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Estersen Colony

Founded: 2091

Current Population: 561,600

Planet Environment: Steppe

Products: Foodstuffs, minerals

Notes: The most populous Colony, home to the largest C.D.F. force, Estersen is home to the C.D.F. Headquarters. Estersen is also closest to Earth, and so the U.N. Spacy military planners conclude that it will fall to the Intruders last. As the oldest Colony, Estersen's people tend to be somewhat elitist when dealing with other Colonies, but are highly motivated and, like all Colonies, feel strongly that they are building the future. All C.D.F. mecha feature an emblem of some kind, usually painted on nosecones or fuselages, to mark out which of the five colonies they come from. Estersen C.D.F. mecha feature a four pointed star.

Miarnos Colony

Founded: 2098

Current Population: 124,500

Planet Environment: Desert

Products: Minerals, Manufactured goods

Notes: As the outermost colony, Miarnos is the focus of the first defences. Miarnos is famous for its incredibly harsh arid climate, and its people are gaining a reputation as survivors, tough and rugged. Miarnos C.D.F. mecha are marked with a palm tree, in the style of the Afrika Korps.

Seppia Colony

Founded: 2094

Current Population: 388,100

Planet Environment: Oceanic/Tropical

Products: Fish, Tourism

Notes: Seppia is a lush, beautiful world, reminiscent of Hawaii on Earth. As such its population is increasing rapidly. Seppia C.D.F. mecha feature a dolphin.

Azteirn Colony

Founded: 2094

Current Population: 403,500

Planet Environment: Barren

Products: Minerals, Industrial

Notes: Azteirn has a thin atmosphere, and most of its settlement is underground. The Azteirni people are known to be dependable and hardy, if somewhat pennypinching. Azteirn C.D.F. mecha carry the image of a clockwork cog.

Cannar Colony

Founded: 2098

Current Population: 181,200

Planet Environment: Jungle

Products: Chemical products, Medicinals, rubber, petroleum

Notes: Cannar has the smallest population of the Colonies, but the immense value of its lush forests ensures its continued survival. Cannar citizens are considered somewhat frivolous, or even hedonistic, due to the intensely warm and humid climate which forces the populace to wear rather revealing attire. The Cannar C.D.F. mecha bear the image of an emerald rose.

What's it like to live in a Colony?

Most Colonies are built around one large city. Azteirn, with its thin atmosphere, is built around one underground settlement. Others, like Seppia, are more dispersed, with several small communities and many individuals living on their own far from the central settlement.

There is a signifigant frontier atmosphere on the Colonies. Contact and resupply from Earth is a distant thing; the C.D.F. forces reinforce the image of the Colonies as the Front Line. The people of these Colonies are industrious and visionary. They see themselves as building the future, and while they (like everyone else) are frightened by the threat the Intruders represent, they are stalwart in their refusal to leave their homes.

Colonies have strong atmospheres and natures, and can be entertaining elements in a campaign. PC groups on shore leave, or simply posted to the colony, can have a great deal of fun settling in and becoming adjusted to the unique nature of each colony.

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