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Special thanks to National Geographic, whose fine maps fell prey to my artistic lunacy!

North America is a big place. Home to three Metroplexes, Northam doesn't have the incredible population densities of vast Asia, or the harsh street warfare of Europe, and it isn't as flat-out strange as South America, but it's plenty big enough.

Northsprawl, also known as the Northern Atlantic Metroplex, is a massive outgrowth of urban landscape centering about the industrial giant Detroit, New York, the financial capital of North America, and Toronto, home to the world's finest cybernetic research labs and bleeding edge tech. Northsprawl is the place to find it, whether its the cash or the tech or the highest society and wildest parties. Together with Dixiesprawl, this massive urban zone is known as the Atlantic Metropolitan Axis.

Good old California. Home to the second largest Sprawl, not even three 9.0+ earthquakes in a row could bring her down. CalSprawl, aka the Pacific Metropolitan Axis, is the entertainment capital of the world, making movies and chips that go around the world. It is also a gateway to the orient, tourist trap, and home to the ever-bizarre and enigmatic Jedco Industries, makers of the strangest and most lethal firepower on the streets.

Way down south you'll find the third Sprawl, the Houston-Atlanta Metroplex, fondly known as Dixiesprawl. They're awfully loose on gun control down there, but don't let that bother you. Dixie has oil, and the best-positioned orbital launch facilities in the Western Hemisphere -- 36% of all orbital tech comes out of Dixie, you know -- and the finest Vats going. It might not be Chiba, but it's the best you'll find west of it.

Then there's Seattle and Denver, nexus cities of commerce and trade, and the great Mexico City Contaminate Zone, with twenty six million people living in the middle of it all. And let's not forget about the big South Rockies Contaminate Zone, after that messy Teletech Industries suborbital bird went down, but you probably won't be going there, and if you do, you aren't coming back.

Yep, there's plenty to do in good old Northam. Maybe you'll live long enough to see it all.

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