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Physical enhancements are the most dangerous to attain, as they greatly increase the chance of insanities. This is due to the increased genetic distance from "true humanity."
Care should be used when buying new enhancements, as they add cumulative chances for insanity, ultimately driving the recipient mad.

Listed below are the Physical Enhancements and their descriptions:

Animal Abilities: HQ penalty:+15%
This enhancement infuse the genetic material of a specific animal species into the recipient, giving him some of the abilities of that animal.

Refer to Heroes Unlimited for the Animal Abilities.

Chameleon: HQ penalty:+10%
This ability infuses genetic material from color changing lizards to allow a person to blend in with his surroundings. Bonuses include:

Base 50% prowl in urban environment (-10% when moving quickly)
Base 80% prowl in rural (outdoors) areas (-10% when moving quickly)
+2 Initiative when moving
+4 Initiative when still

Extra-ordinary Physical Endurance 1:HQ penalty: +3%
Certain genes are stimulated to cause glands to release various chemicals into the blood, and stimulating the immune system. This also gives the following bonuses:

+1D6 to PE
+2D4 SDC

Extra-ordinary PE 2:HQ penalty: +4%
Same as above with these bonuses:

+2D6 PE
+3D4 SDC

Extra-ordinary PE 3:HQ penalty: +5%

+3D6 PE
+4D4 SDC

Extra-ordinary Physical Prowess 1:HQ penalty: +5%
Different genes are stimulated to release hormones that increase reaction time. Also nerve synapses fire more quickly and the brain slightly restructured to process outside stimuli and react quickly. PP is raised to a minimum of 18 and the following bonuses apply:

+1D4 PP
+1D4 SPD
+3% on all physical skills and those requiring dexterity

Extra-ordinary PP 2: HQ penalty: +8%

+2D4 PP
+2D4 SPD
+7% on physical skills and those using dexterity

Extra-ordinary PP 3: HQ penalty: +12%

+3D4 PP
+3D4 SPD
+1 additional attack per melee
+10% on physical skills and those using dexterity

Extra-ordinary Physical Strength 1: HQ penalty: +15%
By stimulating genes that control growth and aggresion hormones, this enhancement allows the recipient to lift and carry great weights. This will also increase the damage done with punches and kicks. Each level of this enhancement causes increase in muscle mass, and changing the skeletal structure to support the new muscle tissue. Bones are also strengthened to keep from breaking under the termendous strain. This causes a great deal of psychological strain on the individual, causing him to feel invincible.

Minimum 18 PS +1d6
Lift 75 times his PS
Carry 150 times his PS

Extra-ordinary PS 2: HQ penalty: +17%

Minimum 19 PS +1D6
Lift 90 times his PS
Carry 175 times his PS

Extra-ordinary PS 3: HQ penalty: +18%

Minimum PS 20 +2D6
Lift 100 times his PS
Carry 200 times his PS

Healing Factor: HQ penalty: +2%
This stimulates the healing centers in the body increasing the amount of natural healing.

+2D4 PE
+25 SDC
+20% to save versus Coma/Death
+3 to save versus Psionics and Drugs/Toxins

Heightaned Sense of Hearing: HQ penalty: +3%
This restructures the ears to increase the range and spectrum of hearing ability. Characters can hear sounds as soft as 10 decibels from 50 feet. The spectrum is from normal human range to ultrasound, which certain animals can hear.

Range: 360 feet for normal sounds, 1 mile for sounds over 90 decibels
Estimate distance to a sound: 60% +5% per level
Estimate speed of an object approaching or leaving: 50% +5% per level
+1 parry
+2 dodge
+6 initiative

Heightened Sense of Smell: HQ penalty: +5%
The olfactory receptors are sharpened and the olfactory center of the brain is increased in size after this treatment. Some say that genetic material from bloodhounds is used, but the corporations wouldn't do that, would they?

Range: 90 feet
Track by scent: 40% +5% per level
Identify person by scent: 40% +5% per level
Identify specific scent: 30% +3% per level
+1 initiative within range limitations

Heightened Sense of Touch: HQ penalty: +5%
Dermal nerves are made more sensitive and the synapses fire more quickly, relaying information faster. Character can sense wind direction and nearby movement when wearing little clothing. Certain skills also become easier.

Sense movement: 25% +3% per level Range:25 feet
Sense wind direction: 65% +5% per level
+10% to skills involving delicate touch (demolitions, etc.)

Vision: Advanced Sight: HQ penalty: +3%
The eyes and neural pathways are enhanced and sharpened to produce clear, telescopic vision.

Range: 1 mile +500 feet per level beyond level 2

Vision: Nightvision: HQ penalty: +3%
Structural changes in the eyes are made to enhance vision in low and no light situations. Characters are required to wear sunglasses during daylight as the eyes become very sensitive to light.

-3 to all combat abilities when exposed to daylight or equivlent
Can see clearly in total darkness Range: 300 feet

Vision: Ultraviolet and Infrared Sight: HQ penalty: +3%
Unlike nightvision, the charcter can change his vision from the IR, UV, and white light spectrums at will. This uses one melee action to adjust to the new information.

Range: 300 feet and like normal vision

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