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For those of you who like all the glamour and money and power, this guy's for you. Look at it as if the world was a puppet and the Multinationals pulled the strings. Well to the average 'Punk, it's the Veeps who are visible, and therefore, guilty. In all actuality, the Veeps are pawns and attached to the same strings as well. Of course they don't think so.

OCC Skills:

*Lng Japanese or English 98%
*Lng Japanese or English +20%
Computer operation +10%
Pilot Auto or hovercraft +5%
Basic Math
Corporate Law +5%
**WP Automatic pistol or sword
***HTH: None
*The player chooses whether or not his character is of Japanese or American decent. The first choice is his native language, and the other a secondary language.

**The WP chosen will reflect his nationality, pistol for Americans, sword for japanese.

***A HTH skill can be chosen by expendeing available "other" skill slots. Basic costs 1 slot, Expert 2, Assassin,Martial Arts, Aikido, Jujitsu, and Karate cost 3 slots.

Other Skills:

Choose four others at first level and an additional 2 every 3 levels.

Communications: Cryptography, Radio, Surveillance, or TV/Video
Computer: Programming only
Domestic: Any but Scrounge
Electrical: Basic only
Rogue: Interrogation, City Navigation, Palming, or Pick Locks only +5%
Mechanical: None
Medical: First Aid only
Physical: Any
Pilot: Any +5%
Science: Any +5%
Technical: Any +10%
WP: Any

Secondary Skills:

Choose six from the above categories. Don't add any bonuses, chummer!


Start with 3D6x10000. This offsets the low skill bonuses.


Vehicle of choice, weapon of choice with 2 magazines of ammo. One suit per work day. Briefcase, yada yada yada!


Veeps will focus on cybernetics that allow access to equipment and information. Vat enhancements will primarily be from the mental category. This is where you find a lot of Obi-Wans. Choose two from either mental enhancements or cybernetic enhancements.

Realm of HadesReturn to the Realm of HadesReturn to MetroplexHelp!!!Just a space, man.Send me E-mail