This section includes various new optional rules for Warzone which have been used in our games. Give them a try, you might like it, go on, what can it hurt? You know you wanna. Everybody's doing it. Aw, please, come on . . .


The Complete List of Def Mods

Revised Troop Types


Our Victory Points System


Hazardous Terrain Rules


Warzone is a great game, but it does have a few flaws. The rules in this section includes a selection of construction guidelines and rules patches, a complete list of Def modifiers, and revised rules for three troop types (supposedly the finest special forces types, but due to the power gradient, they're never used anymore).

These rules work. Give them a try.

Our Rules & All the Def Mods, in Ascii Dos Text


All CoW restrictions are to be followed save that models are free to equip themselves however they like in regards to CC weapons and sidearms. Individuals may have 1 piece of Special Equipment. Heroic Special Abilities may not be used.


When a Fear-causing model gets within 6" units must pass LD checks or their Actions are reduced by 1. At the start of the turn, if there are no Fear-causing models within 6", you may attempt a LD check to shake the effects of fear.


Any individual model equipped with a HMG or Missile Launcher must forsake their Special Equipment allotment for the privelege. (Kudos to Mancer for suggesting this on the Warzone forum.) You may not Aim any xN weapon, from Nimrod A/C right down to DE-233 SMGs.


Models may not become Hidden if there is an enemy model within 24" who has LOS to them.


Models wishing to Spot for indirect fire must have a LD of 13 or higher and be sapient (no dogs). They must be a member of the squad, or be an Individual who is within 24" of the target.


Laser Sights may be mounted on Pistols, SMGs and Sniper Rifles only.


Units must make a Panic check when they drop to 50% or less of their original size and for every casualty thereafter, and when they lose their Sergeant.


Parry rules are ignored save for 2 special cases. Def mods are used for all models. To use a Def modifier, subtract the Def from the attacker's CC skill when trying to strike in Close Combat. Included below is a complete list of all models in Warzone through the first five books and two boxed sets, with Def mods for each.


Models fumbling a save vs a xN weapon automatically suffer the first wound and may roll for the rest. Models rolling a perfect save vs a xN weapon automatically save against all remaining wounds in the burst.


All models under a Shotgun template are automatically hit. Models with A of 23 or lower save at -2; models with A of 28 or higher save at +2.


An army may only include Brotherhood models in it if it isn't facing a Brotherhood force. In general, ignore the Seconding rule.


Small and Normal models are Size 1. Large models are Size 2. Giant models are Size 3. Models gain +1 to hit Size 2 and +2 to hit Size 3 models. You may simultaneously engage in CC a number of models whose combined size levels do not exceed 4 times the Size Level of the victim.



Doomtrooper Warrior -3 > WZ
Doomtrooper Marksman -- WZ
Agent -- WZ
Special Agent -1 WZ
War Medic +1 DoW


Trooper 0 WZ
Trooper Sergeant 0 WZ
Elite Trooper -2 WZ
Elite Trooper Sergeant -2 WZ
Sacred Warrior -3 WZ
Sacred Sergeant -3 WZ
Fury Elite -3 WZ
Fury Elite Sergeant -3 WZ
Mortificator -3 WZ
Assassin -4 WZ
Valkyrie -2 WZ
Vestal -2 WZ
Inquisitor -2 WZ
Inquisitor Majoris -2 WZ
Mystic 0 WZ
Keeper of the Art 0 WZ
Pilgrim -1 CoW
Pilgrim Executioner * CoW
Arch Primate -1 CoW
Arch Primate Heavy -1 CoW
Arch Primate Sergeant -2 CoW
Crucifier -2 DE
Missionary 0 DE
Seeker 0 DE
Watchman 0 DE
Visionary -1 Boxed

* = The Pilgrim Executioner does not have a Def modifier. Instead he has a Parry of 1-10 on d20. The Executioner can also parry Ranged attacks on a 1-8 on d20.


Samurai -2 WZ
Samurai Leader -2 WZ
Samurai Hero -2 WZ
Hatamoto -2 WZ
Hatamoto Leader -2 WZ
Hatamoto Hero -3 WZ
Shadow Walker -3 WZ
Deathbringer -4 WZ
Combat Warhead 0 DoW
Suicide Warhead +2 DoW
Ashigaru 0 BoW
Ashigaru Leader -1 BoW
Ashigaru Hero -1 BoW
Demon Hunter -2 BoW
Meka -1 BoW
Crimson Devil -2 CoW
Crimson Devil Leader -2 CoW
Tiger Dragon -3 CoW
Tiger Dragon Leader -3 CoW
Tiger Dragon Hero -4 CoW
Shinobi -2 CoW
Shinobi Leader -2 CoW
Shinobi Hero -2 CoW
Jade Ghost -1 DE
Enigma -3 DE


Infantry 0 WZ
Infantry Sergeant 0 WZ
Infantry Captain 0 WZ
Heavy Infantry 0 WZ
Heavy Infantry Sergeant 0 WZ
Heavy Infantry Captain 0 WZ
Special Forces -2** WZ
Special Forces Sergeant -2** WZ
Special Forces Captain -2** WZ
Desert Scorpion 0 CoW
Desert Scorpion Sergeant 0 CoW
Desert Scorpion Hero 0 CoW
Airborne Ranger 0 CoW
Airborne Sergeant 0 CoW
Dog Soldier 0 CoW
Battlehound -2 CoW
Colby's Guard -1 CoW
Colby's Guard Sergeant -1 CoW
Barking Spyder Trooper 0 CoW
Barking Spyder Sergeant 0 CoW
Barking Spyder Hero 0 CoW
Wolverine -1 DE
Antagon 0 DE

** = Sunset Strikers have a Def of -1 further than other Special Forces types.


Regular/Trencher 0 WZ
Regular/Trencher Sergeant 0 WZ
Regular/Trencher Captain 0 WZ
Special Forces -2 WZ/DoW/BoW
Special Forces Sergeant -2 WZ/DoW/BoW
Special Forces Captain -2 WZ/DoW/BoW
Wolfbairn 0 CoW
Mourning Wolf (any) -3 CoW
Wolfbane (Other) -2 WZ/CoW
Wolfbane (Other) Chieftain -3 WZ/CoW
Wolfbane (Other) Hero -3 WZ/CoW
Hurricane Walker 0 CoW
Gray Ghost 0 CoW
Young Guard 0 CoW
ISC Field Agent -1 CoW
Conquistador -1 DE
Fallen Angel 0 DE


Hussar 0 WZ
Hussar Sergeant 0 WZ
Hussar Kapitan 0 WZ
Ranger -1 WZ
Ranger Sergeant -1 WZ
Ranger Kapitan -1 WZ
Etoiles Mortant -2 WZ
Etoiles Mortant Sergeant -3 WZ
Etoiles Mortant Kapitan -3 WZ
Dragoon 0 DoW
Dragoon Sergeant 0 DoW
Dragoon Kapitan 0 DoW
Blitzer -2 BoW
Blitzer Sergeant -2 BoW
Blitzer Kapitan -2 BoW
Venusian Marshall -2 CoW
Order- Staff & Hand -1 CoW
Order- Staff & Hand Leader -1 CoW
Order - Wolf 0 CoW
Order - Wolf Sergeant 0 CoW
Order - Wolf Kapitan 0 CoW
Order - Bear -2 CoW
Order - Bear Sergeant -2 CoW
Order - Bear Kapitan -2 CoW
Order - Condor -1 CoW
Order - Condor Sergeant -2 CoW
Order - Dragon -3 CoW
Order - Dragon Sergeant -3 CoW
Order - Spider -1 CoW
Order - Spider Sergeant -1 CoW
Order - Spider Kapitan -1 CoW
Ulfwerner 0 DE
Recitor 0 DE


Chasseur 0 WZ
Chasseur Sergeant 0 WZ
Chasseur Hero 0 WZ
Cuirassier 0 WZ
Erradicator Deathdroid 0 WZ
Machinator -2 DoW
Machinator SW4100 0 DoW
Chemiman 0 DoW
Enhanced Chasseur -1 DoW
Dr. Diana +1 DoW
Shock Trooper -1*** CoW
Shock Sergeant -1*** CoW
Shock Hero -2*** CoW
Scorpion **** CoW
Mirrorman -3 CoW
Reaver -1 CoW
Reaver Sergeant -1 CoW
Surveiler 0 DE
19th Silent 0 DE

*** = These Def mods are in addition to the effect of Combat Reflexes.

**** = The Scorpion does not have a Def mod. Instead it has a Parry roll of 1-10 against all CC attacks.


Undead Legionnaire +1 WZ
Necromutant -- WZ
Centurion -- WZ
Immaculate Fury -2 WZ
Razide -1 WZ
Ezoghoul -2 WZ
Praetorian Stalker -2 WZ
Dark Huntsman -3 WZ
Nepharite -3 WZ
Mercurial Maculator -2 DoW
Bio Giant -- BoW
Eaonian Justifier -- BoW
Karnophage -2 BoW
Brass Apocalypt -- BoW
Golem of Darkness -- BoW
Tekron -- BoW
Nepharite Warlord -- CoW
Immaculate Spawn -- CoW
Praetorian Behemoth +1 CoW
Kadaver -- CoW
Necromutant Tormentor -- CoW
Nassal -- DE
Gomorrian Emasculator -- DE
Infernal Corroder -1 DE
Nasca Razide -- DE
Carnal Harvester -2 DE

Templar -1 WZ
High Templar -2 WZ
Nepharite -2 WZ
Hellfire Cart Master -- BoW
Hellfire Cart Slave -- BoW
Wheeled Templar -1 CoW
Wheeled High Templar -2 CoW
Scion of Ilian -1 CoW
Children of Ilian -- CoW

Heretic Legionnaire -- WZ
Heretic -1 WZ
Callistonian Intruder -3 WZ
Nepharite -2 WZ
Callistonian Sundancer -1 CoW
Metropolitan Prophet -1 CoW

Screaming Legionnaire -- WZ
Soulslayer -3 WZ
Nepharite -2 WZ
Slaughtermaster -3 BoW
Doomsday Proclaimer -- CoW
Angel of Mercy -2 Boxed

Blessed Legionnaire +1 WZ
Curator -- WZ
Nepharite -1 WZ
Spawn of Demnogonis -- DoW
Last Ritesman -- CoW
Cairath +2 CoW


Soldat Trooper 0 DE
Soldat Trooper Sergeant 0 DE
Soldat Trooper Kommandant 0 DE
Soldat Standard Bearer -2 DE
Soldat Schwerwaffe -2 DE
Shock Soldat -2 DE
Shock Soldat Sergeant 0 DE
Jaeger Commando 0 DE
Soldat Vicar 0 DE
Northern Son -2 DE
Cossack -2 DE
Cossack Scout -2 DE
Cossack Heavy 0 DE
Cossack Kommandant 0 DE


Horde Trooper -1 DE
Horde Centur -2 DE
Horde Standard Bearer -1 DE
Gendarme -3 DE
Gendarme Bestal -2 DE
Cleanser -4 DE
Templar Legionnaire 0 DE
Gendarme Hunter -1 DE
Templar Cavalry -1 DE
Harpoon Cavalry 0 DE


Lutheran Disciple -1 DE
Lutheran Sergeant -2 DE
Fusilier -2 DE
Fusilier Sergeant -2 DE
Corsair -3 DE
Greymourn 0 DE
Greymourn Loader 0 DE
Patriarch -2 DE
Cavalier -3 DE
Heavy Cavalier -1 DE
Cavalier Scout -2 DE


Brotherbound Trooper 0 DE
Brotherbound Sergeant 0 DE
Jihad Infantry -1 DE
Khan's Guard Trooper -2 DE
Khan's Guard Sergeant -2 DE
Lamented -2 DE
Martyr 0 DE
Prophet 0 DE
Mammoth Hero -1 DE



The Blood Berets are an elite Imperial special forces unit which, due to the Power Gradient with which Target has tragically been afflicted of late, are currently ranked about ninety fifth in terms of usefulness given the dozen superior special forces types in Beasts of War. These rules should make the Blood Berets more useful, and more accurately reflect their reputation as Imperial's Finest.

Blood Beret1215--14310324-225
Blood Beret Sergeant1415--16310326-232
Blood Beret Captain1516--16431326-250


  • Blood Berets are Special Forces and will fight to the Last Man and are Immune to Panic and Rout.
  • Blood Berets have the Jungle Training and Blessed special abilities.


Blood Berets are armed with Invader assault rifles and Aggressor sidearms. Sergeants are armed with Interceptor SMGs and Chainrippers. One Blood Beret may exchange his rifle for a heavy weapon from the Imperial or General armouries.


Blood Berets are organized in squads of 3 to 5 Blood Berets and 1 Sergeant.

You may never have more Blood Beret Captains in your force than Blood Beret Squads. Captains are purchased as individual models and are equipped accordingly.


The Hatamoto are the personal bodyguard of the Lord Heir. Chosen from the finest of warriors and given the best equipment, the Hatamoto are among the most skilled of the Misihiman warrior class.

Hatamoto Leader1514--16311424-236
Hatamoto Hero1616--16421424-250


  • Hatamoto all have the Close Combat Training special ability.
  • Hatamoto are Immune to Rout.
  • Each Hatamoto squad posesses a Ki special power. Roll on the following list to select the ability. The ability is known by all members of the squad. Hatamoto Heroes also roll for one ability. Hatamoto heroes may not otherwise buy Ki powers. Rules for Ki powers can be found on page 36 of Beasts of War.

01-04 Super Leap
05-08 Iron Fist
09-12 Cat Senses
13-16 Assassin
17-20 Illusion


Hatamoto are equipped with Raider assault rifles and Ceremonial Blades. One model in the squad may be equipped with a Kensai LMG. Hatamoto Heroes may be equipped freely but always carry Ceremonial Blades.


Hatamoto are purchased in squads of 3-5 plus 1 Leader. Hatamoto Heroes are individual models. You may never have more Hatamoto Heroes in your army than Hatamoto Squads.


The Venusian Rangers are the elite special forces of Bauhaus Corporation. Wearing the White Skull Mask, they slip through the jungles of Venus like ghosts, striking and fading away.

Venusian Ranger1415--14310326-128
Venusian Ranger Sergeant1515--16311326-135
Venusian Ranger Kapitan1616--16421326-150


  • Venusian Rangers have the Jungle Training and Crack Shot special abilities.
  • Any Venusian Ranger equipped with a Panzerknacker may fire twice with it as a Use Special Power action.


Venusian Rangers are armed with Panzerknackers and MP-105 sidearms. One model in the squad may carry a Heavy Weapon. Venusian Ranger Kapitans may be armed with any weapons in the Bauhaus or General armouries.


Venusian Rangers are purchased in squads of 3-5 led by a Sergeant. Venusian Ranger Kapitans are purchased as individuals. You may never have more Ranger Kapitans in an army than you have Ranger squads.




Though there are a variety of VP systems out there, we don't use them. This is a summary of the system we use, which we tend to think more accurately represents the goal of a battlefield commander: kill as many of the enemy as possible while limiting your own casualties.

At the end of the game, each side adds up the total PV of all enemy units broken or destroyed and all enemy Individuals killed, and adds to this the total PV of their own unbroken surviving squads and surviving individuals. Highest PV wins.

For example, if I kill a Surveiler (100 points), Chemiman (61), Dr.Diana (24), and Chasseur Squad (181) and break (reduce to 50% or less) a squad of Mirrormen (244), I've totalled 610 VPs of enemy dead.

I personally have my Inquisitor (120), Seeker (81), Elite Troopers (suffered casualties, but still above 50%) (166) and Fury Elites (229), I have 596 points of survivors.

596 + 610 = 1206 VPs.

I personally lost my Assassin (91), Mortificators (135) and lost 50% of my Crucifiers (178), ceding 404 VPs to my foe. He retained a Death Egg (175) and a squad of 19th Silent (215), and even though he had two Mirrormen left, they counted as Broken and so he doesn't get the points.

390 + 404 = 794 VPs.

I won by 412 points. Note that the total VPs account for all forces on the table, 2,000 points. That makes my 412 points a 21% margin of victory. Best case margin of victory is 100%, for example killing 1,000 points while keeping 1,000 points of my own troops alive.

Any bonus points for this scenario would be added to the totals above. For example, if my opponent completed a scenario requirement to grant him +400 VP he would have finished with 1194, cutting my Victory Points margin down to 12 points, or a fraction of one percent.



Being blind, the natural state of most species in the dark, is an unpleasant thing. Distances and sounds are difficult to gauge, things seem much more mysterious and frightening, and moving becomes slower and more hazardous. These effects have several ramifications in the game world. These rules should be used if the forces involved have not chosen to avail themselves of the various options listed below under Vision Alternatives.

  • Distances are difficult to judge. Many players, our group included, ignore the prohibitions against premeasuring during firing. If you do this, you must abandon premeasuring during darkness.
  • Things are more confusing and frightening. All LD based checks suffer a -3 penalty due to this effect.
  • Seeing things are very difficult, posing obvious problems. All firing at ranges up to CR suffer the weapon's RM modifier. Any firing between CR and MX suffer three times (x3) the weapon's RM modifier. For example, a weapon has the following profile: CR12, MX24, RM-3, Dam13. The trooper in question as a MW skill of 14. Up to 12" range, the trooper's MW skill is -4; from 12" to 24" their skill is at -12, requiring a 2 or less to strike (don't laugh, I've pulled it off).
    Any spotting is at -8 in addition to all other penalties.
  • Not being able to see where you're going poses difficulties to movement. All terrains count as difficult, halving movement. Skills such as Jungle Training do not negate this effect.


There are many alternatives to stumbling about blindly. Each of these systems falls under the category of General Equipment. It is customary to allocate a pool of points to each army to purchase this equipment. The advised approach is to assign 2 points per model in the force, meaning that you can equip everyone with poor systems, or give your better troops better gear and leave the grunts to fend for themselves, which is the approach most commonly used in real life.

For example, my 1,000 point Imperial army has 21 models in it. I can thus spend up to 42 points total on Vision Equipment. Note that vehicles cannot be equipped with vision equipment, but their crews can (the Hurricane Walker of Imperial may purchase one piece of vision equipment for the pilot which is technically supposedly there). AIs may also purchase this equipment, unless they have the Unblinking Eye mentioned above. Mounted troops just buy one item for the combination; animals, such as the Capitol Dog Soldier's hounds, may not purchase equipment and are never considered Blind (but don't count them when adding up your 2 points per model to buy equipment).

For a very tense and exciting game, try fighting with no points whatsoever allocated for Vision Alternatives, where everyone fights blind!

  1. Nothing (0 points per model): the model must do without, and suffers all penalties mentioned above.

  2. Flares (1 point per 2 Flares): Flares are projectiles thrown by hand or fired by special weapons, which burn at extreme temperature and cast light. Any model may be equipped with any number of Flares at a cost of 1 point per two Flares. Flares may be thrown as if they were grenades, and light up an area equal in size to the Grenade template. Models may not Hide in the Illuminated area and if hidden become immediately visible. All Blindness penalties are ignored if firing or spotting into the area. Flares burn for the turn they are thrown only.

  3. Floodlights (2 points per model): The model is equipped with a flashlight, usually mounted under the barrel of their weapon, which throws a beam of visible light. The model may move normally, only suffers a -1 penalty to LD and may ignore all penalties to firing and spotting in a 90 degree arc of fire forward out to a range of 16". (Ie, if they have to shoot or spot outside that arc or beyond 16" range, the penalties apply as normal). Models using Floodlights count as Immediately Visible.

  4. Xenon Flare Lamps (2 points per model): Xenon flare lamps are much like Floodlights save that they produce an intense light in brief bursts. Light up the target area and cut loose. Xenon flare lamps work identically to Floodlights except in the following ways:

    - Xenon Flare Lamps do not allow the model to ignore movement penalties.

    - Xenon Flare Lamps affect the model's entire 180 degree Facing, out to a range of 18"

    - Xenon Flare Lamps make a model Immediately Visible only in the turns on which they are used to negate spotting/firing modifications (as opposed to Floodlamps, which are always active).

  5. Infrared Vision (3 points per model): The model wears a set of goggles which uses a beam of IR light to illuminate the viewing area. This beam is completely invisible to anyone who is not also using IR vision equipment. The model may ignore all penalties for blind fighting, but cannot Hide from enemies who are also using IR vision. (Don't remove those hidden counters, they still count as hidden to everyone else).

  6. Passive Light Amplification (4 points per model): These vision systems, usually in the form of goggles, allow vision by the electronic enhancement of light cast by stars, the moon etc. The model may safely ignore all rules for Blindness, and functions as normal without drawing attention to itself.

    IMMEDIATELY VISIBLE models can be clearly seen because of their viewing effects. Models firing on or spotting an Immediately Visible model may reduce the penalties of Blind Firing/Spotting by 6 points.

    Due to the possibility of different models in the force suffering different penalties, it might be a good idea to summarize under each unit type the exact rules applying to them (this is actually not as inconvenient as it sounds, given that most armies of 1,000 points or so won't have more than 3-4 squads and 2-3 individuals).



    Terrain which can be affected during the course of the game can lead to unpredicted and entertaining results. Generally, I have found that dangerous terrain adds a great deal to the game, even for those who occasionally suffer. These rules can be used with existing terrain, although for a few of them you might want to make new pieces to reflect their potential.


    Storage tanks are an oldie but a goodie. They're easy to make, fit into a variety of environments, and with the use of these rules, unpredictable and potentially deadly. Tanks can be made by painting bottles, cans or other such vague cylinders in various colours; ours are old Pert shampoo bottles spraypainted yellow.

    Storage tanks are big and thus models are +2 to hit if they want to target them deliberately. The tanks have Armour of 26; if penetrated, roll on the following table to resolve the effect.

    Note that the tanks are compartmentalized and contain a variety of things, and so you should roll for each penetration (provided that the tank is still there).

    1-2 Liquid Nitrogen. Put the Flamethrower template touching the tank and pointing back towards the firing model. All models under the template must pass a LD check or be frozen. Vehicle drivers of closed vehicles must pass a LD check or the vehicle goes out of control; the crew of open vehicles suffer as above to boot.
    3-6 Toxic gas. The gas spills out; put down a marker touching the container. Any models within 2" of the marker suffer a wound on a d20 roll of 1-8; models with gas masks may attempt their saves. At the start of each turn the Gas moves d20 /2 inches in a random direction, ignoring terrain.
    7-10 Water. It spills out, but otherwise you're peachy.
    11-13 Atmospheric samples from Dark Eden. The tank ruptures and is removed. Any living model within 4" of where the tank was suffers a Dam16 hit, which continues to burn until you save, in the manner of flamethrowers. Non-living models, terrain and closed vehicles are immune.
    14-16 Empty. No other effect.
    15-18 The tank is filled with armour plating. If the firing weapon was projectile, ie not flamethrower or explosive, it will riccochet. Use Riccochet Template and extend a line out in that direction until you reach the weapon's MX range. The first model in that line suffers the hit, but gains +4 to Armour to save against it due to the dissipation of kinetic energy as it riccochetted.
    19-20 Explosive fuel. The tank explodes and is removed; put down the Explosives template, damage is 15x4, reduced by the modifiers on the template as normal.

    The riccochet template mentioned is a half circle marked out with five equidistant lines radiating from the center, marked 1-4, 5-8 etc. Align the template with the edge of the tank (assuming it's square, as ours are) and roll to see which direction it riccochets in.


    Our terrain includes a number of abandoned vehicles (including a pickup truck and, oddly enough, a PzKfz III). If desired, vehicles on the battlefield as terrain can be marked as Undestroyed. Undestroyed vehicles still contain fuel, ammunition etc. Softskins have an Armour value of 25; Armoured vehicles count at 30. Each time the armour is penetrated roll for secondary explosions.

    01-07 No effect.
    08-12 Minor fuel explosion. Place the Explosion template at the point of the vehicle closest to the firing model and work out the effects of a 12x2 blast. The vehicle is now on fire; roll a dice at the start of each turn. On a d20 roll of 1-4, the vehicle's fuel catches fire and ignites, resulting in a Major Fuel Explosion (see 13-17) which renders the model Inert.
    13-17 Major fuel explosion. All models within 4" suffer a 14x3 damage hit. Remove the Undestroyed marker; the vehicle is now inert.
    18-20 The Whole Nine Yards; fuel ignites, ammunition cooks off, things get really unpleasant. All models within 4" suffer a 17x4 damage hit. Any models within 10" must pass a LD check or be thrown to their feet. Any model is +4 to hit prone models in CC; prone models may not Parry; prone models must spend their next Action standing back up again. The vehicle is not only inert, it's shrapnel; remove the model from the battlefield.

    Once Inert, the vehicle (if still on the table) has become a normal, indestructable piece of terrain.


    There are a variety of things that a clever, and vindictive, enemy can do to the terrain to hurt the opposition. If you use these rules, make up a set of Hazardous Terrain markers, 75% of which should be blank while the remaining 25% are marked with ACTIVE. Each player should draw a random marker, face down, and place it anywhere on the battlefield which is not in a deployment zone. This should be done BEFORE deployment. Each random marker effects an area 2" around the marker; models may attempt to Spot the nature of the marker if they are within 6" by passing a LD check at -8 (bonuses to Spot count for this roll). If the spot roll succeeds, flip the counter over so everyone can see.

    The other way to tell what a counter is would be to walk into it. Whenever any model moves within 2" of a face-down marker, flip it over.

    Whenever someone moves into the 2" radius around a face-up ACTIVE marker, something nasty happens. There are several options. The easiest is to simply roll randomly to determine what all ACTIVE markers do. Or, you could roll for each marker to determine seperate effects.

    01-05 Landmines. The 2" radius is, in fact, a minefield. Any model walking through the area must roll a d20 every time they make a move action; on a roll of 1-10 they have tripped a mine. Their movement ends immediately and they lose any remaining actions. Further, they suffer a 12x2 damage attack. Any unit which suffers a casualty to landmines suffers a -4 penalty to any Panic tests they must then take.
    06-10 Punji Traps. Small holes dug into the ground and filled with blades or sharpened sticks are a simple but debilitating trap. Models walking through the 2" radius of effect of this marker must roll a d20 every time they make a move action; on a roll of 1-7 the model has tripped a trap. Such models suffer a permanent -2 penalty to their Movement and lose any remaining actions this turn.
    11-15 Quicksand. The area is a hidden area of quicksand, an unfortunate natural phenomenon (these effects can also be created by such events as chemicals leaking from a plant to soften/digest the soil; flooding or deep mud; deep snow or shifting sand dunes). Models move at half rate through the Quicksand area and may not make any actions other than Move actions while within it (stop moving and you sink). Vehicles which require contact with the ground may not voluntarily move into the area; if they do move into it, they become immobilized for the rest of the game (but will not sink in the duration of the battle).
    16-20 Trip Flares. A set of flares are placed in a concealed location and connected to a series of wires stretching across the field area. Any model moving through the 2" radius effect area will trip a flare on a roll of 1-10 on d20. Tripping a wire triggers a flare, which launches, burning, into the sky to illuminate the area. Models which trigger a trip flare automatically lose any hidden counters. Models shooting into the 2" radius of effect after a flare has been tripped are +3 to their MW.

    If your opponent agrees, you can purchase Trip Flare markers and set them up anywhere in your deployment zone or up to 12" further into the battlefield at a cost of 15 points per marker. (Even better than Barbed Wire for tripping up Mortificators.) Other types of traps may be purchased if your opponent agrees, but I don't really recommend this (we don't, so I don't have any points values worked out for them.)