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The return of magic changed the Earth forever. The resurgence of the Ley Lines destroyed human civilization, and made the Earth the domain of interdimensional monsters. Thus it is not hard to see why many have taken the pursuit of arcane knowledge to heart.

Not all who begin this pursuit finish it. Indeed, many end their studies early, for various reasons. Some cannot resist the study of science; others are moved by personal tragedy, or by the need to take a hand in the great events taking place around them. Those who do so, but still maintain some level of magical knowledge, are known as DemiMages.

Any of the following O.C.C.s can choose to become DemiMages:

DemiMages maintain a small amount of personal P.P.E. and a small selection of magical spells, but are never at the level of a truly dedicated mage. A DemiMage is more analogous to an individual with Minor psychic powers.

DemiMages have the following benefits.

  1. Personal P.P.E.: the DemiMage has an amount of P.P.E. equal to their P.E. plus 2d6. This increases by 1d6 per level of advancement.
  2. Spell Knowledge: the DemiMage may select two spells from levels 1 to 3, for a total of six spells.
  3. Learning new Spells: at each level of advancement, the DemiMage may choose 1 additional skill from any level up to three plus his current level of experience. For example, a DemiMage reaching experience level 5 may select one new spell from levels 1 to 8.
  4. The DemiMage has the following Ley Line Walker abilities as described on page 83 of Rifts: Sense Ley Line and Magic Energy, Ley Lines, Ley Line Nexus, Rifts, Magic In Use, and See Magic Energy. In addition, all ranges are one third of those listed, and any proficiencies are at -10%. Thus, a first level DemiMage can Sense Ley Lines at 3 miles range per level of experience, and can follow the feeling at 20% proficiency.

The study of magic takes time, diverting the DemiMage from their education. As such any character wishing to become an DemiMage must undergo the following penalties:

  1. All skills start at 5% less than the listed proficiencies.
  2. Related skills do not get skill bonuses listed in parenthesis.
  3. The DemiMage may only choose one half, round up, the number of Secondary Skills they would otherwise have.
  4. The DemiMage is limited to the O.C.C.s above.

DemiMages use the Experience Table of the O.C.C. they selected.


The Wereshifter is an unusual strain of Lycanthrope. Like their Werewolf, Werebear and other Werecreature kin, the Wereshifter possesses supernatural speed and strength, ability to change into other forms, and immunity to wide varieties of damage. The difference is that the Wereshifter is an unstable strain, and suffers from a lack of control over its transformations.

The Wereshifter will transform when under stress. Thus, when it must act quickly, is being attacked, feels threatened or is otherwise under pressure, the Wereshifter must attempt to roll under its M.E. on 5d6. If this roll is failed the Wereshifter transforms. When in human form, the Wereshifter seems perfectly human.

When the transformation occurs, it is into one of a wide variety of different creatures. Thus the Wereshifter is not a supernatural beast in human form as much as a demihuman who, when subjected to stress, turns into supernatural beasts. Roll 1d6 and consult the chart below.

1Wolf+2 to Ini, 1d6 MD claw attack, enhanced smell
2Bear4D6 MD claw attack, +30 hit points
3Mouse+15 to Spd. Retains semi-humanlike hands (-15% to skills)
4GriffinFlight 50mph, 5d6 MD claw attack, +2 to Ini
5Tiger+1 to Ini, 4D6 MD claw attack, +10 hit points
6Gorilla3D6 MD hand attack. Retains humanlike hands

Depending on the type of transformation, the Wereshifter may or may not be able to use their hands for skills or manipulation of objects, but they always retain the ability to speak in their new form. The involuntary transformation lasts for 4d6 minutes.

If the Wereshifter wishes, he may attempt to bring on the transformation without stress present, but they must still take the M.E. check on 5d6 to transform.

Horror Factor: 12 when undergoing transformation
Alignment: any
Attributes: Roll six-sided dice as indicated. IQ: 3d6, ME: 3d6, MA: 2d6, PS: 4d6, PP: 4d6, PE: 5d6, PB: 3d6, Spd: 5d6
Hit Points: 5d6+15
Natural Armour Rating: Special. Identical to Werewolf (see Rifts Conversion Book 1, page 191).
P.P.E.: 6d6+10
Natural Abilities: Prowl 75%, Swin 40%, nightvision 100', bioregeneration: 1d4x10 hit points per hour. Also limited invulnerability (as Werewolf) and involuntary shapeshifting.
Magic: as Werewolf
Psionic Abilities: as Werewolf
Combat: Identical to WereJaguar (see Rifts Conversion Book 1, page 195)
R.C.C. Skills: Identical to Werewolf (see Rifts Conversion Book 1, page 192)

Wereshifters use the Psi Stalker experience table.


The Bard is a unique feature of life in the apocalyptic future Earth, and are common across North America. The Coalition States maintains limited microwave communications systems to allow intermittent and low quality communication between States and cities. Beyond the C.S., however, the vast bulk of the North American continent lies alone and isolated. For the people of these small towns, word of what is happening even a few dozen miles away is all but unknown. To fill this void, the Bards wander the land.

The role of the oral news carrier fulfills a basic need, and as such the Bards are respected and few will choose to cause them harm. Bards carry news and messages in the form of songs, and can invariably exchange a recounting of the news of the day for a warm meal and a place to sleep. However, although their position is assured within human and humanoid society, there are many inhuman races and monsters who would not hesitate to kill a Bard, and the Coalition States particularily dislikes their meandering nature, bringing news and information, and their associations with the inhuman (a Bard will sing of the news to an inhuman settlement as often as a human one; they spend most of their time in the wilds, and so generally care little for the C.S. view). As such, Bards are often well skilled in war and carry numerous weapons, in addition to their instruments.

Attribute Requirements: MA 16
O.C.C. Skills:
Language: American (98%) and four others of choice (+25%). Note that most Bards are illiterate.
Sing (+35%)
Play Musical Instrument (3 of choice; +25%)
Cook or Dance (choose one;+15%)
Wilderness Survival (+10%)
One Ancient and one Modern W.P. of choice
Hand to Hand: Basic

O.C.C. Related Skills: Select 7, and two additional at levels 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15.
Communications: none
Domestic: Any (+20%)
Electrical: Basic Electronics only
Espionage: Any
Mechanical: none
Military: none
Physical: any
Pilot: Any save Robot Combat and Robot & Power Armour
Pilot Related: any
Rogue: Any (+5% for Palming and Concealment)
Science: Any
Technical: Any (+10% for Languages)
W.P.: Any
Wilderness: Any
Secondary Skills: Select any six in the usual manner.
Standard Equipment: Instrument of choice. Ancient weapon and energy weapon of choice, light M.D.C. body armour, four extra E-clips, back pack, knapsack, wooden cross, mallet and six wooden stakes.
Money: 1d6x100 credits and 2d6x100 in black market saleable artifacts.
Cybernetics: None. Bards tend to avoid them.

The Bard uses the Rogue Scholar's experience table.

Further O.C.C.s

ARCADIA: Gilded Claw Assassin, Knight of Midnight, Sonic Mage, ERF Trooper, Arcadian Inquisitor, Cartel Hacker, Cartel Hitman O.C.C.s

ASHAR KIEL: First, Second and Final Phase Warrior O.C.C.s

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