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The Black Library. Its name is spoken seldom, and accompanied by warding gestures. Its is a name which brings fear into the hearts of men whose lives are sworn to battle against the dark forces which seek the end of the realm of man. It is a place of darkness, a final bastion of knowledge of the darkest of places, the hope of mankind embodied in the truth of its destruction.

It was to the Black Library that the Eldar carried their knowledge, in the wake of the Fall, when the galaxy itself writhed in agony and their race died. There, the grim secrets of the Dark Gods lies. There are the names and deeds of the Traitor Legions. There, hidden in the deepest shadows, lies the truth of the Fallen Eldar. There rests the record of the dark soul of man and Eldar, the truth of the terror which the galaxy may yet become. Tread warily, for the Guardians of the Black Library watch these halls, and the Forces of Darkness wait beyond the thin veil of reality.

This section contains material I've written for Warhammer 40,000. This will not be updated any time soon. I don't play 40k much anymore; I've completely abandoned and forsaken all other GW games. The attitude, the prices and the failing quality of Citadel ventures have driven me, at long last, from their games. I could go on a rant about Rogue Trader and the Way Things Used To Be, but I won't. Most people passing through here wouldn't know or care anyway.

Dark Eldar
The Dark Eldar, an army list for the fallen bretheren of the noble Eldar, including special characters such as Arhra, the Fallen Phoenix.

Engineers includes mines and minelayers for each of the Warhammer 40,000 races.

Empire of Antiquity
The Empire of Antiquity, an ancient human nation established in the great expansion into space twenty thousand years before the rise of the Imperium.

New Stuff
New Stuff -- some new characters and unit types for various races including the infamous Doc Meg Blag and his Exploding Body Parts, the Wulfen Company and Space Marine Snipers.

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