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This is a compilation of character sheets for most Palladium RPGs (Nightbane wasn't out when I wrote these). Why, one might ask, does one create a dozen or so character sheets for no visible reason at all? Hey, I was bored.

These are all presented in ASCII text versions. I also have them in Word Perfect 6.1, but unless anyone gives me a good reason otherwise, I'm staying with the all-around accessible, general, universal ASCII text.


The general Rifts character sheet

A sheet for Robot O.C.C. in Rifts Sourcebook 1

An add-on for Magic Users

A general add-on for Mages, Psychics, or Both

An add-on for Robot Vehicles & Power Armour


A sheet for Familiars. No, seriously. I was really, really bored.


Palladium Fantasy RPG (This was for 1st Ed.)

Heroes Unlimited

Macross II

Ninjas & Superspies, an all time fave


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Mutants In Orbit


All the sheets, 26k Self-Extracting .exe file

Feel free to tinker, toy with, and adapt these sheets to your own needs. Remember, though, that I made them and if you try to pass them off as yours, I'll get you.

So, when will I put Nightbane sheets on here? Whenever I start playing Nightbane. (Those who really want to see them can feel perfectly free to send me a copy of Nightbane, if you're really serious about it.(G))


Most of the sheets are self-evident. Saving throws usually have the base saving chance (16+, 14+ or whatever) beside them. For Weapon Proficiencies (WP's), the first letters are for ancient WPs, the second part for modern: (S)trike, (P)arry, (Thr)=Thrown. Aimed, Burst, Wild seem pretty self evident.

The section on Weapons is a little trickier, namely:

Weapon Damage Range Radius Clip(Orig)Numb/EC Bonuses

Note that mess about Clip(Orig)Numb/EC? That's for looking after modern weapons ammunition. Clip is the number of rounds left in the current clip; Orig is the original number each clip holds; Numb is the number of full clips left; EC is the number of empty clips. So, if I have six mags of 30rd rifle ammo but I've used up two and the current one is down to my last 10 rounds, I would record this as 10(30)3/2. Keeps it legible, keeps track of everything. I'm quite taken with it.
I've had an offer of Nightbane sheets, which should appear soon. My Palladium Fantasy is rather dated, and I don't personally own any of the books, and I'm completely lacking a BtS sheet, so if anyone out there would like to take a copy of one of these and tinker it into shape for use with the mentioned game, I'd be happy to post it.

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