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A Historical Perspective.... The Death of the Ancient Nation

The Phase Warrior O.C.C.s.... First, Second and Final Phase Warriors

The Epic Campaign.... What is it and How do I get Involved

The Epic Campaign, Installment 2.... The Campaign Continues


Ten thousand years ago, a vibrant and enlightened civilization grew on a planet much like Earth. The people of that realm were much like the denizens of Earth would one day become, humanoid in form and blessed with intelligence and ingenuity.

The people of that world grew and learned, developing science and technology, and tapping into the magic of their world to pursue the mystical arts. In time this pursuit fused into one discipline, not the awkward arts of Technowizardry or the parasitic Biowizardry of today, but a pure and enlightened way of altering the world around them.

The first and greatest pursuit of this new art was that of prophecy, for much like humanity, this nation had a burning interest in knowing its future. Like the man of legend, the price of seeing their future was the loss of hope, for their future was bleak indeed.

They saw that they were doomed to die, to be destroyed as a people. A ravenous cybernetic life form would descend on them and their technological magic would not save them. Their planet, their history, everything that had made them what they were would be lost.

Alone amid this grim precognition was a solitary glimmer of hope. Some day, long in the future, a planet would be marked out, identified for the ages. That planet would have a need, and they would fill it. The way of this was revealed to them, and knowing that their destroyers grew near, they laboured to bring it to fruition.

Long ago, before the first humans gathered in the first cities, the marauding alien life form humanity came to know as the Mechanoids found that race and destroyed them utterly, as they had foreseen. Nothing of them remained -- nothing, save a remnant, a last piece dispatched through time and space to await the coming of the Heralded World.

Ten thousand years later, a limited nuclear exchange in south america began a devastating transformation which would see the Earth reborn. The fragment of that ancient nation was called, pulled by the turbulent fluctuations and distortions of the death and rebirth of Earth, wrenched from its netherspace waiting to a planet in the throes of change.

Through the dark ages, as mankind withered and alien life flourished, the last legacy of that long since lost nation waited, watching. The sign had come, and the Earth had shown itself to be the Foretold Planet; now all that remained was to choose the time.

Slowly, at first, the remainder worked its arts. It began by pulling in a solitary human here, a wandering wilderness scout there, and invigorating them with its message from ten thousand years of antiquity. Now, as time passes, it works its way towards the destiny foreseen by it by a long dead race, gathering humans and marking them for its own.


The Ashar Kiel (Tools of Fate) are those humans modified by the fragment of the ancient nation whose name is now lost. Heavily modified, granted great powers, these humans wander the earth, uncertain of who they are and heavily changed.

The subjects are seemingly chosen at random, and know as little of their transformation as anyone else. They simply awake, miles from where they had been and weeks later, heavily modified. They feel a compulsion to wander, to Walk the Earth, in search of they know not what. They do not know anything about their creators, save that they all speak a long dead language, and their dreams are filled with images of an alien world, and its destruction by hordes of silver cybernetic aliens.


The Ashar Kiel created by this mysterious entity seem to be created in three distinct types: the First, Second and Final Phase Warriors. Phase Warriors are always normal humans and cannot be mutants, psychics or mages. Phase Warriors cannot have cybernetic or bionic implants, M.O.M. or Juicer conversions, and cannot be affected by Biowizardry.

Note:The Phase Warriors are optional O.C.C.s, which can be a lot of fun when used with the Ashar Kiel Campaign, described below.

Phase Warriors may select an O.C.C. from lists presented under their O.C.C. The Phase Warrior takes from the O.C.C. selected the following features:

  1. All Skills
  2. Equipment, weapons & armour
  3. Any Special Abilities

They do not get cybernetics, magical or psionic powers or anything else. So, for example, if a First Phase Warrior chooses Wilderness Scout as his sub-O.C.C., that character would have the Wilderness Scout O.C.C. Scholastic, Related and Secondary Skills, and Wilderness Scout equipment, as described in the Rifts R.P.G.

In addition, all Phase Warriors speak the ancient language of the people who created the Remnant, although they may not realize they do; use of the language will slip out inadvertently at first, inserting an alien word in the course of normal speech here and there. With time, and concentration, the Phase Warrior may begin to organize the speech of this alien tongue into a coherent language (gains a skill rating of 12% at level 3, which increases at +4% per level of xp).


The First Phase is youth, to live with fire and enthusiasm, impatience and reliance on the physical. The First Phases live with a burning desire to see what lies beyond, to wander under a compulsion they do not comprehend. Their dreams are of the death of an ancient world, of agony and suffering, and their lives obsess with what they cannot control, and cannot understand.

First Phase Warriors may select any O.C.C. from the following list.

Special Abilities
First Phase Warriors have the following abilities.

  1. Bonuses: +6 to Initiative, + 1d6+3 to all Physical attributes and Spd.
  2. First Phase Warriors are M.D.C. creatures with an amount of personal M.D.C. equal to their P.E. x 10 plus 1d6x10. This M.D.C. Regenerates at a rate of 1d4x10 per 10 minutes.
  3. First Phase Warriors' P.S. is Supernatural strength.
  4. Phase Warriors cannot be affected by mind control, poisons, toxins or drugs. Phase Warriors are immune to Horror Factor.
  5. Rage: If the First Phase Warrior is involved in combat, and is injured, or if some he cares about is injured, the Phase Warrior must save vs Insanity at -3 or undergoes a horrifying transformation. All personal M.D.C. is immediately doubled, and the character's P.S. increases to 45. The Warrior gains a bonus of +9 to save vs magic and psionics. The Warrior will attack the nearest living enemy and fight to the death with his bare hands. If that enemy is killed he will proceed to the next, and so on. Once all enemy are dead, or if the Phase Warrior is incapacitated, the Rage passes and these abilities fade.
  6. The unarmed hand attacks of a First Phase Warrior count as magical for the purposes of wounding Vampires and other such beings immune to normal attacks.


Education is the Second Phase, to learn of the world in reasoned and sterile portions, and to be brought into the universal folly of thinking that the universe is something which can be, or should be, understood. The Second Phase Warrior is invariably a mystically oriented individual, pursuing the arts of magic, with a scientific mind. The Alteration forever destroys this pursuit, but the Second Phase Warrior struggles on despite it, striving to understand in intellectual terms what the First Phase Warrior confronts in emotional terms.

Second Phase Warriors may select any O.C.C. from the following list.

Special Abilities
Second Phase Warriors have the following abilities.

  1. Bonuses: +3 to Initiative, + 1d6+3 to all Mental attributes and IQ.
  2. Second Phase Warriors are M.D.C. creatures with an amount of personal M.D.C. equal to their M.E. x 5 plus 1d6x10. This M.D.C. Regenerates at a rate of 1d4x10 per 10 minutes.
  3. Phase Warriors cannot be affected by mind control, poisons, toxins or drugs. Phase Warriors are immune to Horror Factor.
  4. Any magical or psychic power which targets a Second Phase Warrior automatically fails unless its caster can pass a save vs insanity at -7.
  5. The Second Phase Warrior looses all P.P.E. and I.S.P. and cannot use any magical or psychic powers. However, the Second Phase Warrior will still struggle to remember and use the abilities they once posessed; these struggles open a side of their altered selves they did not know existed, with terrifying results. A note to GM's: if possible, don't let your players who are Phase Warriors know what they can do, particularily for the Second Phase Warrior. The abilities described below are great if the player doesn't know they'll happen; let them choose their normal complement of spells, only to discover that nothing works as it should.

Second Phase Abilities
The abilities here are listed by intent. When the Phase Warrior wants to cast a spell, as they once did, the Phase Ability which manifests is based on the goal they had in mind for the original spell.


The Final Phase is acceptance, wisdom, and understanding, the accumulated perception which provides insight and spiritual tranquility. The Final Phase Warrior knows no more about himself or his destiny than any other, but he accepts it; he is troubled by the dreams of death and genocide, but he understands that the universe is a place of death, and appreciates what that culture must have achieved as he feels the weight of their loss. The Final Phase Warrior is distant from all others, even other Phase Warriors, knowing as he does of the death of a race and having as he has adjusted to live with what would destroy the mind of lesser men.

Final Phase Warriors may select any O.C.C. from the following list.

Special Abilities
Final Phase Warriors have the following abilities.

  1. Bonuses: +d6 to Initiative, + 1d6 to all attributes.
  2. Final Phase Warriors are M.D.C. creatures with an amount of personal M.D.C. equal to their M.A. x 8 plus 1d6x10. This M.D.C. Regenerates at a rate of 1d4x10 per 10 minutes.
  3. Phase Warriors cannot be affected by mind control, poisons, toxins or drugs. Phase Warriors are immune to Horror Factor.
  4. The Final Phase Warrior is totally immune to and cannot be affected by any of the following forces: Magic, Psionics, Biowizardry, Vampire powers, or Rune Weapons.
  5. Attenuation: If the Final Phase Warrior spends any length of time with a certain person or select group (over a week, travelling with a group, for example) he becomes Attenuated to them. This Attenuation lasts for 2 months after they are seperated. While Attenuated, the Final Phase Warrior is aware of the following things: their true race, their true alignment, the presence of magical or psionic powers, the presence of cybernetic implants or biowizard modification, the presence of biowizard parasites, current health, and true appearance.
  6. The Final Phase Warrior has Phase power equivalents of the following psychic powers, perpetually in effect: Sense Magic, Sense Evil, Sixth Sense, and Detect Psionics. Final Phase Warriors do not have Auras.
  7. Final Phase Warriors do not have an alignment as such. Rather, they tend to be neutral; a Final Phase Warrior follows the paths fate chooses for him, allowing things like loyalty to his friends and moral decency to determine his actions. The Final Phase Warrior cannot hurt or kill those who have not offered threat to himself or those he cares about; further, he will rarely pursue a course of action capriciously or arbitrarily. The Final Phase Warrior is more apt to allow his companions to act, and to himself act in support of their choices.


The Ashar Kiel Adventure Campaign is something that everyone can take part in. This section has three parts: What is the Campaign, How to get Involved, and Installment 1.

What is this all about?

The Ashar Kiel adventure campaign is something that will be ongoing on this page. Any Rifts group can take part. It isn't meant to be continuous; rather, it will come in installments, posted here, which your group plays as they come up. The first installment would then be played now; once that is done, let them go off and do something else. When the Second installment appears, it will be written so as to allow your group to get involved wherever they might have gotten to. The Ashar Kiel Campaign is a constant thread running through your games, periodically returning to the evolving story line.

Further, it is something you all have a say in. When each Installment is posted, I'll ask for certain information back. The various player groups start into the campaign, and their GM's E-mail me back with the results. I work out the overall result based on all those responses, and that data is involved in determining where the campaign goes next. This sort of thing has been done very successfully elsewhere, and I love the idea; it is perfectly suited to Rifts.

Players who arrive later and want to get in on the campaign can, as well, although they will most likely want to play all the installments presented so far at once so that they can get caught up and start contributing as well. That really is the best part of the Campaign; it isn't pre-set, the end is not known, and what you do makes a difference.

How do I get involved?

Simple. Download the first Installment presented here. Play it with your group. At the end of the installment will be a few questions; send me an E-mail with the answers as they pertain to your group. Then do something else for a while, checking in from time to time. After a bit I'll post Installment 2, and then 3, and so on and so forth. As we go along, the campaign evolves, until at the end everything comes together in a climactic conclusion the nature of which will be determined by how everyone does.

Bringing your group into the campaign is also easy. If you are just starting out with a new group, suggest that one of your players might want to choose a Phase Warrior as their O.C.C. (Of course, you can do it in stronger terms than that, but make certain that whoever is the Phase Warrior wants to be one). You can have more than one Phase Warrior in the group if you want. If your group is already playing with established characters, you can a) try to convince someone to start up with a new PC; b)bring someone new into the group to play the Phase Warrior; or c)select someone who is a suitable O.C.C. and have them abducted and transformed (ie, a Wilderness Scout could become a First Phase Warrior. This is particularily good in the case of a mage to Second Phase Warrior, as they will be used to using their magic spells as written).


The campaign can begin anywhere on Rifts Earth. It should begin in North America, preferably in or near the domain of the C.S., for the sake of time and the GM's mental health.

The Phase Warrior character in the group will begin to show aberrant behaviour. This is particularly effective if the group is already involved in a secondary adventure; the Phase Warrior will waken from nightmares of vivid intensity, of the Mechanoid hordes descending on the planet of the ancient race which gave rise to their kind. At times the other characters will notice the Phase Warrior staring blankly into space, loosing track of conversations, and generally acting disoriented and distracted. The GM may wish to impose a -10% penalty on skills during this period. When asked why the Warrior is acting so strangely, he will deny acting so, or ask, Was I really? This behaviour should draw attention, but not to the point of making the other characters doubt their comrade's sanity or ability to perform in a crisis. Note that if the party has more than one Phase Warrior, they will all evidence this behaviour.

The actual problems begin after several days (as their original adventure nears completion). The Phase Warrior will begin to experience an inexplicable longing to travel, an insistent demand that he go somewhere. The Warrior in question should feel uncertain, uncomfortable, and bothered by a nagging sensation that he is needed or has forgotten something important. Once the original adventure is completed, this feeling is undeniable and the Warrior will attempt to convince his comrades to come with him. (Don't tell the Warrior player what is happening, just that he feels he must be somewhere. If you have to prod him into action, do so.)

At this point the adventure can go one of two ways; either the Warrior convinces his comrades to come with him, or leaves on his own. The next part of the adventure is a long (depending on where they are) voyage to a point in North America, either with his companions or being followed and pursued by them. All manner of incidental encounters can take place along this voyage. The Phase Warrior will still not be able to explain why he must go or where he is headed, but he will continue to be plagued by distraction and nightmares, and will rise early, agitated to be gone, and travel until late at night. He does not know where he is going, but will automatically follow the quickest route there, and chafe at any delay (even to the point of arguing against making detours to avoid CS installations and military forces).

The place they are headed for is Columbus, Ohio, located in the centre of that state. This destination may pull the group through several Coalition States. As they near their unknown goal, the Phase Warrior will grow calmer, his nightmares receeding, until he states with certainty that "they have arrived".

Sneaking forward, they will discover that what they have found is a Coalition excavation site on the outskirts of the ruins of Columbus.

The site is circular, lined with powerful lights on tall poles, producing a vivid circle of daylight effect if the players arrive at night. Several large CS robot vehicles will be standing guard on the perimeter, watching for approach, save that the Phase Warrior will have subconsciously chosen an approach they are not watching. Numerous CS troops in body armour patrol the illuminated area; two large cranes and several pieces of construction equipment are labouring to uncover the focus of the site. Several temporary housing units have been erected. The Phase Warrior, like the players, should be baffled as to what is happening.

If the players continue to watch, they will note that the work seems to be ongoing without break or pause, and that the object they are uncovering seems to be smooth on the small area uncovered. Scouting around the site should probably not trigger the Coalition soldier's attention, but rather to uncover another peculiar fact -- they are not the only Phase Warrior and adventure group to arrive. A small party of mismatched figures will run across the players before too long and guide them back to their camp, some short distance from the worksite.

The camp is large and well maintained, housing dozens of people, well sprinkled with Phase Warriors. The Phase Warrior in their group will take all of this with a contended appreciation. The players will be guided to the impromptu leader of the conglomeration, a Final Phase Warrior named Alicai Mannen. Alicai is not a young woman, but she has not lost her vitality; she welcomes the group's Phase Warrior warmly, and the others with a cordial nod. She will tell them that Phase Warriors and their friends and companions have been arriving steadily, all drawn by an unavoidable compulsion, and the focus seems to be the excavation site. She will answer most of their questions to the best of her ability;

The group will be given a place to settle in; the camp is very informal, and mildly disturbing; all the Phase Warriors, PCs included, walk about with a sublimely contended expression, whileas all the companions and friends cast uneasy glances and keep their weapons close at hand. Feel free to introduce sub-plots; perhaps an old enemy is in the camp, or old friends, perhaps thought long since dead? A famous face or two could surface, and individuals from any Rifts or Palladium environment might appear. Run with it.

That night, every Phase Warrior in the camp awakens from a dream in which a silver seed-shaped form pleaded in a language which drifted across the edges of their understanding, pleading for its own destruction. The rest of the party, like the rest of the camp, is awoken by this realization. In a dramatic moment (play for emphasis), Alicai declares that the object must not be unearthed. If they must destroy it, so be it. The attack will commence shortly. With an atmosphere of anticipation tinged with fear, the camp mobilizes for its wilderness strike.

The assault is fairly disorganized. The player group will most likely be involved. The overall plan is to overwhelm the defences and plant charges on the object's exposed surface; enough satchell charges are circulating among the camp for two or three to be given to each party. The GM should organize the defences to suit the nature of their group, bearing in mind that many will be attacking, and so the group's fight is part of a greater engagement. The charges are to be planted, and then everyone gets out.

Incidentals: The mobile buildings include one filled with computer equipment. These computers contain information concerning CS operations in the area, including minor details of the excavation, such as the fact that it is not a high priority due to campaigns elsewhere, and so is entirely under the jurisdiction of a minor staff officer (ie, Prosek won't know of it).

Resolution: The players ideally want to get their charges planted and to get out. They should be quite a distance away when the area they were in (now hidden behind vast distances of forest) is shook by explosions. The camp has been dismantled; the CS will be looking for them. Going back to the site is a bad idea, and they should be prevented from doing so, but questions abound: there was an explosion, but did it destroy the object? How many CS troops escaped alive? Will word leak back to the CS leadership? What will they make of it? How many Phase Warriors survived? Plagued by these questions, and fleeing for their lives, the player group will have to wait for the answers. In the meanwhile, other adventures will occupy their attention.

Rest assured, however, that the saga of the Ashar Kiel is far from over.

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