The old nations lie in dust, amid the toxic air and ruin and death of Dark Eden, once known as Earth. The inheritors of the domain of Man settle the terraformed worlds of Mars, Venus, Mercury and Luna. Five corporations struggle for position and territory. Among them all, striving to hold their ancient power in the face of new challenges, the Brotherhood works to unify the Corporations and face a horrific threat born in the all but forgotten past. The Dark Legion has returned, twisting the minds and bodies of men to their own ends, and unless the scattered nations of men can unify to face them, all of mortal life shall perish.

Welcome to the Warzone.

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Warzone, First Edition hit the shelves in 1995. In the years since it rose from relative obscurity to challenge the dominance of Warhammer 40,000, long time king of the SF TTG market, fuelled by its elegant mechanics and the devotion of its fans. Though replaced this December with the Second Edition, Warzone First Edition is still a great game and no doubt will continue to be played.

The Warzone, First Edition section of the Abyss is now officially in Archive Mode. I will continue to maintain it, but I won't be personally adding to it. I've decided to leave it with its current colour scheme to reflect this. I'd be happy to host any material that readers and fans of the First Edition would like to contribute, of course.

I'd also like to mention that none of the information available on this page is official, and that various names and symbols used herein are protected intellectual properties of Target Games and should be respected.

That's about it. Have fun.



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