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The V-22 Osprey is the first aircraft designed from the ground up to meet the needs of all four U.S. armed services. The aircraft can transport Marine Corps assault troops and cargo using its medium lift and vertical takeoff and landing capabilities. It meets U.S. Navy requirements for combat search and rescue, fleet logistics support, and special warfare support. The V-22 is a tiltrotor aircraft, taking off and landing like a helicopter, but, once airborne, its blades can be rotated to convert the aircraft to a turboprop airplane capable of high-speed, high-altitude flight. It can carry 24 combat troops, or up to 20,000 pounds of internal or external cargo, at twice the speed of a helicopter. It includes cross-coupled transmissions so either engine can power the rotors if one engine fails. The rotors can fold and the wing rotate so the aircraft can be stored aboard an aircraft carrier. Boeing is responsible for the fuselage and all subsystems, digital avionics, and fly-by-wire flight-control systems. Boeing partner Bell Helicopters is responsible for the wing, transmissions, empennage, rotor systems, and engine installation.

Powerplant: Two Allison T406-AD-400 engines.

Rotor system: Three blades per hub (two hubs). Graphite/fiberglass construction. Top speed: 661.90 ft/s. Automatic powered folding blades.

Max speed:
SL, 275 kn.

Vert rate of climb: SL, 1,090 ft/min.

Max rate of climb: SL, 2,320 ft/min.

Service ceiling: 26,000 ft.

Cockpit-crew: 2
Cabin-troop seats/litters: 24/12

Takeoff, vertical max: 47,500 lbs.
Empty: 33,140 lbs.

RPG Stats:

Crew: 4, two pilots and two flight engineers, plus 18 combat-equipped troops

SDC: Speed:
Range: 1500 miles; capable of in-flight refeuling
Length: 57 feet
Rotor width: 83 feet 9 inches
Weight: 16.5 tons
Cargo: 7.18 tons internal or slung loaded Cost: CR750,000



The most common weapons array is:

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