This section includes pictures of some of my painted miniatures. Right now the pictures are not exactly overwhelming in quantity, but this is mainly because the speed at which I paint miniatures has been compared to Continental Drift and the half-life of Plutonium. (Not so much because of painting time, but rather because of all the other things that make time to paint rare, this page for one.)

However, I don't really want this to be just a collection of pics of my minis, because people could get bored looking at just my stuff. As such, I would like to get a diversity of styles and approaches. If you have pics of your minis that you'd like posted here, drop me a line and introduce yourself. I'd ideally like minis with a diversity of approaches, styles and technques.

(This is why I put in the "info about my thoughts & techniques" section; I'd like to ideally have a similar section for each person, since I think it's interesting to see the diversity of approaches.)

Miniatures by Mr.Styx