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Carniphere is one of the least understood organizations in the known Megaverse. It appears to be a corporation, but is extremely enigmatic and seems bent on never showing its face. Rumour and speculation surround it. Carniphere, some say, is a front for the Coalition States, or Triax, or perhaps Atlantis; others attest it is a human nation, lost amid the wildernesses which now cover the Earth. Others say it is not on Earth at all, but from some other dimension. Whatever the speculation, the one thing on which all can agree is that Carniphere's products are quite unique.

Carniphere has never demonstrated a preference for one area of production. Their goods range from weapons to armour to ammunition. They can be found almost anywhere, sold in a dazzling variety of places by a dazzling variety of people.

(On a personal level, I'd like to say that I've been dismayed by the dazzling cornucopia of Internet produced weapons which are all exactly the same. I've tried to develop weapon systems which are not mundane, and not over or under powered, but rather unique, different, and interesting -- the sort of thing you wouldn't normally expect to find, but which could find a place in your campaigns. End of personal discourse.)

All Carniphere technological items are of similar appearance, matte black lined with silver.

Carniphere Model Macel Braces

Carniphere extensively markets Macel Braces in several realities, particularily on dimensions such as Rifts Earth which have suffered severe devastation, in which older antiquated weapons may be widely available but of little use in combating the supernatural threat. These weapons are a mixture of Arcadian models (see Arcadia: City of Gold for more details) and original Carniphere models. Macel Braces operate by magnetically accelerating (hence the name) a chemically launched projectile to incredible speed. These devices may be fitted to any S.D.C. firearm. Macel Brace equipped firearms deal an amount of M.D.C. equal to their previous S.D.C. damages. Such weapons may still fire silver bullets, in which case H.P. damage dealt to Vampires, Lycanthropes and similar creatures is unchanged.

Cost: 10,000 credits and up

Reflex Armour

Reflex Armour is a rather inventive Carniphere innovation which is favoured by many for its extremely light physical component. Reflex Armour appears as a hard armour vest, covering the chest, back and shoulders. However, the armour is able to provide protection to the entire body due to its reactive components. When a projectile or energy attack nears the armour a defensive force field snaps into position, its energies directed outward. The field is only active when attacked and only for a moment, and so can concentrate tremendous energy into that one instant rather than providing perpetual power to a sustained field. This field allows the wearer a special save, much like a dodge, which is rolled in an identical manner. If the defender beats the attacker's strike roll, damage is reduced to 0. If the defender fails this roll, but rolls over a 5, the damage is reduced by one half. A roll of 4 or less does not affect the damage dealt. The physical component of Reflex Armour provides 65 M.D.C. protection against anything which eludes the field. Reflex Armour may not be combined with other types of armour. Note that the field only works against ranged attacks, and will not stop close quarters attacks.

Cost: 35,000 credits

Carniphere Acid Shells

Acid Shells are another device used in conjunction with existing S.D.C. weapons. Examples are widely available for most known calibres and models of pistol, rifle, sub-MG and heavy weapon designs, including most known Earth weapons. On impact Acid Shells shatter, dealing damage as normal. In addition, at the start of each subsequent combat round, anyone who has suffered damage from Acid shells suffers an additional amount of damage (this secondary damage effect is listed below as "burn" damage, as opposed to "initial" damage). After this damage is resolved, the acid neutralizes on a 12+ on 1d20, and deals no further damage. If the defender fails to roll a 12 or higher, the acid will deal further damage at the start of the next turn, after which a save may be again attempted, and so on and so forth. If burn damage destroys the victim's armour, acid burning damage will carry over to the victim himself. Damage is as per weapon type. Note that Acid Shells may not be combined with Macel Braces. Note that Acid Shells may not be fired in full auto. Multiple hits will cause multiple Initial Damages, but a given individual can only suffer Burn Damage once each turn, no matter how many times he is splashed.

Cost: 75 credits per shell

Weapon TypeInitial DamageBurn Damage
Pistol4d6 M.D.C.1d6+3 M.D.C.
Sub-MG4d6 M.D.C.2d6 M.D.C.
Rifle5d6 M.D.C.3d6 M.D.C.
Heavy Weapon6d6 M.D.C.4d6 M.D.C.

Carniphere Neurogel Rounds

Neurogel is a disabling ammunition type designed to take down foes with vindictive force. These rounds may be fired from any S.D.C. firearm, similar to Acid shells. On impact they inflict kinetic energy damage and, additionally, transmit electric impulses to damage the nervous system of its victims. These weapons deal 1d6 M.D.C. damage, whatever the original firearm type, and additionally inflict stun damage identically to the Neural Mace.

Cost: 50 credits per shell.

Aspect Shielding

Aspect Shielding is a specialized force field produced by a projector, which is usually housed in a bracelet, amulet, talisman etc. The shield is heavily manipulated, as Reflex Armour is, but in a different way. The field is only projected to cover a 90 degree arc of the individual. This allows the field to be four times as strong as the equivalent field but covering all 360 degrees. To make up for the gaps, the field rotates, covering different angles in series. This allows for a powerful field, but one which has gaps. It is very much a gambler's defence. The field offers 300 M.D.C. protection, regenerating at a rate of 1d6x10 M.D.C. per 30 minutes. However, due to its rotation, the field has an AR of 15. (Rolls to hit of 1-4 miss; 5-15 deals its damage to the field; 16+ deals damage to the individual). Further fields may not be used, but conventional armour may be employed to cover the gaps.

Cost: 55,000 credits

Temporal Grenades

These weapons are highly advanced and very strange. They are not necessarily destructive, but rather is used as an emergency measure, for example when the fight turns against you. The weapon covers an area of 50', sending all within randomly through time. Any individuals within the 50' area must roll on the table below. This also affects the user and any with him, and so can cause severe confusion as the party ends up scattered through time.

Roll (2d6)
2Moved back 24 hours
3Moved forward 12 hours
4Moved back 6 hours
5-6Moved forward 10 minutes
7Moved forward 5 seconds
8-9Moved back 10 minutes
10Moved forward 6 hours
11Moved back 12 hours
12Moved forward 24 hours

This is a totally insane weapon which can be a lot of fun if the players don't know exactly what kind of grenade it is, and use it in a moment of desparation as an offensive attack. The PC group, and their enemies, can thus be scattered about, but note that they will re-appear 1d6x10 feet away from the original point in a random direction (ie, roll a d8 with one number nominated for each compass point). This may lead to those who were pushed back in time waiting, and adventuring, while waiting for comrades to reappear. Those sent back in time before the grenade was used should be prevented from interfering with the events which caused the grenade to be used in the first place, as this will introduce elements of temporal causality into the campaign and may cause spontaneous brain hemmoraging in the GM who has to deal with it.

Cost: anywhere from 75,000 credits on up. Temporal Grenades are rare and bizarre, but a lot of fun.

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