. As such, he becomes faster, stronger, and more dexterous to such an extent that he becomes like a whirling dervish in close combat. Combined with Grippers, there is almost no stopping this character in close combat. Also, the character is visually stunning, and seems to be surrounded by an aura of crackling energy (players choice of color, too).
P.S. Bonus (in addition to borg attributes): equal to the M.A. attribute +1 per level
P.P. Bonus (in addition to borg attributes): equal to the M.A. attribute /2 +1 per 2 levels
Spd. Bonus (in addition to borg attributes): equal to the M.A. attribute x2 in mph +5 per level

Computer Mind
This character's mind is able to interface with a computer as if they spoke its language. Note that a headjack is required for this power, and an Optic Data Display is greatly desired. Once plugged in, this character can communicate with the computer on all levels, requisition all kinds of data, delve into programs, uncover passkeys, and even bring down entire security networks just by a whim. Keyboards and monitors are a thing of the past to this character, and the sky is the limit while they're in touch with a computer. The character gains all computer skills at 100%(no, that's not a typo). Also, characters with this power are always equipped with a miniature computer equipped with a database that stores three skills. The character's ability to communicate with the computer allows him to access these skills at the advanced level required to efficiently use them. These skills are at the 50% level (doesn't gain with experience, but gets IQ bonus) and can be any three skills from one area, such as technical, communications, etc.

Psy Weapons
The character is able to create weapons out of the sheer stuff of his mind. The character merely needs to think of a weapon (must not be a modern weapon or a missile weapon) and it. Be it a sword, an axe, a dagger, or a shield, all weapons created by the character are indestructible. These weapons appear from ports built into the arm; all weapons are limited by the fact that there must be some physical source for the weapon. For example, Psy Claws extend from three ports in the right fist while a Psy Shield forms from a long slit in the left arm, or maybe a Psy sword from a detachable light-saber-type device device. Almost anything can be parried with this kind of weapon, although projectiles are very difficult.
Damage: 2d6 at 1st level, plus 1d6 per every following level
Parrying with Psy Weapons: +2 to parry physical attacks, -4 to parry energy attacks, can't parry volley's or bursts

TK Strike
This power enables a character to wield force bolts and create TK shields out of this air. This power seems to mimic the character's motions, only at a longer distance. A character could throw a punch at an Exo from twenty feet away and have it hit, or block an Exo from pouncing on him by projecting an instantaneous force shield at him by making a blocking movement. To see an alien jumping through the air only to hit an almost invisible wall with an audible thud and slide off is odd to say the least. A few notes about this power: one, it is basically like a long range physical attack, and has the same strength as the move made by the character, just projected over a distance by TK. The second is that this TK also has a bit of a visual representation. There is a bit of a tinge in the air, as if a ghost lanced through the air to strike 20 feet away. The color is, of course, the player's choice. And lastly, it is instantaneous. A shield erected is good for an auto parry, but is not left there. It stays up for an instant, then falls to nothing.
Range of Attack: 5 ft + 5 ft per level. This is how far the character can throw TK punches, kicks, and project a TK shield. There is a +1 to strike parry with this power.
Damage: Same as the physical damage done by the character

Martial Mind
This power enables the user to focus solely on aspects of combat and warfare. In effect, his life becomes dominated by the study of combat techniques and skills. While this makes him an extremely proficient and skilled combatant, it also wrecks any semblance of a social life he had and seems to make him a loner. He proves especially valuable to a DST during combat, but once back at the housing facility, he often secludes himself and returns to his studies. These warriors make poor leaders as their social and communication skills atrophy almost completely. However, they are outstanding point men and rear guards, as their skill and focus lets them accomplish their job without a hint of fear. All combat related skills are +2 levels of exp. This includes hand to hand. Automatically gets one of the new special martial arts described in this text, and two more weapons proficiencies. However, don't forget that this character is a loner, and suffers greatly when in a social setting or group. GM's, feel free to inflict any socially relevant penalties on this character.

Super Perceptions
This power gives the character command over the senses. S/he can see, 360 degrees, in all spectrums. They gain the powers of see the invisible, see magic, sixth sense, and sense evil. This is also the character to have on point on a mission, as they are pretty much all seeing and can see an ambush a mile away (if there is that much open ground; bends in halls kinda squash this ability a bit).

Super Teke
The character is endowed with the power of telekinesis, except it is on an extremely enhanced level. The implant gives the recipient telekinesis with the equivalent of supernatural strength. The borg can lift a caved-in bulkhead from across a room, throw force bolts at attacking Exos, and even damage MDC materials all with the stuff of his or her mind. However, this implant is larger than any other, counting for two selections. Note to GM's: feel free to let the characters use this in any unorthodox way they can dream up. For example, if they want to create a duststorm to blind a foe, let them. Or let them use a bunch of metal shards lying around to create a hail of railgun-like flechettes. Just use a little discretion.
Damage/Strength: as per supernatural PS equal to MA +25
Range: 200 ft. per level
Can hit opponents with 2 force bolts per attack! This is because the character is not limited by physical reaction time, only the speed of his mind, and because he is not limited by ISP

Yes, you guessed it, this implant gives all of the powers of a Burster. For the sake of space, just refer to the Rifts Main Book and take the powers from there, with the exception of not needing ISP to fuel them.

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