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Lucifer slammed a fresh clip into the grip of his pistol, eyes drawn to the misted windows, and the dancing lights beyond.

The ferrocrete wall was cold against his back, despite the humid Plex night. Sounds of rotors and treads hammered at him, crying the advance of security services. He swore. "What they got out there?"

"Kyodara gunship," Max said, his eyes unfocused, "two Mitsumura APCs. Supporting hardware. They're all set up to party." His hand twitched absently, his mind distant in the sprawling mass of Cyberspace. "Someone must've tripped a silent alarm."

"No shit," Vanessa said acidly. "Here I was thinking they were psychic."

"Who are they?"

"Hold on." Max's eyes moved, following objects only he could see. "Security contract held by Thunderstar Response."

"Damn." Lucifer pushed the setting on his fletcher to full auto. "This is gonna get ugly."

Max pulled the contact from its port embedded behind his left ear, rising to his feet. "I've set up the bank control systems to leave us an exit. We need a distraction."

Cutter began to chuckle, a low grating sound, like gravel being crushed. "Let me." Turning, he passed through the doorway, weapons held high. Lucifer shook his head; too much chrome. Not right in the head anymore.

"Ok, Max, show me your exit."

The year is 2046.

The world is not as it once was. Earth is home to 12 billion people, half of which are concentrated into five expanses of concrete and synthetics, steel and glass, built and rebuilt on the decaying ruins of the past, growing inward like cancerous tumors. Technology offers Cyberspace, the virtual world of the sprawling computer matrix of Earth, a realm of magic amid the darkness. It also offers implants and modifications, upgrades and enhancements, to make mankind faster and smarter and more dangerous. The Corporations rule, struggling with each other over the resources and technology of Earth. Most of the people of the Metroplexes work for the Corps. The rest try to live around them.


The Background Rules

OCC's of Metroplex

Cybernetics, Weapons & Equipment (These are a Few of my Favourite Things)

The Net

Cyberlink: cyberpunk style computer interface rules.

Welcome to North America, 2046

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