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Mr. Wrench, also called fixers, monkeys (as in grease), or simply mechanics, are highly trained freelance mechanics and engineers. Most have become disillusioned with or displaced by the Multi-nationals. Since there's always a need for an electrical or mechanical engineer, they can command a fairly high price for their work. Some of the most famous runs have been successful only because of the Wrench working support.

Attribute Requirements

IQ 9 or higher, and a high PP or PS is handy.

OCC Skills:

Basic Math +10%
Lang: Sprawl English and Technical English +20%
Electrical Engineer +20%
Computer Repair +5%
Criminal Electronics +5%
Basic Radio +5%
Mechanical Engineer +20%
Pilot: Choice of three +10%
Streetwise +10%
Weapons Engineer +15%
Read Sensory Equipment +20%
WP: Blunt
HTH Basic

Other Skills:

Select ten other skills. Plus select one additional skill at levels three, two at six, one at nine, and one at twelve.
Communication: Any +15%
Domestic: Any
Computer: Any
Electrical: Any +15%
Rogue: Any +8%
Mechanical: Any +10%
Medical: First Aid
Physical: Any, except Acrobatics, Gymnastics or Wrestling
Pilot: Any +10%
Science: Math, Hemistry, and Analytical Chemistry only +5%
Technical: Any +10%
WP: Any

Secondary Skills:

Select six secondary skills from the list above.


Most wrenches have a nest egg tucked away. Roll 4D4x1000 to reflect this. The PC will have 3D6x100 that he carries around .


None to start but genetic or cybernetic enhancements are optional and can be purchased at the PC's expense.
Click herefor cybernetics and weapons.


The PC starts with a portable tool kit, a large tool kit, a roll of duct tape, two rolls of electrical tape, Mini-Maglite, Maglite, notebook, portable disk recorder, prtective goggles, work gloves, two work coveralls, and two sets of street clothes. The PC always has a blunt weapon (torque wrench, hammer) and also carries an automatic pistol of choice with 20 rounds of ammo. Any further equipment must be furnished by the employer or bought from the PC's savings.

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