This section exists to introduce fun new units for the armies of Warzone. I've noticed a great number of Capitol troop types, but some of the other armies are under-represented. I hope to eventually have stuff for everyone, but prepare for a Brotherhood bias to start with, since I'm only human. :-)

For revised rules for a few existing units, see the Rules section.

Lady Mariko's Guard

Brotherhood Archangels

Brotherhood Righteous Fury walker

Brotherhood Venator

Imperial Desert Rats

Cybertronic Voltageurs

Cybertronic Attila Mark IV

Capitol L.R.R.P.

Bauhaus Kubelwagon


Contributed by
Scott Staten (Indigo)

Like her brothers, Lord Heir Mariko maintains a small force of skilled guards. These guards are all drawn form the most skilled samurai of mars and receive further training before being accepted into their mistresses personal Hatamoto force. Due to her contact with the Brotherhood, Lady Mariko has access to much more durable materials for her guards armor and so it is similar in many ways to Doomtrooper Armor. The expense of Arming and equipping the Guards keeps their numbers low and so their mistress only deploys them in situations where she needs her absolute best troops. Because of the personal oversight of Lady Mariko, the guard includes many candidates who would be ignored by other warlords and over half their number are female.

Guard Leader1614--1641142643
Guard Hero1616--1642142651


Special Rules: All members of Lady Mariko's guard have Close Combat Training and the Kenjutsu special ability. Leaders may have 1 Ki power (6 pt. for a random roll on the chart in Beasts of War) and Guard Heroes may have up to 2 Ki powers. (6 points per roll)

Because of their rarity the Guard are only deployed where their mistress feels their use absolutely essential. Only one squad may be purchased per 500 points of OTHER troops in the army and No more heroes ma be taken than there are guard squads.

Due to the Rivalry between the Lord Heirs Lady Mariko's guard will not serve with the guards of either of the other two Lord Heirs.


All of Lady Mariko's guards are equipped with the best weapons their mistress can find within the Mishima corporation. Many of these weapons have received additional work by skilled weapon-smiths to customize them to their users specific needs.

All guards are equipped with Ceremonial Blades and Raider Assault Rifles. They do not use heavy weapons.


Lady Mariko's Guards operate in squads of 3 to 5 guards plus a leader. Heroes are individual models and may be armed with any weapon from the Mishima or General Armory Lists.


Use Hatamoto models. Reds are predominant in the uniforms of the guards due to their being stationed on mars. Armor trim is often blue, thus reversing the normal Hatamoto color scheme.



In keeping with Brotherhood doctrine of aggressive belligerence against enemies of the Faith, a need was seen for highly mobile troops. This percieved need, seen by Archinquisitor Salvatore Nicodemus, led to his drive for the creation of airmobile troops for the armies of the Cardinal.

Known as Archangels, the paratroopers of the Brotherhood are hard fighters famed for their tenacity and refusal to die.

Archangel Trooper1314--1431032426
Archangel Sergeant1415--1531032429


  • Archangels are Immune to Rout.
  • Archangels deploy onto the battlefield by Parachuting. Place the Sergeant anywhere on the table, save your enemy's deployment zone. All other squad members deviate from the Sergeant according to the diagram on page 33 of Beasts of War.


Archangels are armed with NEMESIS SIDEARMS and MAULERS. Up to one trooper may exchange his rifle for a PURIFIER LMG.


Archangels are purchased in Squads of 3-5 models led by a Sergeant.


The Mauler is a dual weapon designed to allow Archangels to take advantage of their extreme mobility. The weapon consists of the mechanics of a standard Volcano assault rifle with a shotgun mounted beneath. Maulers may only be purchased by Archangels.

Mauler: Rifle1530-41416



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The Righteous Fury was concieved to provide a heavily armoured spearhead to Brotherhood assault forces. To better accomplish this end, the Righteous Fury walker is equipped to bring the full weight of its potential to bear at close quarters.

In keeping with the philosophies of the Brotherhood, the Righteous Fury Assault Walker is a terrifying visage of close-range brutality, rending its victims apart with vicious close combat attacks and fire based weaponry. Though their mortality rate is high, their crews are always ready to tread into the heart of the battle, dealing terror in concert with their more tangible weaponry.

RIGHTEOUS FURY1514--14348 5 30 180


The Fury is a Walker and all of Darkchilde's Walker rules apply to it.


The Fury is armed with an INFERNO CANNON, a DEATHLOCKDRUM HMG and a CRUSADER BLADE. The cost for all weapons are included in the Fury's cost.


Purchased as an Individual model.

Inferno CannonF *18
Crusader BladeCC12x3 Sweep

* When firing the Inferno Cannon, place two Flamethrower templates side by side (in a manner similar to that of the M516D Shotgun on Page 55 of Dawn of War). All models touched by either template are hit. The Inferno Cannon is a Flamethrower.



It is extremely easy to become a Venator, but few ever choose to.

Venators are a specialized class of Brotherhood warrior. Some have served in the Fury or as Sacred Warriors; others count their experience as a Trooper in months; others have never been a soldier of the Cardinal. The one thing which unites them is tragedy, and undying hatred.

The Venators are all individuals who have lost everything, whether to the Dark Legion or to a Corporate aggressor; they are those who have become lost souls, their reasons for living stolen away, leaving them with only a burning hatred and a lack of concern for their own well-being. The Brotherhood puts these desperate souls to work, giving them the crutch of Faith to allow them to survive, and giving them the battlefield on which to seek vengeance and, perhaps, a final peace.



  • Venators are Immune to Panic and Rout.
  • Venators cause Fear.
  • Venators are Large models.
  • Venators suffer from hatred towards their foes. As such, they can never voluntarily break away from combat. If, at the start of their turn, there are enemy models within their Command Radius they must use all of their Move actions to engage the nearest in Close Combat. Once a Venator has engaged in CC with a Squad, he will continue engaging its members in CC until he is dead or they are, pursuing them if they flee so long as they are in LOS.


Venators carry a PURIFIER LMG and a DELIVERER BLADE.


Venators are Individual models.



Among the ranks of the Imperial army are many unique and distinguished units, units whose members serve a great tradition, units whose histories are legacies of blood and valour. The 32nd Trench Batallion is one such unit, the 2nd Young Guards another; just as famed, if more specialized, is the Eighth Infantry, the Desert Rats.

The Desert Rats earned their name through a series of vicious campaigns across the deserts of Mars. Famed for the degree to which they have adapted themselves and their equipment to the harsh Martian environment, the Desert Rats are always the first called upon when a need exists for hard battle troops familiar with the unforgiving desert, as unyielding as the brutal endless sands themselves.

Desert Rats Trooper1111--1431032413
Desert Rats Sergeant1313--1531032419
Desert Rats Captain1414--1542132432


  • Desert Rats are unaffected by any rules in place for Desert Environments.
  • When in Desert Environments, all Desert Rats have the Stealth special ability.


Desert Rats are equipped with Invader assault rifles and Aggressor sidearms. Up to two models may replace their Invaders with any heavy weapon from the Imperial or General armouries.


Desert Rats are purchased in squads of 6-8 models plus one Sergeant. Desert Rats Captains are purchased as individual models. You must include a Desert Rats squad before you may purchase Desert Rats Captains.

Note: if you desire, the rules for Desert Environments from page 55 of the Chronopia supplement Land of Two Rivers may be used to simulate desert effects. You may wish to rule that other Desert units, such as Capitol Desert Scorpions, are also immune to these effects.



The Voltageurs are a specialized reconnaisance and skirmishing force commonly deployed by Cybertronic armies in the field. They have also been known to practice their arts on the battlefields of intercorporate espionage; however, their characteristic area of specialty has always been their ability to vanish into the wilderness on deep-penetration patrols, moving behind enemy lines to observe and occasionally sabotage or ambush before fading back into the wilderness.

To supplement these talents, Voltageurs are given cybernetic modifications to allow them to digest whatever might be at hand and even to rely on portable nutrient reserves for extended patrols in inhospitable country. Their most characteristic modification is their subdermal sheathing, designed to stimulate melanin production in the skin and to act as a filtering system, supplementing oxygenation of the blood and preventing water loss which is a frequent debilitating characteristic of jungle warfare.

Voltageur Sergeant1315--1431232834


  • Voltageurs have the JUNGLE TRAINING and STEALTH special abilities.
  • Voltageurs may be deployed up to 12" beyond their normal Deployment Zone. They may begin the game Hidden.


Voltageurs are equipped with AR3000 Rifles and P1000 Sidearms. One model in the squad may substitute a TSW4000 LMG or a Gehenna Puker Flamethrower from the Cybertronic armoury for his Rifle.


Voltageurs are purchased in Squads of 3-5 plus 1 Sergeant.

Game Note: The old, bare-armed Chasseur models can be used quite convincingly as Voltageurs, particularily if their sections of bare skin are painted in a mottled pattern ranging across the palette of human skin tones to reflect the work of Voltageur subdermal implants.



The Attila Units are one of the trademarks of the Cybertronic corporation. For years their grim human-like faces have struck terror into the hearts of Cybertronic's enemies, crushing their forces beneath their cold mechanical tread.

The Mark IV is a new Attila variant designed to spearhead this assault. Larger and heavier than a standard Attila, faceless and silent, the Mark IV hunts out the foes of the Corporation with relentless precision. Nothing is as terrifying as realizing that you cannot escape, that wherever you go, it will follow you and find you.

Mark IV Attila1514--1242433058


  • Attila Mark IV units are AIs.
  • Attila Mark IV units can see all models on the board. Nothing can block their LOS. This allows them to see Hidden models freely. Do not remove their Hidden counters, however, since they still count as hidden to all other models.
  • Attila Mark IV units cause Fear and are Large models.


Attila Mark IV units are armed with SSW4200P heavy machine guns.


Attila Mark IV units are purchased as Individual models.



The L.R.R.P. are a unique force of Capitol corporation. L.R.R.P. troops are technically classed as special forces, but do not recieve the normal training of such forces. Instead, L.R.R.P. personnel are taught in the fire of battle; every one is a veteran of their chosen Warzone, familiar with its charms through long experience.

L.R.R.P. teams are normally deployed on long term reconnaisance missions deep behind enemy lines. As such, they are expected to demonstrate self-reliance and a high degree of adaptation to the climate and environment at hand.

L.R.R.P. Trooper1213--1431132419
L.R.R.P. Sergeant1215--1531132427


  • L.R.R.P. troops are deployed anywhere on the tabletop which is not in an enemy Deployment Zone and which is not within 8" of an enemy model. L.R.R.P. squads begin the game Hidden.
  • L.R.R.P. Sergeants count as having a Leadership of 18 for the purposes of rolling initiative, due to their reconnaisance and information-gathering roles.


L.R.R.P. troopers are equipped with M50 assault rifles and M13 sidearms. Any number of troopers may substitute their M50 for a CAR-24 SMG or M516 shotgun. Up to one model in the squad may carry a heavy weapon from the Capitol or General lists, usually a M606 LMG.


L.R.R.P. squads are purchased in squads of 3-6 led by a Sergeant.



The Kubelwagon is one of the multitudes of vehicles designed to offer support to the armies of Bauhaus. The squat little Kubelwagon is loved by its crews for its dependability and reliability. Though offering little protection against serious armoured opposition, the Kubelwagon has found a use as a mobile mount for firepower. Unarmed versions of this ubiquitous little vehicle can often be found ferrying about senior personnel or making light supply runs. A fleet-footed variant is also employed in a reconnaisance role.

Weapons Carrier6332672




Weapons Carrier variants are armed with a Headbutt AT weapon and a MG-40 LMG, mounted coaxially.

Reconnaisance variants are armed only with a MG-40 LMG.

Regardless of variant, the weapons are operated by the Gunner and have a 360 degree arc of fire measured from a pintle mounting squarely in the middle of its roof.


Both Kubelwagon variants are crewed by two Hussars, one driver and one gunner. Kubelwagons are purchased as Individual vehicles.