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Most of the following vehicles are manufactured by existing companies. AM General Motors, Boeing, and many of the auto maker names are copyrighted to them and I only use them as a reference. After extensive research I have found no references to Caddilac-Gage, even though the vehicles listed as manufactured by them, actually exist. C-G was used by Game Designers Workshop for their Twilight 2000 line of RPG's. Any images or names used here are previously copyrighted by another party and I use them here with no intent at making profit from them.

This section was written by Eric Graves.

Ground Vehicles


Caddilac-Gage has produced a variety of armored vehicles for the US Army in the 1980's and'90s. Some of these designs are still used today by corporate and govenment police forces. The most cost-effective model is the V-150 followed by the two variants of the V-300 . This company is still going strong, despite the loss of sales to the NorthAm federal govenments. Sales remain steady, with moderate quarterly growth, with most of the clientele hailing from low-income (formerly known as third world) nations.

AM General Motors

A division of Chrysler Corporation, AM General has been produceing light utility vehicles for the US Military for decades. One of the largest producers of the military Jeep, and then the Humvee (HMMWV) in the 1990's, AM still has large contracts for the hummer which is used as a perimeter patrol vehicle by corporate security forces.

Tilt-rotors and Helicopters:


Boeing Aircraft has produced a long line of quality aircraft ranging fron jet fighters to airliners. Currently their hottest products are the V-22 Osprey, and the Model 609 commercial tilt-rotor. The V-22 is sold as a military/paramilitary aircraft or as a commercial cargo transport. The Model 609 is strictly a passenger aircraft, most noted for its use as a corporate luxury craft.


The aircraft firms of Bell and Hughes have merged into a larger, more formidable competitor. The helicopter was never phased out by the tilt-rotor as was predicted, and B-H has capitalized on this. Several existing models are stlii in production, including the venerable UH-1. Like the B-52, not even old age can keep this baby down. The helos that are most likely to be seen by PCs are the OH-58 Kiowa, and the SA.365 Dauphin. The French firm that formerly manufactured the Dauphin was in the middle of a hostile take-over when B-H security forces came to the rescue, afterward utilizing the Hostile Take-over Intervention Compensation Act of 2004. Since the funds necessary to pay B-H for services rendered could not be made available, all remaining stock held by corporate officers was turned over to B-H.

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