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This timeline is inspired by one on a webpage ( which I ran across. The idea was a good one but it wasn't very fleshed out, lacking the details of political motivations, and two thirds of it dealt with what the United States was doing. As such, I've compiled one with more detail, political machinations (which we all know and love) and which deals with the world as a whole. The original idea, though, belongs to whomever wrote the timeline on that original page.

2009: International Space Station becomes operational.

2017: Cyberworks founded.

2021: KLS Corp founded. Begins theoretical work on magnetic accelleration weaponry and an orbiting space station.

2028: ARCHIE-1, a small experimental prototype, goes online and functions successfully for 23 days before terminal synapse failure.

2030: ARCHIE-2 project fails due to catastrophic design failures.

2032: KLS Corporation Freedom Station Project completed. Construction of KLS model power armour suits for NATO nations begins in 2033.

2035: Cyberworks completes construction of ARCHIE-3 at Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

2037: Western Alliance (including most of the NATO nations) announces a lunar colonization project. Cyberworks wins Alliance contracts to construct an ARCHIE model control computer.

2038: An economically aggressive party is elected into the Japanese parliament. Two weeks later Japan announces it is severing all ties to any military organization, becoming truly neutral save for mutual defense technology agreements. Design work on a Japanese orbital construction facility begins.

2039: European Economic Community (EEC) Eurostation construction completed.

2040: Russian Laika Station construction completed.

2040: First genetic manipulation of human beings conducted in Japan to correct gene sequence errors in unborn children.

2041: Competition over lunar settlement draws the Eastern Economic Alliance (EEA) together, members including Korea, Indonesia, and Singapore.

2041: CanTech Corporation (Canadian) introduces first cybernetic implants, offering a line of artificial limbs and organs. Rumours of military applications circulate.

2042: Japanese Orbital Station construction completed.

2043: Western Alliance lunar station completed. Construction on EEA station begins.

2045: KLS begins delivery of first USA-G3 power armour suits to NATO nations.

2052: Catastrophe strikes the EEA lunar station. A flaw in the material of a containment dome causes a general pressure loss. 561 workers are killed. The EEA abandons its lunar efforts over the disaster. Rumours circulate linking Western nations with sabotage in the EEA lunar station disaster. These rumours are vigorously denied.

2061: Norstar Defense begins deployment of the first American Patriot Sattelites, featuring orbital bombardment capabilities.

2065: Schaunhauer Corporation (German) introduces first commercial Juicer conversions.

2066: Japan begins design work with KLS Corporation on USA-G10 power armour suits and SAMAS flying body armour.

2067: Four teenagers in Houston, Texas hack into the Norstar Defense main database and accidentally discharge a T-32 Patriot sattelite. 129 people are killed in mainland China. Four days later China joins the EEA, making that organization a signifigant threat to the NATO Alliance.

2069: KLS Corp begins delivery of USA-G10 power armour suits to various NATO nations. Triax later announces that it has won contracts with Belgium, Germany and Canada for its power armoured vehicles, moving Triax closer to the lead in global military technology production.

2074: Psytronics (Venezuelan) announces early M.O.M. technology. Psytronics is rapidly acquired by Mindwerks Corporation. Initial commercial M.O.M. conversions introduced in 2075.

2079: Argentinian revolutionaries detonate several bombs in Chilean cities. Four weeks later a small Argentine passenger plane is "accidentally" shot down by Chilean military defences, killing 21 people.

2080: Chile joins with South Africa, Venezuela, and Brazil in the Panpacific Defence Treaty (PDT), forming another signifigant global military bloc.

2080: Argentina joins NATO. The American government authorizes a lend/lease program to supply Argentina with USA-G10 power armour suits. Several American personnel are dispatched with the armour, ostensibly to oversee the training in their use.

2081: It is revealed that a Japanese corporation has been supplying PDT nations with advanced military technology. Connections to KLS corporation are uncovered, as is evidence that several prominent American politicians were involved in the sale. U.S. President Catharine Enderson resigns two weeks later.

2081: PDT troops capture the American Antarctic Research Station, incarcerating 43 people. The United Nations denounces this action. Shortly after, an attempt by the U.S. military to retrieve the hostages is foiled. The commando team members are all either killed or captured.

2082: A gunfight erupts at an Argentine/Chilean border point. Argentine USA-G10 troops pursue across the border. The Guada Marta incident is condemned by the United Nations, despite the strong protests of the U.S., an Argentinian ally. This infamous demonstration of the power of the technological assets of the major NATO nations instigates a conglomeration of smaller unaligned powers. The PDT and the EEA both benefit, swelling their ranks and adding further economic power to their own advanced technologies projects.

2083: United Nations Security Council passes Resolution 20105 to deploy peacekeeping troops to Argentina to prevent armed warfare in that theatre. NATO troops from Egypt, Canada and Belgium are dispatched.

2085: Rumours indicate the possibility that American nuclear weapons have been placed in Argentina, to counter the PDT threat. Both the United States and Argentina deny the accusations. Three weeks later, NATO intelligence sources determine that the PDT has acquired nuclear armaments from China.

2086: "Crazy" Massacre Incident reinforces growing claims of dangerous mental abberations caused by Mindwerks M.O.M. technology.

2087: Chilean troops attack NATO U.N. positions. Egyptian troops suffer heavy losses; Canadian and Belgian troops, equipped with highly advanced Triax weapons systems, drive the Chileans back, inflicting massive casualties.

2087: The Global Technological Redistribution Treaty is signed in Zurich. Few, if any, hold any hope of its success.

2088: American spacecraft Voyager is destroyed in orbit en route from Miami to the Freedom Station, killing 104 people from 12 NATO nations. Media sources indicate a potential EEA connection. Rumour later tells of assassination-style deaths of several EEA citizens, including a prominent Chinese official. Some sources link these deaths with covert Western retaliation.

2090: An EEA airliner is shot down straying into Italian airspace, killing 341. The EEA accuses NATO nations of condoning the attack, and the U.N. of being little more than a puppet of the NATO nations.

2093: Psytronics declares bankruptcy.

2097: CNN covers a story of a prophet leading his followers to New York. "The world is coming to and end," he says, "and we alone shall survive." CNN describes these individuals as "unfortunates made victims by the rising tide of global paranoia."

2097: Mindwerks is driven to the brink of bankruptcy by countless lawsuits. M.O.M. technology is declared forbidden in most western nations.

2098: On December 20th, the Earth's population is 9,450,000,000.

At 7:15 A.M. on December 22, a Japanese dimensional experiment causes three cities to vanish.

On the morning of December 22, Chilean troops assassinate several key members of the Argentine government, including President Hose Asqez. Vice President Maria Santigua, confused and frightened, relents to pressure from Argentine military leaders to respond and authorizes the use of nuclear weapons without consultation with the U.S. government. Several major Chilean cities are destroyed; the counterstrike decimates Argentina. The sudden release of the potential psychic energy of millions of people causes a surge of the Ley Line system, so long dormant across the Earth. Earthquakes, volcanic activity, hurricanes and tsunami wrack the world. Atlantis emerges, causing massive flooding. Rift activity and dimensional distortions kill millions more. Dimensional beings begin to pour into the Earth.

On the Fifth of January, 2099, the Earth's population is 1,715,000,000 and declining. All civilization as it has been known is destroyed.

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