As the wars plaguing the solar system continue to escalate, civilians find themselves becoming valid targets. The Imperial outpost/colony of Deep Well, nestled in the jungles of Venus, is an example of this. Despite its mostly civilian population, the site was targeted for destruction by Mishiman troops who were dispatched to infiltrate through the jungle and launch a coordinated attack. It was by blind luck that a small detachment of Imperial troops were passing through the colony on their way to reinforce the front lines.

This battle is designed to be fought between Imperial and Mishima, but it can be redesigned to work with any two combatants with a little work.


Imperial's holdings are scattered across the Solar System. Without any major world to claim as their own, Imperial struggles to secure a place for itself wherever it can.

The military planners of Mishima Corporation have decided to launch a covert strike against a struggling Imperial colony on Venus. Under the supervision of a skilled Deathbringer, a small and cohesive force of Mishiman warriors has been dispatched to infiltrate the colony, in anticipation of a coordinated attack at a specific date and time. To decrease the chance of being detected, the force has been split into three groups who will all converge and attack simultaneously.

By the random machinations of fate, the Imperial colony of Deep Well has seen the arrival of a group of Imperial military personnel on their way to reinforce Imperial forces in the region. Though only stopping off for two days on their way north, the Imperial troops were in the right place at the right time -- resting in what they had thought to be a safe area far from the front lines, just in time to face a surprise Mishima attack.

Neither side anticipated a hard-fought battle. The Imperial troops thought they were far from the enemy; the Mishiman force did not expect armed resistance save for whatever improvised defence the surprised Colonists could produce.


The Imperial colony of Deep Well is a cluster of small buildings surrounded by jungle. The jungle has been cleared away from a small area around the town. Six inches in from each table edge is considered to be jungle. Within this area, the town is laid out.

Terrain within this cleared area should be assembled to represent a small town. The outpost should include several small buildings, a communications building, a construction vehicle. The buildings should be arranged around a cleared inner square, roughly eight inches square, which serves as a landing pad and meeting place for the denizens of the outpost. The Communications Building should be at least 6" square and placed on the edge of the central cleared square, near the center of the table.

Once all terrain is assembled, both players should alternate placing Civilian models. No Civilian can be placed within 12" of any table edge and no Civilian can be closer than 4" to another Civilian.

You should place roughly 10 Civilians per 250 points of the armies involved; that is, if the players are each fielding 750 point armies, place 30 Civilians. You may need to change this number based on the density of terrain you use.


The Mishiman and Imperial forces should be equal in points value.

The Mishiman force may only include Size 2 models and must include one Deathbringer. The Mishiman player may not include Suicide Warheads or Combat Warheads.

The Imperial force may only include one non-Regimental squad, either a Guard squad or a Wolfbane squad. In addition, it may include one individual to go with that Guard or Wolfbane squad. Any other Individual slots may be filled with Grey Ghosts, Imperial Ordinance Officers or Trencher squad-linked individuals. The Imperial force may purchase up to one Hurricane Walker but it may not include Fenris Bikes, Hedgehog Necromowers or Rams Air Cavalry.

Neither side may use Dark Eden tribal allies.


The Imperial player must place all of his units before the Mishiman player places any of his. All Imperial units must be placed at least 12" from any table edge.

Once all Imperial units have been placed, the Mishiman player may deploy all of his models. All Mishiman units must deploy within 6" of a table edge. Any Mishiman models with Unseen Assailant or Stalk lose those abilities for this scenario. However, all such models, and all Infiltrating models, are deployed normally but may be placed up to 18" from any table edge so long as they are not in LOS of any Imperial models.

The Mishiman player has the initiative on the first turn of the game.

Imperial models with Infiltrate cannot Infiltrate. However, they may wait until all Mishiman models are deployed into the 6" deployment zone. After any such Imperial models are deployed, Mishiman models with Infiltrate, Stalk or Unseen Assailant may then deploy as mentioned above.


Civilian models do not move. If a model shoots at a Civilian, they gain a bonus of +1 to their RC. Civilians have 1 Wound, are Size 2 and have Armour 4.

If a model is shooting and a Civilian is within two inches of the LOF, the firing model must pass a Leadership check or the attack is resolved against the Civilian instead of the desired target.

Civilian models are ignored when determining targeting priority.

If the Mishiman player can get a Kamakura Squad model into the Communications Building, without any Imperial models present, and that model spends all of its Actions placing explosives, the building has been successfully rigged for detonation. Any Mishiman individual or Kamakura Squad leader from that point on can spend 1 Action to detonate the explosives. When the building is blown, any models in it or within 2" of it suffer a Dam 11 Incendiary attack.


The Mishiman force has been ordered to spread terror. For every Civilian killed, the Mishiman player gains +0.5 VP.

The Imperial force should consider the protection of civilians to be a major priority. For every Civilian who survives to the end of the game, the Imperial player gains +1 VP.

The Mishiman player will also identify the Communications Building as a potential target and attempt to destroy it. If the Mishiman player can destroy the building, they gain +7 VP. If the Imperial player can prevent this, they gain +5 VP.

For every 200 points of army list that survives, that player gains +5 VP. For instance, if the Imperial player ends the game with two 155 point squads, a 55 point Individual and a 45 point Individual, they have 410 points of survivors and gain +15 VP.

At the end of the game, tally up a) all VP for surviving squads, b) any VP for the destruction or preservation of the Communications Building, and c) VP for Civilian survivors and casualties. The player with the most VP wins this scenario.